The 9 best mobile RPG games for Android and iPhone

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If you’ve watched Stranger Things – one of the most cult series on Netflix -, you’ve certainly had contact with RPG, the game where they face the Demogorgon. Although it works a little differently and can have different themes, there is no shortage of mobile RPG games for phones, whether Android or iPhone.

In addition to classic medieval fantasy RPGs, these mobile RPG games can be science fiction and even more action-oriented. Even famous franchises such as Star Wars, Pokémon, and the heroes of Marvel are present in games for Android and iPhone.

Did you access the Play Store (or App Store) and got lost in the midst of so many options? Don’t know which game to download first?

Then you need to check out below our complete list of the best RPG games for Android mobile – which you can play on lightweight Android emulators for – and iPhone!

1. Pokémon Masters

Recently released for cell phones, Pokémon Masters also taps into the nostalgia of those who played the pocket monster games. Unlike Pokémon GO, this time you don’t have to leave your house to become a master.

mobile rpg games pokemon

Also, the catch here is not collecting the Pokémon, but the series’ iconic trainers. Remember the “flirtatious” Brock and Misty, gym leaders who accompanied Ash in the cartoon? They will also be your companions in Pokémon Masters.

The battles are more like the original game, with some differences: this time, the fights are 3 on 3 and actions are available after accumulating energy.

To play Pokémon Masters, visit its page on Google Play or App Store!

2. Shin Megami Tensei Dx2: Liberators

Despite the kilometric name, Shin Megami Tensei Dx2: Liberators is for those who prefer more realistic monsters than friendly Pokémon. Called “demons”, the monsters you capture in the app are references to mythologies from around the world, whether Egyptian, Greek, Sumerian or Aztec, among many others.

Battles are turn-based, using a team of monsters you have Summoned, Captured, or Merged. The story follows the routine of a squad that, through a phone, summons the monstrosities to protect the world from a rival team.

The great highlight of the game is the possibility of seeing the monsters in augmented reality. But don’t think this is another Pokémon GO: the use of technology is just aesthetic and you can play comfortably from your couch.

Shin Megami Tensei Dx2: Liberators are available for Android and iPhone.

3. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Did you like watching the ninth episode? How about starting to play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, another of the best mobile RPG games? The game features a robust collection of characters from the most popular film franchise on the planet.

No matter your favorite movie, Galaxy of Heroes features characters from all eras, including those that only appeared in animations. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Rey, Poe, Ahsoka Tano, and Count Dooku can all be recruited and played in turn-based battles.

Another highlight is the spacecraft duels, another hallmark of George Lucas’ films. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is available on Android or iPhone.

mobile rpg games star wars

4. MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

Similar to Galaxy of Heroes, Marvel Force Strike has similar mechanics, but with comic book and movie heroes. The battles are also turn-based, in a totally original story where you must bring together heroes and villains to defend Earth from a multidimensional invasion.

It is important to remember that Marvel games do not have the same restrictions as cinema. That is, you can use characters from the X-Men, the Spider-Verse, and the Fantastic Four along with the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, for example.

There are other RPG games with heroes – such as Marvel Future Fight -, but, in my opinion, Strike Force is the ideal one to appear on this list of the best mobile RPG games.

Meet Marvel Force Strike on your Android phone or iPhone.

5. Fire Emblem Heroes

Another popular franchise among mobile RPG games, Fire Emblem Heroes of Nintendo is the most profitable title. Despite not being as strong a name as Mario and Zelda, the medieval fantasy atmosphere, charismatic characters, and solid gameplay have made Fire Emblem Heroes a success since its release.

Using heroes from the series’ games – released on the company’s consoles and handhelds -, you’ll have to battle in an original story and in several challenging events, in addition to battles against other players. Fire Emblem Heroes is easily Nintendo’s most complete game and one of the best RPG games for smartphones.

If you’re looking for strategic mobile RPG games, download Fire Emblem Heroes on your Android or iPhone as soon as possible!

Fire Emblem Heroes

6. Summoners War: Sky Arena

We can consider Summoners War as a “Pokemon” for phones. Of course, the title has its own charm and is one of the most successful, considering that there are professional championships for the game.

As the owner of a magical island, you can summon various creatures and train them to free the world from a great evil and… put them to face the teams of other players. Summoners War’s fights are turn-based and have beautiful effects and graphics, while not demanding much from your smartphone.

Download Summoners War and start preparing your team on Android or iPhone!

7. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Anyone who plays on PC is certainly familiar with The Elder Scrolls series. Known for the world-famous Skyrim, the series is present among the mobile RPG games with Blades, an adventure made just to play on your smartphone or Nintendo Switch.

Played in first person, you experience combat similar to what you see in the series while following an original story. If you miss Skyrim but don’t want to spend hours in front of the computer, The Elder Scrolls: Blades can be a good alternative.

The title is available for download on Google Play or the App Store.

8. Battle Souls

Also with a more traditional atmosphere of medieval fantasy, Battle Souls brings a realistic look, compared to most options of the best mobile RPG games. With a team of four warriors with different skills, battles take place in turns.

In addition to collecting fighters, you also search for equipment to improve your skills. You decide which paths you will take on the maps, as well as which battles to face, at least most of the time.

Battle Souls can be downloaded on Android or iPhone.

Battle Souls

9. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

We couldn’t make a list of the best RPG games for smartphones without mentioning any games from the Final Fantasy franchise, one of the most traditional. Although classic games are available, Brave Exvius is the most popular, so much so that even pop stars like Ariana Grande and Katy Perry have become characters in the game.

Can you imagine seeing classic figures from games like Terra, Cloud Strife, and Cecil next to the singers? We bet not, but they are there. With an original script – and a sequel on the way! -, the game puts you in the role of three original characters, who summon warriors to save the crystals that maintain the balance of the world.

Download and start playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on your Android or iPhone!

What are your favorite mobile RPG games?

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