The 20 best free apps for instant messaging on Android

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The Android smartphones are one of the heavyweights in the mobile market for years now, so it’s common for more and more people to end up adopting the Google OS. Rest assured that when you are new to a platform, it can be hard to find out what to install. Some of the most important apps that you can have are instant messaging apps, and the good news is that there is an excellent variety of them available for Android, alongside apps for playing music.

On the list down below, we separated the best apps of this category and that may be downloaded for free. Just check it out, click on it and download it on your smartphone! If you have your mind set on the most popular ones, check out our piece on Signal vs Telegram vs WhatsApp: which one is the safest?

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1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp's iconic logo

WhatsApp is easily the most used instant messaging app in the world, so what would be a better way to start this list if not with the most popular one? It has all the basics covered, with text messages, videos, photos and voice recordings.

Besides that, you’ll also count with the option of assembling groups of people with your friends and family. Due to being so popular, it is also pretty easy to keep all your contacts on a single app, a luxury that many other apps don’t have. You may download the app by clicking this link.

2. Kik

With over 150 millions users, Kik is an app that just can’t be ignored. It has many similarities with WhatsApp, including group conversations, image sharing and audio messages.

Another interesting point is that it has emojis available for download alongside those that come with the app itself. You can download it by checking out this link.

3. Skype

Another famous choice in this list, Skype is also a instant messaging app that fits pretty well on Android devices. Besides chatting, you’ll be able to make video and audio calls. It is also possible to share your files, such as photos or text files.

The login can be done using your Microsoft account. Another advantage is that you can check your messaged on your PC and tablet too. You can download it on this link.

4. Snapchat

Here is another app that you certainly already heard about. This app’s strategy of focusing on editing photos and using filters wielded great results, as that’s what the app is mostly known for today.

On Snapchat, your messages are sent and then self-destroyed within 10 seconds. It is also possible to edit the images your are sending, even though the editing panel can be a little limiting. The only way to capture the image before it is deleted is by printing it before deletion. You can download it through this link.

5. Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger's ad

It is very likely that you already have this app installed, but we are including it anyway. Facebook Messenger is the famous Facebook instant messaging platform, which you may frequently use to talk to friends and family. The app has evolved a lot as the years go by and the user experience has significantly improved.

Alongside texting, you may also send voice recordings or add friends for a group conversation. All conversations here are also on your Facebook account. You can download it by clicking this link.

6. GoSMS Pro

If you are one of those people that tend to valorize a lot the design of an app, you’ll love GoSMS Pro. Being a free instant messaging app, it does have ads. You do have the choice of paying for a version without any ads.

It counts with emojis available to chat and you can even create and customize your own! One of its main characteristics is the capacity to schedule texts, which means that if you want to send a text at 4 in the morning, you won’t have to stay up until that time. GoSMS Pro itself will schedule that message. You can download it through this link.

7. Discord

Discord isn’t your average instant messaging app, like the ones we had so far. The main goal of Discord is to assist in all your gaming needs, being an excellent companion tool for gamers in need to keep in touch with other player. It’s not all gaming, as Discord server-creating capabilities allows the user to create a common space to share with whoever they see fit. Want to create a space to discuss anime? Maybe a server dedicated to discussing television and shows? It’s all possible with Discord.

In this app, you’ll be able to make calls with other people as well as seeminglessly join calls in servers. It also has video calls functionalities, in case that’s something you are interested in. If this is interesting to you, then download it by clicking this link.

8. WeChat

WeChat is a social app focused on uniting all of your necessary communication tools in a single place. With it, you may go for video calls, text messages and images. To try out the app, all your need to do is download the app to start experimenting with this way of connecting to other people around the world.

To start using the WeChat app, the user needs to create an user ID and a password. This will require you to type out your phone number so you’ll receive a four digit code sent to you via text message. Download it by clicking this link.

9. KakaoTalk

An instant messaging app that has been having plenty of success, KakaoTalk has a majority of other apps’ functionalities: text messages, sending photos, voice notes and much more. Another positive thing is that it is possible to make free phone calls between other KakaoTalk users.

A point that works in favor of the app is how quick and efficient it is. KakaoTalk is the most popular instant messaging app in South Korea, and with good reason. It has everything you need and more, including voice filters and allowing you to multi-task during a call. You can download it by clicking this link.

10. Viber

viber is an instant messagin app for texting and calling

Viber is a multi platform app created to send and receive electronic messages and voice chats, much like VoIP phones. It is ideal to keep in touch with your friends, colleagues and family. It is interesting, functional and has an clean design, also its compatibility with other platforms makes it a cut above the rest.

That means that it doesn’t matter if your friend has an iPhone or a device like Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian or Bada, everyone may call each other with no pay required.

This app is the most complete one in this category since it gathers in a single place a VoIP phone, an instant messaging service and multimedia sharing. In order to use it, all you need to do is being connect to the internet, which means that it is important that you have access to wither Wi-Fi or a decent data plan. The app may be downloaded through this link.

11. Line

Line is a combination of instant messaging with social interactions, creating an interesting experience. The users may send free messages, share short videos and voice and video messages.

It also allows you to send emojis and share your location. It is one of the most popular choices for instant messaging on Android devices. Click here to download it.

12. Google Hangouts

Considering that this is an app developed by Google itself, it is kind of obvious that it is a good choice for Android devices. With it, it is possible to speak with every single contact of your Google account. It is interesting to resort to Google for this kind of things cause it becomes easy to gather information in a single place, it’s easy to have access to other people’s e-mails, phone numbers, stuff like that.

The app is pretty easy to use and can also be used as an internet browser on desktop too. Besides individual conversations, you may also form groups. Click here to download the app.

13. Band

An instant messaging app with a greater focus on groups, Band is here to make your life easier with plenty of interesting features. Alongside the usual options, allows you to create groups, delegate task, organize teams, etc…

It is totally free and its an excellent choice for Android users. The app itself says it is a great choice for sports teams, school projects, church congregations, pretty much any group of people that could use the space to organize itself. Download it by clicking here!

14. Telegram

After a fairly slow start, Telegram gained plenty of popularity in occasions when WhatsApp was deactivated in certain countries. Nowadays, it is popular worldwide and has more features than its more popular counterpart.

Besides having a better security system, it allows you to make your own stickers, to have secret conversations and to send self-destructing messages. You may click here to download it.

15. Slack

slack is one of the best instant messaging apps

Slack can be used by pretty much anyone, but has a much a greater focus on companies and professional projects. That is due to its interface and its features, which allow you to create a team and to talk with this team both in group chat or individually.

Much like other apps, you may send messages, images, videos, make voice calls and much more. The best part is that it is completely free and may be used on PC. Download Slack by clicking here!

Now, other options that might also catch your eye are these right below that you should check:

  • Ebuddy: Talk to your friends totally for free. It is known for its stickers.
  • ooVoo: Make free calls with ooVoo. Great image and video quality in this app.
  • Clipchat: A Snapchat style app. Your photos and videos will be destroyed after 5 seconds. Excellent design!
  • ChatON: Available in over 200 languages, ChatOn is a fun way of exchanging messages in large part due its large amount of stickers available. It works on a cloud computing system, which means you’ll be able to see these messages on Android, tablet or computer.
  • ChompSMS: Counts with some interesting features like the possibility of programming messages, blocking contacts and backing up your messages.

What did you think about these instant messaging apps?

Did you like this list all about instant messaging apps for your Android smartphone? Don’t forget to leave us a comment down below telling us what you took away from this list! You can check out our list for best websites to download books, in case you are looking to take a break with a fairly slower and more silent method of passing the time than talking to other people.