The 11 best apps for rooted Android devices!

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Rooting Android phones has become much more common in the past few years, especially for those who want access to more features. Of course, this also lets you use some of the best apps for Android that only work on rooted devices.

With so many different options from which you can choose, it can get hard to know which ones to install and tryst. For that reason, we’ve created this list with some of the best free Android apps, that only work on rooted devices. Check them out down below!

1. Flashfire

It’s normal that those who root their phones want to use a custom ROM and perform several system mods. The problem is that it can be somewhat hard to get organized with so many different files and updates.

FlashFire is meant to make this job much easier. Not only does it let you flash your device, you can also delete several system files, find firmware files directly through the app, and even backup whatever you need. You can download it by following this link.

Flashfire apps for rooted Android

2. Undeleter

When you root your smartphone, you can have access to everything in the device, which can present huge possibilities, as well as risks. As they say, With great power comes great responsibility. One of the biggest risks is to end up deleting an important file by accident, which an corrupt the system and it is hard to come back from.

Undeleter is an app that lets you recover an sort of deleted file, as well as offering the possibility of deleting a file forever, without any chance for recovery. The app is entirely free and you can download it on the Play Store!

3. ViPER4Android

ViPER4Android is an app that lets you increase the audio quality on your Android phone, and it is one of the best apps in this category. Other than letting you increase your volume more than the usual limit, the app also makes the sounds clearer, and improves the bass, and it is one of the best apps for rooted Android by far.

These improvements can be noticed on the phone’s speakers, on earphones, and even on special docks with audio output.

4. Greenify

Greenify is one of the most well-known apps for those who’ve ever rooted their phone, particularly due to its battery optimization features. The app lets you place other apps under hibernation if they’re using too much background battery.

It resembles a lot Doze, from Android Marshmallow, but it is entirely customizable and lets you choose which apps should be hibernated and which ones shouldn’t. You can download it by following this link!

5. Titanium Backup

Something is for sure, if you’ve rooted your phone, it’s more than necessary to back everything up to protect your data and files from possible problems. For that, Titanium Backup is one of the best apps you could find and it even lets you easily transfer files from Android to PC.

In fact, it is well-known for its quality, and it is very popular among users with rooted phones. The app basically lets you backup everything on your phone, including all system files. You can download it by following this link.

Titanium Backup apps for rooted Android

6. WiFi Key Recovery

WiFi Key Recover is an app that lets you see the WiFi passwords your phone has ever used, much  like what wee talked about on how to see saved WiFi passwords in Windows. The app itself is very simple and all it does is to show the network names and passwords that you’ve ever used.

This can prove very useful if you need to share a password with someone and you can’t recall it, for instance, making it one of the best apps for rooted Android. You can download this app by following this link.

7. GravityBox

GravityBox is a much more advanced option than the apps we’ve shown so far, so we really recommend you only use it if you know what you are doing. Using it, you can customize many different modules on your phone, and as such you can change almost everything on your Android.

You can change the interface, the lockscreen, the shortcuts, the phone’s launcher, and even the way some of the apps work. To download GravityBox, follow this link.

8. Tasker

Tasker is another very popular app among users with rooted phones, and it is one of the best apps to automate almost anything. It does work even on non-rooted phones, but its most advanced features can only be used if you’ve rooted yours.

You can use it to automate apps, system settings, certain activities, and all else you can imagine. A good example is that you can automate the use of a music app whenever earbuds are connected. Cool, right? Then just download it on the official website!

Tasker apps for rooted Android

9. Boot Animations

When you root your phone, it becomes possible to change the animation that appears when you boot it up, something typically done manually. However, not everyone has the patience (or the knowledge) to do this without causing system problems.

To do it risk-free, you can use the app Boot Animations, that lets you choose an already existing animation or create a new one using a GIF file, and as such it is one of the apps for rooted Android for customization. You can download this app by following this link.

10. CF.Lumen

CF.Lumen is nothing more than an app that adds the night mode feature to your Android device. It lets you set up filters for different periods of your day and night, and it is highly customizable. To download it, follow this link!

11. DriveDroid

Finally, we have DriveDroid, with a more specific kind of use: it lets you turn your phone into basically a Flash Drive! It lets you boot your PC from an ISO image stored on the device, for instance.

The app works amazingly well on Windows as well as on Linux, so you’ll find no issues when using it on your daily life. The app can be downloaded for free by following this link, but if you prefer the premium version, follow this one!

Did you like any of the apps for rooted Android devices?

Let us know in the comments if we helped you out in finding good apps, and don’t forget to learn how to fix the most common Android WiFi connection issues, the best manga apps for Android, and learn how to have Animoji on Android!