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We already know that CapCut is a video editing app that’s super complete, intuitive, and best of all: totally free! But, can’t what’s good get even better? In this article, we selected a list of the 10 best alternatives to CapCut.

Despite being quite popular and acclaimed by users, CapCut has some limitations that can make editing difficult if you work with longer videos. One of these limitations is the video time restriction: CapCut only allows you to edit videos of up to 15 minutes.

Another disadvantage of the platform was its version available only for Android and IOS. This ended up diminishing the interest of the public, who preferred to make edits via PC or notebook. To solve this problem, ByteDance created a desktop version, as well as an App that can be used directly on your computer.

The 10 best alternatives to CapCut

Even with all of CapCut’s changes and improvements, it’s always worth having more options that can better meet each user’s editing needs, isn’t it? Therefore, we have created a list of the 10 best alternatives to CapCut. All with free versions that can be used on a PC or notebook. Check it out until the end, because we have great options for you!

1. Wondershare Filmora

This is a great program option for those who want to achieve the result of professional editions. Filmora is a very complete software, but at the same time, it offers simple-to-use tools, that make the editing work more agile and practical. It has features like Chromakey, image color adjustments, creating animations, and much more.

An excellent option for those who want to become professional, but are still not familiar with the interface of programs such as Première, for example. Click here to download its free version.

best alternatives to CapCut Filmora

2. Canva

Canva is well known for creating professional-looking graphic designs quickly and easily. Through it, it is possible to create presentations; posts for social networks; invitations; resumes; pamphlets, and arts of the most varied genres. In this post, we show you everything about the platform, but what many still don’t know is that it is also possible to edit videos in Canva.

This tool has been gradually improved, but it is already possible to cut videos, insert emojis and other graphic elements, and add text to create subtitles manually, among other tools, all of which make it one of the best alternatives to CapCut. A good thing about Canva is that it offers several templates so that you can be inspired and bring some graphic design to the video. If you are interested in making simple and short edits, this platform can be a great option.


3. ShotCut

Created by users, ShotCut is a complete, free, user-made program. The platform is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and although English is the original language of the software, it is also possible to add other languages such as Portuguese.

The interface is very simple and the program caters to both more experienced editors and beginners who generally need access to more basic tools. Despite this, ShotCut still doesn’t have many effects, but the software is constantly improving, and if you have programming knowledge, you can join the discussion forum and suggest improvements for the platform. Interested in ShotCut? Then check out the website to download it.

ShotCut best alternatives to CapCut

4. DemoCreator

If your goal is to make react videos or tutorials or if you need to make a video recording of your screen, DemoCreator is the best option. It features screen overlay technology which is ideal for making this video template and more.

Furthermore, the program also lets you edit by inserting emojis, subtitles, and other resources to enrich your video design. Another advantage of the software is that it allows for easy sharing with the biggest streaming platforms.

Want to do your gameplay or record a react video? Download DemoCreator on your PC and start editing right away!


With a simple and intuitive interface, VSDC is one of the best alternatives to CapCut for novice editors who don’t need to explore more advanced functions. It allows you to not only edit but also create videos for free and is compatible with all popular video formats. The platform also has video and audio converters, and an audio CD burner.

The downside is that the platform does not have more complete editing features and, therefore, VSDC is not highly recommended for professional editors. Another limitation of the program is that it is only available for Windows.

But, it is still a good choice for home and business use. Click here to download and learn more about the software.


6. Apowersoft

Apowersoft is yet another specialized screen recording program. Its interface is simple and easy to use and the software is compatible with all operating systems. A great advantage of Apowersoft is that you can schedule the recordings and your computer starts the video automatically.

This is a great feature for anyone who makes periodic react videos or tutorials, for example. However, it is important to highlight that in the free version, the recordings have a certain time limit, so if the user wants to make longer broadcasts, it will be necessary to purchase the paid version. After the recording is finished, you can save and edit the video as you like.

Do you like Apowersoft? Then download your version here.

7. Movavi

This is a super complete editor aimed at professional use. Movavi allows you to make audio edits according to the timeline, in addition to creating 3D titles and transitions. There are countless resources and possibilities that can promote a very advanced-level edition.

Despite this, the platform is not so intuitive, which can increase the complexity of editing for beginners. But if you already understand the subject, it’s worth checking out the software.

Movavi best alternatives to capcut

8. invideo

If you want to edit with convenience, invideo is the best choice among the best alternatives to CapCut for you. Through it, it is possible to carry out editions completely online, without having to download anything. The platform is very intuitive and features functions that simplify the work. Not to mention that, if you’re working in a group, you can also invite your team to edit together.

Another advantage of invideo is the ready-made templates for those who want to create content for social networks. Just like Canva, the platform offers several custom designs for those who want to create headlines for YouTube videos, banners, video covers, and much more. Click this link to learn more about the editor.

9. ClipChamp

Just like invideo, ClipChamp is also an online editor that offers super useful and easy-to-apply features. Through it, it is possible to add subtitles, make sophisticated transitions or create content for social networks. It also compresses long videos and converts them to different formats. Click here to find out more about the platform.



This software brings together everything an edition needs in one place. Through it, it is possible to create GIFs, covers for YouTube, cut audios, convert and compress audios and videos, and all other editing features. can be used online and the best: the platform is free! Liked it? Then click here to learn more about the editor.

What is the best free video editor?

The answer to this question depends a lot on your goals. Here, we have shown several programs that cater to both home use and business use or more professional editions.

If you want a more complete and professional edition, Filmora and Movavi will serve you better, offering all the features you need.

If your goal is to make a video for social networks, with simpler tools aimed at beginners, ShotCut and invideo will help you. But, if your intention is to record tutorials, react videos, or gameplay, DemoCreator can be your choice!

The best thing is to know a little about each software to understand that the program’s tools and interface work well for you. We hope that the top 10 CapCut alternatives will help you to expand your editing capabilities more and more.

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