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Do you have an underperforming channel with no growth? If you want to know how to get more views on YouTube videos in a simple and easy to follow way, this article will help you!

views on youtube

Having a YouTube channel can help you increase your customers, your sales, and even change the direction of your career, right? But has it been difficult for you to grow your channel, as it often happens to a lot of people? Is it hard to attract viewers and increase both views and watch time of your videos?

Read and try to put into practice each of these important tips that we are going to bring you. First let’s start with the latest YouTube news and then we’ll focus on the details of what is the most important in terms of content.

YouTube News

YouTube is constantly coming up with new stuff to help content creators in their productions. After all, year on year the number of channels on the platform that receive more than 10 thousand dollars annually increased by 40%. On YouTube Shorts alone, views have passed 5 trillion, which is an excellent opportunity to monetize (also the reason why you’ve been seeing a lot more of these around).

With that in mind, the platform recently launched, in 29 different languages, the YouTube for Creators website, which you can access through the link:, to guide you, bring you news, trends and tips that will help improve your channel’s content.

New features such as the possibility of mentioning other channels in their titles and video descriptions, now for channels with more than 500 subscribers, as previously this functionality was only available for channels with more than 1000 subscribers.

The YouTube app also has new features. You can change your profile picture and banner directly through the app, in addition to accessing the new comment search filters, making it easier for you to connect with your community and subsequently get more views on YouTube.

With all these news, it is increasingly important to know how to create content and draw the attention of followers to your channel.

Below we’ll show you some important and easy-to-adjust tips for your next creations.

Important things to know to get more views on videos

The offer of videos on YouTube, as shown by the numbers above, has been growing absurdly and, to stand out in the moments right before the click, there are some important points to consider.

Is your video is amazing, with quality images, interesting edits and cuts, music, visual information, a beautiful thumbnail – the famous thumbnails – but still the clicks won’t come? If your headline isn’t eye-grabbing enough, no matter how good your content is, you’re unlikely to get the first few clicks.

And that’s the first point. Your channel may not have a heavy investment in budget, and that investment in producing quality videos with excellent content is worthless if the title doesn’t attract people’s attention. Your time – scripting, recording, editing – and your money will be going down the drain quickly simply because you don’t have a catchy title.

A good headline needs to be able to do two things:

  1. Make it clear what the video is about
  2. Incite the viewer to click the video

Being able to grab the viewers’ attention is fundamental, after all, we are stingy with our time. Even if the content is good, if it doesn’t instigate, we probably won’t click to watch it.

So let’s go to our tips on how to create good titles to get more views on YouTube.

Most common mistakes

Existem alguns equívocos que muitas pessoas não se atentam e vamos falar sobre elas agora.

There are some misconceptions that many people don’t pay attention to and we’re going to talk about them now.

1. Creating content that has nothing to do with your channel 

Even if your content is good, your followers have started following you for some reason. They most likely like the topics on your channel, and when you post a video about a random topic, you may lose people’s interest in your content if there is no relation between them.

For example, you have a Yoga channel and you teach online, but you decided to travel to a trendy, busy place and brought some videos about the place, nightlife, parties, etc. Will subscribers be able to follow these videos of your trip? Will you gain new followers who have this focus, but who later won’t interact with your channel anymore because they have nothing to do with Yoga?

So, before posting about anything, think strategically and decide if it is worth using the videos of the clubs and parties of the trip or if a video with you in a contemplative moment, in the hotel pool, on the waterfall trail or on the beach. would have a more positive effect with his followers.

2. Being verbose in titles

Another common mistake that can hurt your views is being too eloquent. Well, was it difficult to understand exactly what I meant by too eloquent in the paragraph above? You may even end up losing interest in the rest of the text. Pay attention to this point.

Another important point is that YouTube’s limit for titles is 45-50 characters, so start your videos with your keyword or words that grab attention.

When people search for a video on YouTube, the first two or three words need to be interesting so that they click to watch your content. These small things are very important to get more views on YouTube!

3. Try not to be too specific

Well, not so much there and not so much here! Being too specific can lead people to give up clicking on the video. Sometimes they read the title and don’t believe it is relevant to them.

For example, you have a home tips channel and you decide to write about an electronics from an almost unknown brand and put the brand name in the title. Eventually, creating a title with something like “Best electronics for food processing” or “Save your time cooking using this appliance” can be more assertive.

That way, you attract a wider audience and get those first clicks. Then it’s up to you to keep viewers engaged until the end of the video.

4. Broad titles

The reverse can also be a big slip up.

Choosing a title that is too broad tends to lead to disinterest. Titles like “Best electronics ever” may be so broad that it doesn’t encourage the audience to click.

5. Who?

Another very common mistake that hurts your views on YouTube is having a title that is not relevant to anyone. When writing a headline use the key question: “Who cares?”.

If the answer is no one, it might be better not to post this video.

Look for inspiration

Unlike other platforms, did you know that YouTube lets you see what’s working on other channels?

Exactly, with YouTube you can visit competing channels and check the titles and subjects that work best for them and get inspired to create your own content.

You can log into any account and click on Videos, then on the right side menu click on Sort by and select Most Popular, like in the example below.

views on youtube

You can use this option to create two lists of interesting content:

  1. Creating a list of competitors, as any niche will be a sort of competition
  2. Creating a list of inspirations, as people you look up to when creating your content

That is, you will be able to get ideas from the channels in your niche, understanding what has worked for them and creating interesting content through it, and also create a list of inspirations with channels similar to yours in style, but from other niches.

Observe the formats of titles, keywords and subjects and create your file with ideas to later record and edit interesting videos, but always with your identity, version and characteristics, without copying content.

Emotions that bring in clicks

If you’ve done some research on how to improve your engagement, you’ve probably heard about mental triggers. Arousing specific emotions is fundamental to attracting new clicks and here we will consider the three biggest emotions of the human being, according to recent neuromarketing studies.

Fear, desire and curiosity are the best triggers we can have in our titles:

  • People are more likely to pay attention to warnings and alerts than lists of benefits. Our brains seem hardwired to hear negativities.
  • When we talk about desires, we trigger people’s dreams and desires to improve their lives, their careers, to win something or to win something.
  • And curiosity, well… this one is almost self-explanatory. We all want to know more than we don’t know, we want to know the details, understand how it works and all.

Anyway, creating titles that grab viewers through emotions, especially by combining two or more of them, is a powerful weapon that will certainly boost your clicks.

You can start by urging the audience, in the headline, but without offering the answers. People like to fill in gaps, find out the end of the story.

How many times have you watched videos until the end, even if you didn’t feel like it, just because of phrases like “the best is at the end” or “you can’t imagine what happened”

Now, when we talk about YouTube, thinking about the strategy of how to assemble these titles will be your differential. Here’s an example of how you can use this idea “How to start a business: the secret no one tells you.”

views on youtube

Powerful headlines, that show what they’re going to talk about, target the right audience, talk about the secret, but to find out you’ll have to click and watch. Those are the best for engagement!

The most successful videos on the platform come from a combination of triggers like the ones we mentioned earlier, that pique curiosity and incite fears or desires.

Contrasting ideas

Raising curiosity through contrasting ideas is a fantastic way to grab the viewer and get more views on YouTube.

Titles such as “The danger of comfort when working from home”, bringing two ideas that are contrary, such as danger and comfort. Or even “Healthy foods that make you fat.”

That way, your likely reader will be curious and the probability of clicking and watching your video increases considerably.

Talking about the future

Trends in your business or niche for the current year, demonstrating the do’s and don’ts in your field, can be very well received.

People tend to watch videos that show the fast lanes. Now pay close attention to the practices of renewing videos, because even if your video is titled “Best and Worst Decoration Trends for 2022”, if the video was recorded in 2022, it may be unlikely that people will believe and give credit to your new video.

Challenge their beliefs

People often believe things, and challenging those assumptions or beliefs can go a long way in your video title. For example, you could try a title for something that always happens in your niche and do something like, “I stopped asking people to subscribe to my channel and that’s what happened.”

The likelihood of this type of headline getting people to click on your video, just out of curiosity to understand the details and even a challenge to your assumptions, is very high.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that not all content is worth a negative clickbait, right? Careful when choosing your titles, be sure to bring the answers, in a coherent and interesting way, or you could have the game reversed. Instead of engaging subscribers, it can decrease their engagement.

However, if your content is clear and addresses the proposal you put in the headline, the authority on the subjects will become more and more clear, and your audience will start to feel confident, a surefire way to get more views on YouTube.

Ready to get more views on YouTube?

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