How to make gameplay videos?

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Want to start recording and sharing your video game fun moments? Find out how to make gameplay videos in just a few steps!

vídeos de gameplay

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If you love PC games and want to start creating gameplay videos, first of all, you need a powerful screen recorder capable of meeting your needs.

Without a good software that manages to maintain video quality among all the functions of a game, you may not be able to obtain one of the best results.

With the popularization of channels and videos on YouTube about gameplay, the number of people who want to consume and produce this content has also increased.

Although it looks complicated, you can produce a good gameplay video with the right tools. So, learn how to make gameplay videos with ease!

1. Know which game to play

To choose which game will be used in your gameplay videos, you can make that choice through a game you like a lot or from the style of games you want to try.

You can also play a game you’ve never played before and show your viewers what it was like to play it for the first time.

2. Find a screen recorder that’s right for you

When it comes to video recording, Wondershare DemoCreator is an all-in-one screen recorder with great features and tools for anyone who wants to start producing and creating their own gameplay videos.

The app offers smart recording capabilities via Webcam, meaning your face will be automatically recognized by AI facial recognition. In addition to allowing the user to simultaneously record the game screen, audio, and webcam.

vídeos de gameplay

Imagem DemoCreator

But without a doubt, the feature that most draws attention to gamers and streamers is in the game mode offered by the program. The game mode is an enhanced recording mode to ensure the quality of your recording by automatically displaying the best game applications on your computer.

3. Get to know the DemoCreator game mode

With the program downloaded and properly installed on your computer, choose the type of game that will be used in your gameplay video. When you have the game open and ready to use, go back to the DemoCreator main menu and choose the option to “record game”.

When selecting the option to “record game”, the program will present four main settings to be customized before starting the recording. At this point, choose the game that was previously open to be recorded. Then just customize the sound system, microphone, and webcam that best suits your type of game.

With these settings made, start recording by clicking on the red button labeled ‘REC’. You can also press the F10 key on your computer to start or stop your recording. The ‘pause’, ‘delete’, or ‘rerecord’ icons will be arranged on the recording screen for quick access.

4. Edit your gameplay videos

After recording your gameplay video, the next step is to start the editing process.

DemoCreator also offers basic and advanced editing features ideal for any needs of its users. To edit gameplay videos, the software has a free game-specific video effects package.

In this pack, you will find appropriate animations and designs to make your gameplay recording even more creative and captivating for your viewers. You can add transitions, stickers, and even pre-rendered subtitles.

The Zoom & Pan feature can also be ideal for capturing those moments when your audience needs to pay extra attention to what’s happening on screen. Zooming in and out maintains the quality shown in the original video.

5. Share your video

The most targeted and used platform by gamers and gameplay streamers has been YouTube.

The possibility of increasing the audience that watches your content is even greater, especially when we take into account its area dedicated to games. Every detail of this platform is important, so try to pay attention to all elements of your gameplay channel.

But, another option for sharing and streaming gameplays is Twitch. This streaming service became well known for the live broadcasts of games, gaining numerous content creators and fans.

vídeos de gameplay

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Start playing!

Once you know what the basic requirements are to record a good gameplay video, be sure to start creating your content right now!

With the right programs and tools, you can create good content and still ensure a good source of income.