How to watch movies on YouTube in 2023: step by step

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The question of how to watch movies on YouTube must have crossed the minds of many internet users. Although many prefer to download YouTube videos on PC, it is also possible to watch movies online on the platform itself. However, to search the platform there are some tricks. For example, as YouTube allows its users to comment on content, you can already see what people are saying about the movie. This factor helps you to know whether or not it is worth watching.

In this article, you’ll learn how to search for movies the right way. If you are more demanding about quality, you will learn how to increase it. However, if you’re the kind of person who can’t stand still and likes to watch your movies at faster speeds, you’ll know how to modify that too.

So, if you don’t want to download movies on your Android phone and want to learn how to watch movies directly on YouTube, read our step-by-step guide and discover the most efficient ways to do it. And if you are an Apple device user, also learn how to download YouTube videos on iPhone or how to download videos for Mac.

How to watch movies on YouTube for free?

Watching movies on YouTube for free is very simple, just follow a few steps and get to know the tricks. You can, for example, just type “free movies” into the search field, and a large selection of movies of all genres will be listed for you to choose from. In a universe of 800 million videos available on Youtube, there will definitely be some cinematographic work that you like.

In addition, there are also channels that make public domain or independent films available at no cost. Therefore, with a little patience, it is possible to enjoy a variety of movies on YouTube for free.

To find out how to make the most of the movies that are on the biggest video platform in the world, read this article now that shows you how to watch movies on YouTube step by step. After finding and watching, if you want to enjoy that movie again, just use some of these 5 Google Chrome extensions to download YouTube videos.

Searching for movies on YouTube

So to search for your movies on YouTube, the first step is the simplest: you’ll type the name of the movie you’re looking for in the video-sharing platform’s search bar and add “full movie”. Then, just click on the movie to watch it.

search for the movie

But if you still don’t have the movie you want to watch in mind, you can search just by its genre.

search by genre How to watch movies on YouTube

Afterward, you can filter according to the characteristics you want. You’re able to choose between date, type, and duration. In this example, we’re going to use the post date and choose the filter of one month.

As you can see, the image below shows the latest movies.

recent movies How to watch movies on YouTube

Another option you have is to look for channels that have full-length movies. To do this, go to the YouTube search bar and type “free full movies“.

search for free full movies

In this case, “Bjgtjme” appeared, where when you enter the channel and click on videos, you can see which movies are posted on the channel.

go to the channel to see its videos How to watch movies on YouTube

Adjusting the quality

Adjusting the quality of a movie is very important for you to watch it in the best possible way. You can increase it so that you have an improved image or reduce it so that you can watch the movie using only your mobile data. To do this, just click on the gear button on the content you are going to see, then on “Quality” and now adjust to the one that best fits your needs.

change quality How to watch movies on YouTube

Changing Speed

There are some movies that may be good, but have some scenes that sometimes feel more like padding than something that actually adds value to the plot. This can make you not have as much patience and want to pick up the pace so you don’t get bored.  

To do this, just access the gear in the movie you want to watch, click on “Playback speed” and choose one that doesn’t compromise the quality of the movie you’re watching. 

Change speed How to watch movies on YouTube

Add closed captions

If the movie is in another language or worse, you are somewhere with a lot of noise pollution, it can make you not hear the audio of the movie you are watching, but it is very easy to solve this. Just add subtitles to the content and you won’t miss any details of the plot you’re watching. On YouTube, you only need one simple step to do this.

add subtitles

However, it is worth noting that these subtitles are created automatically by YouTube. Therefore, in some scenes, they may not be 100% accurate as to what is being said in the film.

Did you know that it is also possible to download entire playlists from Youtube and even convert them into audio? Then check out the 7 best software to download music and videos!

How do YouTube paid movies work?

Although YouTube has several channels that offer free movies, the platform also has an area for paid movies, Youtube Movies. Here, you can choose from thousands of award-winning films, timeless classics, and new releases. These videos tend to be of higher quality than content creator channels and are not at risk of being banned by YouTube with the excuse of pirated sharing.

To be able to buy and rent movies on YouTube, you must be at least 18 years old and keep in mind that the availability of individual titles varies by location and may change over time. Also, if you choose to just rent a movie, you’ll have 30 days to start watching it, and after you start watching it, you can watch it as many times as you want until the end of the rental period, which lasts, in general, 48 hours.

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can watch YouTube Movies & Shows without ad interruptions. But if you haven’t subscribed to this plan, you’ll need to confirm your personal details and enter your credit card details to buy or rent a movie. It is worth noting that in cases of different resolutions, prices may vary.

One of the advantages of renting or buying movies on YouTube is that you can be sure that you are watching them from a reputable location. Some fraudulent channels end up placing malicious links that can harm your computer. Furthermore, on YouTube Movies you are guaranteed that the movie will come complete and with good sound and audio quality. Just don’t forget to do some research before renting the movie to find out if it’s really good. After all, it’s really bad to invest your money in something that isn’t worth your time.

How to download movies from YouTube?

ByClick Downloader is the most suitable software for you to download your videos from YouTube. It has a simple interface, where all you need to do to download a movie is to paste the video link in the software’s interface. Also, you can download a complete YouTube channel to watch its movies without having to be connected to the internet. Now you have no more excuses to do your weekend marathons.

To download YouTube movies and even download videos on Youtube Shorts, you need to access the channel that has the content you want to download. Just by opening the video, you will already see that the software will give you the download option. However, if your intention is to download a complete movie playlist, access the profile that has the playlist and copy its URL. After that, all you have to do is paste the link into the downloader and click download for your download to start.

Another great advantage is that ByClick Downloader is safe and very easy to use. But if you don’t like this tool, you can also learn how to use YT Saver to download YouTube movies.

Also, check out these 24 movie download websites (and software) on PC to enjoy them offline.

How do I watch full-length movies on YouTube?

If you access Youtube Movies and are logged into your Gmail account, you will be able to watch movies on the video-sharing platform. However, it should be noted that these contents are paid. That is, you need to rent or buy to see them.

Does YouTube have movie channels?

Yes. The Bjgtjme, Free Movies Now!, and THE STREAM channels have full-length, high-quality movies. Channels such as Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckmann, and WeWatchedAMovie review the main films, classics, and new releases.

Where can I watch movies for free?

On YouTube, you can watch several free movies, but there are other platforms that also make this available. Examples are Pluto TV, Looke, LibreFlix, Rakuten Viki, and Vix. In addition to being free, none of them require registration.

Are there free movies on YouTube?

Yes. Channels such as Bjgtjme, Free Movies Now!, and THE STREAM, offer films of the most varied genres so that you can watch them for free. Also, you can search for the cinematic work you want to see in the YouTube search bar and check if you have it for free.

What is the best YouTube movie channel?

Bjgtjme is the best YouTube movie channel with free content and covers all genre tastes. In addition, on the channel, you will find original, complete, and licensed films, with dubbing and good image and audio quality.

What is YouTubeTV?

YouTube TV is a streaming platform that has live TV, cable, and sports networks. Subscribers to this service can enjoy live sports, shows, and popular YouTube videos that can be watched on all devices.