12 best LiveChat alternatives in 2023

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Undoubtedly, LiveChat is one of the most popular live chat websites around. Among its great advantages is the fact that you can centralize customer service activities in just one place, including chatbot tools for Facebook Messenger. However, this platform is not the only chatbot that can help with your e-commerce customer service, as there are several good LiveChat alternatives.

Among the most important customer service software that deserve to be highlighted in this list, we can mention:

In this article, we are going to talk about the 12 best alternatives to LiveChat, so that you can take the customer support your company offers to another level entirely!

Tools that compete with LiveChat

For anyone working with e-commerce, selling digital products, or providing online services, it is extremely important to have a chat service and chatbots integrated into their channels, or at least support tools for Instagram DMs.

However, knowing only one option, such as LiveChat, can leave you stuck with a platform that does not offer all the benefits your business needs. In this sense, it is always important to be aware of new trends, looking for ways to learn about the tools that can enhance the customer service offered and set your digital business apart.

The 12 best alternatives to LiveChat

1. ManyChat

Manychat Alternatives to LiveChat

ManyChat is one of the best LiveChat alternatives, as it is very easy to use and has a very affordable price, which is a big advantage for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time programming a tool, much less pay a lot for it. The platform helps automate service not only on the main social networks but also on older methods, such as SMS. As a result, you are able to contact your customer even if they are offline.

ManyChat is so accessible that you can connect it to over 1,500 apps. That is, there is no excuse for not selling on different social networks and platforms. With pre-made chatbot templates, you can customize your chatbots according to your customers’ needs. With these characteristics, it becomes easier to get a higher ROI to generate more sales.

Also, if you want to create automated message threads and segment and customize messages based on customer preferences, ManyChat makes it possible even if you don’t have any programming skills, as everything can be done intuitively. With this feature, combined with the tool’s connection to marketing platforms, you will be able to reach a much larger audience.

Your customers will also feel more special if you decide to implement ManyChat in your online services. That’s because you’ll be able to send personalized and relevant messages to groups of people, according to different segments, such as location, interest, or user behavior.


  • Provide personalized content.
  • Allows connection to Google Sheets.
  • It has integration with Shopify.
  • Offers advanced automation features.
  • Offers 24/7 support.


  • There may be limitations regarding the chatbot design.
  • The free version is limited.


  • Pro: $15 a month.

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2. JivoChat

JivoChat Alternatives to LiveChat

JivoChat, another of the best LiveChat alternatives, also offers a good platform so that you can have open contact with your customers on the main social networks. If you are a person who is concerned with the confidentiality of your company’s and your customer’s information, know that this tool helps you to prevent data leaks, allowing your team to communicate with your consumers through the Jivo application, without needing any access to your business social media accounts.

We cannot fail to highlight JivoChat ‘s strength in helping you increase your sales. The platform allows you to monitor the performance of your operators at any time and identify points of improvement that need to be made when selling to the customer.

It also shows you from which channels you can get more sales conversions. With JivoChat’s sales funnel tool, you’ll be able to identify the weaknesses at each stage of your funnel to optimize your entire workflow. This can also be an excellent idea for you to be able to sell more without more work.

Focusing on helping you improve your customer’s experience, JivoChat offers reports so that you can consider your customers’ feedback and maintain excellence in the quality of the services provided. In addition, with the platform’s “Chat Button”, visitors to your website can start conversations with just one click or tap through customizable buttons with ready-made phrases.


  • It has an intuitive website;
  • Supports major social networks;
  • Allows you to embed chat on your website or application through code;
  • Allows you to easily add or delete team members;
  • Communication quality monitoring.


  • It does not offer features for large companies;
  • Automation is an advanced feature.


  • Professional: $19 per month
  • Business: $38 per month

Prices quoted are for each agent per month on annual payment.

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3. Flow XO

Flow Alternatives to LiveChat

Flow XO also cannot be missing from a selection of the best LiveChat alternatives. After all, this platform offers the possibility to transition to live chat and even supports the main social networks and messengers. To make your interactions more dynamic and for you to have access to them regardless of where you are and without wasting any of your device’s storage, the tool has more than 100 cloud-based applications.

With Flow XO, it only takes three steps to set up a customer service bot. This bot may have the most suitable specifications for your company. As such, you can create a bot to handle payment processing or even a simpler one to welcome your customers so they feel more involved with your business. This is very important, as the more satisfied a person feels in the process of a purchase, the more likely they are to buy a certain product.

Another outstanding feature of Flow XO is the quick response to simple questions from its customers. By looking for exact phrases or keywords in a conversation, your chatbot can provide answers to common questions you may receive. However, if the quick response is not enough for your consumer, you can configure the bot to offer a link to some content that can clear the buyer’s doubts.

If you want to adopt a more laid-back persona for your business, Flow XO can help you. This platform allows the creation of robots that can offer entertainment in the form of answers or even provide funny tips on how to use a product offered on its platform. Use creativity to attract more customers and stand out from the competition.


  • Lets you create a robot for automatic attendance directly in the application;
  • Works with artificial intelligence to improve customer service;
  • Allows the personalization of leads, without the need to fill out forms;
  • Bots for news updates specific for your business market;
  • Conversation history with your customers.


  • Need to use third-party tools to enhance features;
  • Unable to view a question that the chatbot was unable to answer.


  • Standard plan with 15 bots and 5,000 interactions: $19
  • Plan with 20 bots and 5,000 interactions: $29
  • Plan with 20 bots and 30,000 interactions: $44

4. MobileMonkey


Still on the list of the main LiveChat alternatives is MobileMonkey, a platform that helps with customer service and increases the number of sales. According to ICONIQ, an American wealth management and investment company, this platform has an almost immediate ROI. One of the contributing factors to this is that it makes it easy to launch lead-generation marketing campaigns with quick-start sales automation tools and templates.

In addition, you can strengthen your company’s presence on social media by using this platform. That’s because MobileMonkey has a tool called InstaChamp where you save time while increasing audience growth, engagement, and consequently sales with automated messages to the main social networks, Instagram and Facebook.

In the free version, you can carry out up to 50 leads per month and even have email support. Although the amount is small, this can be the ideal choice for you to get to know the platform and then migrate to the more complete plans that offer you CSV export, Zapier integrations, and even API and webhooks for synchronizing and sharing information.


  • Contact information of anonymous visitors to your website;
  • Chatbot fully compatible with Facebook;
  • Chatbots help to segment the audience;
  • Creation of bots using predefined templates;
  • Allows you to create share links to capture leads.


  • Few features in the free version;
  • High prices.


  • Starter: US$249
  • Pro: US$499

The mentioned plans are monthly billed annually.

5. Google Chat

Google Chat is the direct messaging service of the world’s largest search engine. Through this platform, you can interact with colleagues in a safe way that helps to optimize your work. Further, you can also embed this tool in your Gmail. As a result, you’ll be able to keep track of all your professional conversations and choose the right channel for each one of them.

For anyone who values work-life balance, Google Chat has a feature called “do not disturb”. You can activate it to not receive notifications in moments of rest and leisure. However, if what you want is for an organization to easily find shared files or old messages, Google Chat will not let you down.

6. Freshchat

Another platform on our list of LiveChat alternatives is Freshchat. The main purpose of this tool is to allow you to replace your website’s live chat with a modern conversation experience. After all, the old methods are already being abandoned by other platforms for not being as efficient, and Freshchat could not be left behind.

This platform helps you proactively interact with your customers so they are encouraged to make a purchase or even upgrade to a higher plan. With Freshchat, you can also use bots that are capable of automating lead capture, qualifying responses, and automatically sending leads to the CRM. All this in a modern and memorable way.

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7. Tawk.to

Tawk.to is a brand already consolidated in the market and used by several companies. This chat tool lets you connect with customers through a mobile app or website. This way, you can connect with your online store visitors on a customizable page on any device, thus eliminating the need to carry your computer everywhere.

Another highlight is that the conversation history with each customer is saved and can even be shared, so you don’t lose information. In addition, you can offer a more personalized service to your customer with Tawk.to, as it shows important details such as the location of the user’s country and the activity that he performed on your website.

8. Dashly

With Dashly, you can get leads from your current traffic. In this way, it is possible to create targeted messaging campaigns with popups, chatbots, and emails. But not just that. With this important information, your sales team can close more deals in less time and even more easily create personalized offers.

You can also use Dashly tools to improve your customer support performance. By using the history of your communication, something that the platform provides, it will be possible to develop a better experience for your consumers and also solve problems quickly and efficiently, without having to invest in hiring more employees.

9. Zendesk


Among the alternatives to LiveChat is Zendesk, which already has more than 110,000 customers around the world. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Twitter rely on this platform to make their businesses more agile and adaptable, with customer service software that can be implemented quickly and easily. With Zendesk, they can have automated workflows.

Zendesk has over 20 chart types, from bars to pies. Therefore, you can have data in reports in a more visual way. Additionally, users of the software receive real-time notifications when a potential customer reads or clicks on an email. That last item can be essential for your sales.

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10. LiveAgent

With LiveAgent, you have one of the easiest-to-use LiveChat alternatives. With it, you can respond to more tickets with a complete customer service solution. All this without charging an installation fee, with the possibility of canceling without bureaucracy and with 24-hour support.

Despite not offering chatbots, LiveAgent has features in its operating mode that can be more interactive when one of its salespeople is talking to the customer. This is because agents can use GIFs on tickets, drag and drop attachments, and copy and paste images within tickets.

11. Zoho Desk

This platform helps you be more accessible to customers, provide quick resolutions, and makes doing business with them convenient. Focusing on your work team, you can use this tool to empower your employees with powerful tools and useful context so they can stay productive, confident, and organized.

With Zoho Desk, you can automate all repetitive activities. In addition, it has its own artificial intelligence called Zia, capable of identifying the feeling behind each ticket that arrives. She also suggests solutions from the knowledge base, marking useful and unhelpful solutions for each service.

12. Crisp

The last item in our list of best LiveChat alternatives is Crisp. This messaging platform promises to deliver everything you need to have good contact with your customers in just one place. With Crisp’s shared inbox, you have all your social media conversations centralized in one place.

The MagicBrowse function allows your website to make an offer while a visitor browses through it. In addition, it offers representatives of your company to capture leads in a live chat based on the behavior of the person navigating through its platform.

What is a chat tool?

A chat program is nothing more than a real-time communication system to promote communication between a company and its customers. It enables the exchange of messages between two people through a digital interface and can be incorporated into websites and applications of digital companies.

What is the best free online chat tool?

Certainly, ManyChat. Despite having paid plans, ManyChat has a free plan where you can enjoy the most basic features of the platform with up to 1,000 interactions. As a result, you get a good understanding of how the tool works before investing in it. The free ManyChat option lets you use your company’s Instagram Direct chatbot, for example.

What is LiveChat for?

LiveChat enables real-time online communication so customers and sellers can quickly communicate via messaging. Therefore, by using this chatbot, you can offer relevant information and also solve problems for your consumers.

Is LiveChat free?

LiveChat is a paid platform, in which the values ​​of the monthly plans are: US$20, US$41, and US$59. Each plan has different characteristics, and you should analyze which one best suits your company and the services you want to offer your customers.

What is the most used chat tool?

ManyChat is undoubtedly the most used chat tool in the world with millions of global users, so studying this platform to use a chatbot from it can be very relevant to your business.