E-commerce assistant: What is it and how much do you earn

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In the world of e-commerce, in addition to having websites to set up your virtual store, an important person for your business is the e-commerce assistant. This professional is essential for a growing online store, and it is likely that you have already thought about hiring one.

With your virtual store open and customers arriving, you’ve already realized that keeping your e-commerce active is not easy. In this sense, the e-commerce assistant can help you a lot, as they can be responsible for several tasks, including helping with your social media presence, publishing the products in the store, and managing the inventory.

However, if you still don’t know that much about this role or simply have doubts about whether or not you need to hire one, this article will explain what it is, how much you earn, and how to hire an e-commerce assistant.

Tools for an e-commerce assistant

Before explaining what an e-commerce assistant is and what they do, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of good work tools for this professional. These instruments play an important role so that they can perform their functions more correctly.

First, an e-commerce assistant needs to have good headphones, in order to be able to serve customers as quickly as possible, being able to communicate by audio. Another essential tool for the e-commerce helper is online chat software and customer service tools. We have already tested some here on AppTuts, and we can recommend:

Now, without further ado, let’s find out what this role is, how much the professional can make, and how to hire an e-commerce assistant.

What is and what does an e-commerce assistant do?

what does an e-commerce assistant do

This professional is responsible for assisting in activities related to e-commerce. Therefore, they help virtual stores to have good growth. Their functions, in general, range from customer service, whether on the official website of the online trade or on social networks, using tools to increase conversion, to shipping the product, and checking that it arrived within the specified period.

However, the e-commerce assistant’s responsibilities may vary, depending on the needs and profiles of each company. For example, if your e-commerce business is still small, the e-commerce assistant may be the only employee you will hire, and they will perform all the functions of your virtual store, having the famous “handyman” profile.

However, if you already have a well-established e-commerce business and you still don’t have this professional, it can be just another addition for you to better organize your customer service processes, product deliveries, and merchandise management. You can also direct them to a specific area of ​​your business, like marketing.

As the products in your online store are important, they are the main focus of the e-commerce helper. This worker manages your catalog, adding and updating descriptions, technical specifications, prices, and good-quality images. In addition, you can count on this professional to make your business more organized, as they must categorize the products for a better customer experience.

Other e-commerce helper duties include:

  • After-sales support;
  • Conducting analysis and reporting on e-commerce performance;
  • Assistance in the creation and execution of digital marketing campaigns;
  • Improvement of banners and other forms of visual communication on the website;
  • Contact with suppliers;
  • Integration of products in the enterprise management system (ERP);
  • Creating and serving ads on Google ADS and social media;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Integration with sales platforms;
  • Assistance in the stages of packaging and shipping of products.

Identifying the moment to hire an e-commerce assistant

Undertaking, including online, is not an easy task. Even if at the beginning of your business you need to do it yourself, there will come a time when you may not be able to handle everything. Imagine that your work starts to take a good part of your time, and here we are talking not only about the time you dedicate to it but also about other activities that guide your day.

When you realize you’ve reached that point, where about 80% of your time is being dedicated to your e-commerce, it may be the best time to hire an assistant. That way, you won’t reach a level of burnout that hinders your performance and you’ll still have a fresher mind supporting you in the performance of a virtual store.

Remember that by dedicating too much of your time to logistical tasks, such as using shipping calculator tools, you won’t have the freedom you need to focus on strategies to keep growing your e-commerce business. Therefore, investment in an assistant is necessary. While they focus on showing that your e-commerce offers the best customer experience and increase your operational efficiency, you can have your mind set on expanding your business.

How much does an E-commerce Assistant make?

How much does an e-commerce assistant make?

According to data provided by Glassdoor, the average salary for an e-commerce assistant in the US is $41,798. However, this amount can vary between around $30,000 and $59,000, depending on factors such as geographic location, company size, and the responsibilities that the hired employee will have.

In addition, you can increase the remuneration of the e-commerce assistant as they gain experience, obtain more advanced knowledge, and bring more positive results to your virtual store. After all, with sales on the rise, why not reward that very important person who is helping you build a good e-commerce business?

If you are in a good moment in your business, you can also choose to offer benefits related to the performance of the e-commerce assistant, which may impact their final salary. In established companies, other advantages such as meal vouchers and health insurance are also offered. However, each choice will depend on the size and profits of your business.

To succeed in your digital endeavor, in addition to having good employees, you will also benefit from checking out our article with the steps to start an e-commerce.

What is the workload of an e-commerce assistant?

This factor will vary according to the type of contract you make, as you might only need to hire an e-commerce assistant that’s part-time instead of full-time, for instance. Further, whether the employee is paid hourly or if they’re salaried can also vary.

In addition, in some cases, it is necessary to adopt systems of shifts and scales, hiring more than one assistant. This is because your online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and having a person available can be a huge differentiator for your customer service.

Other variants that can occur in relation to the workload are if the hiring is temporary or if you only need a freelancer for the task. In these situations, you can have more flexible working hours that suit your business. However, in all cases, it is important to make it clear what hours you need the e-commerce assistant to work, to avoid problems for both parties.

What does it take to work as an e-commerce assistant?

While you don’t need to go to college to work as an e-commerce helper, the person you hire needs to have a skill set and knowledge to handle the demands of e-commerce. They must also be an attentive person who is always looking to learn more so as not to be left out of innovations in the sector.

A good e-commerce assistant should not only have knowledge of sales website platforms and tools for remote work. Among the other characteristics that this professional needs to have are a basic knowledge of SEO, logistical processes, and marketing. In addition, knowing how to communicate well orally and in writing is essential, as they will have direct contact with their customers. 

Other qualities you should look into when hiring is whether the candidate has organizational skills, is proactive, and has attention to detail. Being an organized person is also necessary, because working with e-commerce is a task that may require deliveries within tight deadlines, and good organization helps in prioritizing urgent demands.

work as an assistant

How will this hiring improve your e-commerce?

As noted in the information above, this professional can bring a world of significant improvements to your online business. If you feel like you’re failing at some point, such as organization, growth strategy, customer service, operational efficiency, or social media positioning, this assistant can help you close those gaps.

With an e-commerce assistant, you can have a much better virtual store that speaks to your target audience’s language. In addition to having a broader view of the business, the worker will be closer to their customers and will be able to understand their main pain points, capturing positive and negative feedback. This can help you save time on market research on how your e-commerce works.

Do you remember that one of the characteristics we highlighted is that this professional needs to be attuned to technologies and innovations in the sector? So, this is also very beneficial for your store, because this knowledge the professional can help you implement practices that help your e-commerce to remain competitive, thus boosting your business to reach new heights.

Also, learn how to sell online on the marketplace and social networks.

How to hire an e-commerce assistant?

If you’ve decided it’s time to hire an e-commerce helper, you need to take a few important steps. The first is to define the profile of the professional you need. Among the qualities and functions that we have mentioned and that is attributed to this worker, decide which one best suits your e-commerce.

With that in mind, you can start advertising the job opening. However, be sure to detail what exactly you expect from the candidate. In addition to using traditional means, such as resume sites and recruitment agencies, for this dissemination, consider using social networks to reach a larger audience, especially Linkedin.

Interview candidates to get to know them better. Ask questions that let you know each other’s technical skills, and remember that age isn’t everything. An older or younger candidate will be no less competent if they have the necessary skills to help grow their eCommerce business.

How to Hire a Professional

And after hiring?

While you might think it’s just an additional expense, an e-commerce assistant is an indispensable professional for the success of an online business. Therefore, view it as an investment and not just a simple expense. But be sure to follow the steps we’ve talked about in our article to succeed in hiring and boost your business even further.

Also, be sure to provide the worker with the tools and resources necessary to perform their duties efficiently, as this will help a lot in their good work performance and in the results they will deliver.

Therefore, invest in good data analysis software, customer support tools, and relevant training that will help you create valuable insights to improve your online store strategy. Undoubtedly, in this way, you will be able to make the most of the help of this professional.

Also, make the e-commerce helper feel at ease. Show them that you are open to receiving any feedback. If your online store is large and has more employees, introduce them to the full team and the person or people they will need to report to, so that they feel comfortable and have access to all the information they need to perform their role.

E-commerce helper FAQ

What is the meaning of the word e-commerce?

E-commerce means electronic commerce, which is places on the internet where the purchase and sale of goods or services takes place. This digital store usually sells physical products, but they can also sell so-called info products, which are digital products such as ebooks, video courses, and software, among others.

What is the name of the person who works with e-commerce?

Those who work in the field of online electronic commerce have a variety of titles and functions, as there is a great diversity of responsibilities in this segment. In addition to the e-commerce assistant, there are other professions such as e-commerce manager, marketing specialist, traffic manager, virtual store developer, designer, social media, and many others.

What do you need to be an e-commerce assistant?

To become an e-commerce assistant, it is important to master some areas of knowledge, such as digital marketing, administration, and communication. However, while having a higher education is appreciable, often an understanding of e-commerce and hands-on experience can be more valuable than an academic background.

Who can work as an e-commerce helper?

Anyone who has mastered the right skills can work as an e-commerce helper. Having familiarity with e-commerce platforms, a basic understanding of digital marketing, customer service skills, and basic administration knowledge, are the expected requirements of an e-commerce assistant.

How much does an e-commerce assistant make?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an e-commerce assistant in the US is $41,798, ranging from $30,000 to $59,000, depending on factors such as location and company size. As they gain experience and knowledge, it is possible that these professionals will see an increase in their compensation. In addition, performance-related benefits and other perks may be offered depending on how successful the business is.