The 30 best JivoChat alternatives!

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JivoChat is one of the most popular customer support tools in the world. However, there are several JivoChat alternatives that can offer advantages that better fit the needs of your company, being more interesting options than JivoChat.

Among the online chat options for websites, some deserve our mention:

If you are looking for a platform with different features, this article is made for you. Discover now which ones are the best JivoChat alternatives that can transform the way you interact with your customers.

What is JivoChat?

JivoChat is a popular website chat software, widely used for its advanced features and ease of use. The tool allows integration with several platforms and uses artificial intelligence technology in its chatbot. The software includes marketing features, making it easy to collect customer data to generate leads for the sales team.

However, as good as it may be, some alternatives to JivoChat may be more suitable for your company, whether for customization features, ease of integration, or features that are not present in JivoChat.

To help you find the perfect customer service chat option, read on to discover the 30 JivoChat alternatives we’ve selected for you.

The best alternatives to JivoChat

1. LiveChat

Livechat online Alternatives to JivoChat

Starting our selection of the best JivoChat alternatives, we have LiveChat, one of the most consolidated multi-channel customer service tools on the market. The tool allows you to display a chat window on your website so visitors can get in touch immediately, eliminating the need to resort to traditional email or phone calls.

With LiveChat, you can not only interact with customers in real time but also set up an automated system to handle frequently asked questions. The tool offers many benefits for businesses, from optimizing customer service to generating leads.

LiveChat can integrate with social networks, SMS, and WhatsApp, in a list that covers more than 200 platforms. In addition, with it is possible to add a chat window within your website, improving the experience of your customers.

One of LiveChat’s greatest strengths is the possibility of inserting clickable buttons, cards, and carousels in the chat window. The tool helps in the continuous improvement of customer service through satisfaction surveys that are sent automatically after the conclusion of each service via chat.

In terms of advanced features, LiveChat allows sharing files in chat, blocking unwanted visitors, and organizing conversations through tags. In addition, it offers different features such as unlimited message history, productivity reports, and data security measures.

To adapt to the needs of companies of all sizes and sectors, LiveChat offers three paid plans to suit different demands and budgets.


  • Unlimited chat history;
  • Allows you to recommend products directly in the chat;
  • Allows you to add a “chat now” button on your website;
  • Shift scheduler for employees;
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.


  • It does not have a free version;
  • Unintuitive setup.


LiveChat offers a 14-day free trial period for the “Team” plan, and it can be tried without the need to register a credit card. After this period, it is possible to subscribe to one of the plans:

  • Starter Plan: $20.
  • Team Plan: $41.
  • Commercial plan: US$ 59.
  • Enterprise Plan: (to be agreed).

2. Manychat

Manychat Alternatives to JivoChat

Manychat is one of the most popular bot creation tools that is heavily used by support teams and marketing professionals. It encompasses a suite of features you can use to grow your audience, engage them with personalized offers, and gather feedback and support. In addition, ManyChat offers features with which you can connect to any third-party application or service.

With Manychat, users have the ability to build and manage their own chatbots, enabling direct and personalized communication with audiences through their preferred messaging channel. Chatbots are programmed to understand voice and text commands, answer questions, and perform tasks such as sending automated messages or helping users complete tasks.

Manychat lets you create custom conversation flows so chatbots can intelligently communicate with your customers. With the analysis tools, it is possible to monitor the performance of chatbots and identify patterns to improve the user experience.

Manychat’s chatbots can also help direct customers to the right industry within a company with multiple service departments such as finance, sales, and technical support.

In addition, with Manychat you can also send coupons, newsletters, promotions, and booking confirmations via SMS or email, nurturing relationships and boosting conversions.

A cool feature that Manychat offers is the “Audience” tool, which analyzes users who interact with your automation. It makes it possible to better understand the profile of the public, allowing you to further refine your marketing strategies.


  • Integration with popular messengers;
  • Understands voice commands;
  • Visual drag-and-drop interface;
  • Send coupons, newsletters, and promotions;
  • Comprehensive settings.


  • Long learning curve.


Manychat offers its features for free until it reaches 1,000 engagement contacts. After that, you can subscribe to the Pro plans:

  • Pro Plan for Facebook and Instagram: $15.
  • Pro Plan for WhatsApp and SMS: $15.

3. Zendesk

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service tool that offers a complete service platform. With it, it is possible to interact with customers via the web, mobile devices, and messaging applications in real time, ensuring a constant presence. Zendesk is very popular and it’s used by more than 120,000 companies worldwide, including Adobe, Sony Music, Xerox, and Groupon.

4. Groove

Groove is a chat tool where you can set up smart automation to intervene with customers, especially when your team is away, very busy, or if a customer goes offline. It offers a lot of customization options like changing the colors to match your branding and offering multiple notification sound effect options. With Groove, you can give customers different options for how to get in touch or browse a FAQ right on your website or app.

5. Chaskiq

Continuing with our list of JivoChat alternatives, we present Chaskiq, a messaging platform aimed at marketing, support, and sales. The structure of this tool allows several ways to interact with customers. With Chaskiq, you can schedule meetings directly through Calendly, offer payment options directly through webchat, initiate video calls using Zoom, and even integrate shopping carts or trigger actions through Zapier.

6. TolvNow

TolvNow is a completely online service platform for websites and virtual stores. With it, you can make your calls from anywhere, just by having an internet connection. In addition, Tolvnow allows you to monitor visitors in real time on your website, allowing you to send messages, promotions, and personalized invitations. The platform also offers the creation of automatic triggers and provides detailed reports to improve service and decision-making.

Tolvnow uses artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the chatbot.

7. Kayako

Kayako offers live chat to provide customer service. With it, you can add a chat to your help center, website, or app to effortlessly support customers and convert customers into leads in real-time. The tool provides access to the entire history of customer interactions with the company, allowing the support team to understand the challenges faced by the customer even before the contact begins.

8. Chatra

Chatra Alternatives to JivoChat

Chatra is a solution that enables the integration of a chat into your online business, allowing instant interactions with visitors or the use of a message mode to answer queries according to your availability. Additionally, Chatra features a unique exit intent detection feature that allows you to approach customers who are about to leave the site. This feature allows you to proactively approach visitors.

9. GetInChat

GetInChat is a tool that enables live chat conversations between you and your website visitors. With it, it is possible to communicate with several clients simultaneously. GetInChat also automatically sends chat invites to users, helping to significantly increase product conversion. GetInChat offers an SSL connection for your data security.

10. Front

Front is a collaborative tool that enables multiple team members to work together in a single shared inbox. With it, it is possible to provide customer service via email, text messages, social media messages, and phone calls. In addition, Front increases the productivity of teams by supporting the automation of workflows, allowing for more efficient management.

11. Olark Live Chat

Olark Live Chat allows you to chat with your users through a chat window on your website in real time. With Olark, you can customize your chat widget and integrate it with other applications, including the most popular CRM tools. The tool offers customization options for language, colors, and other visual items. Olark is ideal for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses.

12. SnapEngage

Next up in our compilation of JivoChat alternatives, we have SnapEngage, a specialized chat tool designed specifically for customer support professionals. With it, you can help customers right where they are, whether on your website, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, and WeChat, among many other channels. One of the great promises of SnapEngage is a significant reduction of 58% in the number of emails, optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service.

If you want to install a chat on your website, check out the 18 best online chats for a website in 2023.

13. Help Scout

Help Scout is an easy-to-use software that offers the aggregation of the entire customer history in the interface, as well as a tool to collect customer feedback. With a simple interface that looks like an email inbox, it allows you to respond to requests while reducing support volume by allowing customers to self-service. Help Scout offers a 15-day free trial.

14. Zendo

Zendo is a software that simplifies answering services and helps entrepreneurs and agencies to streamline their internal processes with the help of automation. Zendo is a simple solution that, instead of a dashboard, proposes a chat as an operations center, where each new customer request generates a different conversation, promoting a more organized management of services.

15. MyLiveChat

MyLiveChat is a live chat software that is one of the JivoChat alternatives for your eCommerce website, making it possible to interact with visitors in real time. Simply by adding an HTML code, a floating chat button is added to your website. With a customer base of over 700,000, MyLiveChat is recognized as one of the most popular and trusted live chat platforms on the market.

16. ISL Pronto

ISL Pronto is the most unique live chat app on our list as it allows you to start a remote session from a live chat and take control of your customer’s desktop to provide support. Another interesting feature of ISL Pronto is the audio chat feature, where you can have a voice conversation directly with your customer while examining your computer.

17. OnlineChatCenters

Chatra chat

OnlineChatCenters is an online chat tool to add interaction to your online business, with the most basic package being free. This tool, which currently provides chat support for over 18,000 websites, helps online business owners establish a direct connection with their website visitors through live interactions.

18. Code7

Code7 is a company that provides solutions to improve communication between companies and their consumers. Available in modules adaptable to your needs or as a unified platform, Code7 stands out for its versatility. This tool allows you to interact with several customers at the same time and on different communication channels, ensuring a quality experience for your customers.

19. Chaport

Chaport is a tool designed as a messenger so that communication with customers is simple and fast. Customers will be able to send messages even when your team is offline and can ask questions through the chat that customers will receive by email. Chaport’s chatbots answer common questions, qualify customers and gather feedback for your business.

20. Pure Chat

Moving forward with our list of alternatives to JivoChat, we present Pure Chat, an amazing tool for small and medium-sized businesses and customer service, sales, and marketing teams looking to capture more leads and convert more sales. With Pure Chat you can share, communicate, capture leads, and support customers. Pure Chat has a free plan that includes unlimited users and chats, available for up to three websites.

21. Userlike

Userlike Live Chat provides website and messenger support with the help of CRM software, live help software, software integrations, live chat software, online support software, and e-commerce chat. Smart chat features help generate leads and increase online business efficiency. In addition, the tool’s automation and chatbot features are enhanced by artificial intelligence technology, optimizing customer service and interaction.

22. is a live support chat that allows you to monitor and chat with website visitors, respond to support tickets, organize contacts, and create a help center for customers. A differential of this platform is its availability completely free of charge, an excellent option for those who want to try out this type of tool at no cost. With, you can write support articles and create custom shortcuts to speed up responses from agents.

23. LiveZilla

LiveZilla is a free online support solution that allows site managers to provide live chat support to their page visitors. Used by more than 100,000 websites in over 100 countries, LiveZilla goes beyond the function of a simple webchat. Currently, it encompasses a variety of features and allows integration with major social networks.

24. Crisp


Crisp is a tool that offers a shared inbox that centralizes all conversations to facilitate customer service and teamwork. This program makes it possible to organize, collaborate and manage chat interactions from different social networks, platforms, or e-commerces. With Crisp, it is possible to monitor the performance of the entire team.

25. SmartSupp

SmartSupp is one of the most popular chat services with over 50,000 active users worldwide. The platform offers live chat, video recording, and chatbot automation capabilities to increase your customer service team’s efficiency and drive visitor-to-customer conversion. SmartSupp offers advanced features for marketing, generating detailed statistics for finding leads.

26. ClickDesk

Also present among the best JivoChat alternatives, we have ClickDesk, a live chat tool, help desk, voice chat, and toolbar for online businesses. This platform allows website visitors to establish real-time communication with agents, who respond to chats, calls, and technical support tickets in chat or instant messages. Agents can also see website visitors on a real-time map and start a chat with just one click.

27. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a technical support software used by large companies such as BMW, Yamaha, and Huawei, among others. LiveAgent provides over 170 help desk features including live chat, phone support, social media integrations, support portal, and API. The program offers a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required.

28. SendStrap

SendStrap is a solution that makes it easy to add chat buttons to your website. The official website provides a series of videos and articles that teach you how to use the tool. SendStrap stands out for its ability to interconnect with 25 customer communication channels, covering platforms such as Messenger, TikTok, and WhatsApp for Business. In addition, it provides a customizable contact form.

29. NinjaChat

NinjaChat is a slightly different platform from the ones we’ve introduced so far, focusing specifically on tracking parcels, real-time delivery notifications, and making it easy to interact with a live agent via chat for assistance whenever needed. With it, you can track the progress of an order anytime, anywhere.

30. Movidesk


Rounding out our selection of JivoChat alternatives is Movidesk, a customer service software that gathers your customers’ messages in one place. Especially focused on e-commerce, this tool not only offers chat functionality, but also easily integrates with messaging applications, your company’s email system, and even your telephony infrastructure. Movidesk facilitates management through more than 75 indicators.

What are the most used chats?

The most used chats in the world are JivoChat, LiveChat, and  Manychat. These solutions are the most recommended as they allow companies to communicate with customers through various channels, including chatbots, live chat, social networks, email, phone calls, and text messages. These platforms offer an automated interaction, being possible to customize the smallest details.

What is the best chat program?

The best chatbot software is LiveChat. One of the reasons it is one of the most recommended is the modern artificial intelligence algorithms used by its chatbot, which are able to learn and improve responses to customers over time. When an issue is more complex, the chatbot automatically routes the customer to a live agent.

What is the best free chat?

The best free chat service is Chatra, which although also has a paid version, offers many advantages in its free version. With it, you can have an unlimited number of chat employees, in addition to offering some interesting features such as chat history and automatic responses. However, to access more advanced features like chat analytics and integration with more platforms, you will need to opt for a paid subscription.

However, there are other free business chat options, like these 12 free customer support tools.

What is the safest chat in the world?

The safest chat tool is JivoChat. In addition to offering SSL connection, which promotes greater security for your personal data, with JivoChat the company does not need to share passwords for social networks with the service team, which results in greater security for the entire operation.