Best Instagram Stories questions to ask: the top 7!

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You already know how to create Stories, customize them and ask questions. However, sometimes we lack in creativity. Which ones are the best questions to ask on Instagram Stories?

The possibilities are endless. Stickers with polls and chat rooms are some of the available options. On the other hand, there are so many features that we get stuck on what we should actually post. Now is the time for you to decide!

In this article, we bring to you some of the best ideas of what to ask your Instagram followers to promote interactions and improve your engagement on the platform. If you still don’t know what are the best questions to ask on Instagram Stories, check out down below some of our tips!

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1. Ask that they send you questions about your favorite subject

Do you have a thematic Instagram biography that talks about very few specific subjects? Then the best tip when you’re completely out of ideas of what to post is to ask your own followers to create them for you!

How can you do that?

It’s simple: just ask that they send you questions and doubts about a subject you master! That’s one of the best things to do when your creativity is lacking, so give it a shot and see how it goes for you.

Ask that they send you questions about your favorite subject best Instagram Stories questions

2. Ask for feedback about your product

If you use this social media for sales, one of the best questions to ask on Instagram Stories to your followers that are also your clients is to give you feedback about their purchases or about a future release.

This way, you will have two advantages: creating new content and evaluating how well your audience is taking to your product. Other than that, you can also learn where you should improve.

For instance, if you are a game developer you can use these questions to check if your games are working just right or if they’re presenting glitches. Then, you will be able to solve these issues through updates.

3. Ask if your followers like what you post

If you’re out of ideas of what to ask on your Instagram Stories, this is the best moment to use Instagram’s polls to ask questions about it. Send an image or a video of anything you want to show. It can be whatever you’re doing, a product you’re developing, or even aspects of your daily life, such as your lunch.

Using the polls to ask if your followers like something or not is a good way to predict how your public will react to something you’re about to release. Other than that, you’ll also know those who didn’t like it, and so you can reach out to them to see where you can improve.

You can also use the polls to ask directly to your followers if they would buy the product you’re currently developing.

4. Do comparisons

Android or iPhone? Marvel or DC? Soccer or Football? This type of comparison can fall into cliches, but they ensure you will have a lot more engagement on your profile.

Of course, you should limit yourself to comparisons that fit in with the theme of your profile. A sports profile can ask which team is better, but their followers will hardly be interested in a poll comparing Windows with Mac, for instance.

That is to say, evaluate your thematic and your audience, check out which ones are the most commented on Instagram pots, and which ones of those are comparisons that generate a lot of engagement.

Then, you simply have to create your poll with the same question and watch to see how your followers will react. To follow their reaction, you just have to check your Instagram’s metrics!

Tip: You can start using one of the best scheduling apps for Instagram to get a better consistency of posts!

Do comparisons best Instagram Stories questions

5. Answer some personal questions

Do you remember the first tip where we talk about asking your followers to send you doubts about the theme you talk about in your profile? You can do something somewhat alike by answering some personal questions!

If you’re an Instagram influencer, answering personal questions is a really common strategy. If you use Instagram to talk about something more specific, it still is a good way to build a connection with your followers.

So, don’t be shy and let your followers know about some stories of your life, how you got into this subject, and any other questions that they ask and you feel comfortable revealing. And of course, ask that they tell you about themselves!

Tip: if you want, you can even share Instagram Stories memories, if they are personal to you.

6. Ask for some tips from your followers

You might be a great influencer, but you’re not an oracle. That is to say, you don’t know everything, nor should you. Even better, your followers will be glad to give you some tips and tricks every now and then. Asking for tips is another answer about what are the best Instagram Stories questions!

So, again, don’t be shy and ask your followers to suggest apps for you to use to accomplish some specific task. You can also ask for tips about other themes and subjects related to yours.

Ask for some tips from your followers best Instagram Stories questions

7. Ask what kinds of content they wish to see

If you’ve already used all the previous tips and you still don’t know what other best questions to ask on Instagram Stories, ask directly to your followers!

This way, you’ll get insights about what content you should make to please your followers. It is worth mentioning that this is a last resort, and as such you shouldn’t use it too often. After all, you’ll start to pass the impression you’re just dumping all your creative work on your followers!

What are the best questions to ask on Instagram Stories: All of them!

There are very few limits when it comes to the type of questions you should ask on Instagram Stories. So, just put your creativity to work! If it is lacking, however,  just use some of the tips we talked about in this article. Some of them can net you over 10 stories from a single question, but don’t use them up all at once!

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