How to create LinkedIn content strategies?

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The world’s largest professional network is not just a space to look for new job opportunities. So understanding how to create the right content strategies for LinkedIn is critical.

There are more than 800 million users around the globe, and many of these users are company managers, CEOs and VPs. Besides, of course, people interested in business opportunities, partnerships, and business relationships.

Over the last few years, LinkedIn has been gaining ground and gaining its place among the fastest growing social networks in the world, launching important features for all user profiles.

One such example of features released in 2021 was Cover Story. With this “cover story” you can create a short video presentation of yourself, up to 30 seconds, which is available on your profile.

In addition to these, there are other amazing features like the service pages for freelancers and small business owners, the Content Creation Mode, and also the Pronoun field for users, creating a more inclusive environment.

Of course, there are also resources for including videos, virtual events, lives, polls, and articles that expand your possibilities for engagement and profile growth. All of this makes LinkedIn a great environment to connect with others.

However, in addition to creating and keeping your profile up to date, it is extremely important to understand how the network works, what its concepts are, and how to insert relevant information into your planning of content strategies on LinkedIn.

So, first, let’s talk a little about these concepts, and then we’ll bring some tips for content ideas to help you structure your profile.

intro LinkedIn content strategies

LinkedIn Concepts

If the concept of strategy is directly related to the coordination of actions in search of an objective, before even starting to think about yours, it is necessary to understand how LinkedIn works.

Classified as a business platform, LinkedIn offers the possibility to increase your network of contacts through positioning and visibility. In addition, it is very useful for the job market and to open the channel of negotiations between people and companies.

That’s why it’s always worth bearing in mind that this is not a social network for friends.

Not that you won’t follow, or indicate and interact with your friends, but the main focus is not on entertainment, as it happens on other networks.

Generally, on this network, users tend to follow profiles of companies and people with a strong focus on business, entrepreneurship and articles or deeper themes focused on the professional lives of users.

Knowing this, you can start thinking about what topics to address to attract followers and generate engagement.

Organizing your profile

The second step in the process, now that you understand the general purpose of the platform, is to tidy up your profile, your business card so to speak. Be sure to fill in all data with as much information about yourself or your company as possible, in the case of a Company Page.

This is the time to start strategic thinking and spark curiosity about you and your company, telling a little about your story and making your values ​​and positions very clear.

At the beginning of this article, we talked about Cover Story, which can be created and added to your profile as if you were welcoming users who decided to visit your profile. To include such a video in your profile, simply enter the mobile app and click the “+” in your profile picture.

In the menu that opens, select Add profile video and record your video. If it’s your first time, LinkedIn will help you with a video guide explaining the procedure.

profile video LinkedIn content strategies

Now think about it, give wings to your imagination and be authentic because, according to data from the platform itself, there are already more than 30 million companies with registered profiles on the social network.

That’s over 2 million posts published daily and you’ll need to understand how to stand out in this immense ocean of opportunities.

Creating content strategies on LinkedIn

Now that we have advanced a little in the universe of this network, we are going to bring you some tips on how to create better opportunities for engagement in this network.

1. Setting your marketing goals

One of the best-known goal-setting techniques today that offers enormous potential and success is called SMART.

This method is based on defining the objective through 5 factors:

  • S (specific): your objective needs to be clear and well defined;
  • M (measurable): define how you will measure the achievement of the objective, generating an indicator;
  • A (attainable): needs to be within a possible reality;
  • R (relevant): analyze whether this objective is relevant to the business as a whole;
  • T (temporal): set a deadline to be reached.

Through this technique, you will be able to start the process of working your objective within the platform, directing your efforts in search of reaching your goal, and being able to measure, through the public’s responses, your performance on the network.

As we mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is a professional network, where people are usually on the lookout for career opportunities, looking for jobs, and news in the industry.

How about outlining your SMART goal taking into account some of the items below:

  • Increase brand recognition with industry professionals;
  • Attract talent for employment opportunities;
  • Improve employee engagement and satisfaction;
  • Position leadership as an industry expert;
  • Build relationships and interact with leaders and key business decision-makers in your industry.

In this way, with this depth of understanding of your goals on the platform, it will be simpler to define the brand’s editorial line and content strategies for your LinkedIn.

2. Interactions on the platform

Building a positioned brand requires interaction to generate visibility. You can achieve this by commenting strategically, and with a clear and structured positioning, on posts by major influencers.

But it is worth mentioning that you can’t structure a profile using only influencers and big players. Interact with partners, or future partners who have values ​​aligned with your brand, and connect with real people who have engaged with your profile.

Additionally, LinkedIn offers many opportunities to create posts in a variety of formats that encourage engagement, such as infographics and feedback surveys using engagement emojis.

Above all, create value! The more you are present on the network, communicating clearly, the greater the chances you have of being noticed.

Content ideas

Let’s enjoy and instigate your creativity by bringing some tips and ideas for the best content formats to post on Linkedin:

  1. Inspiring stories
  2. The team also takes the spotlight
  3. Interactive content
  4. Celebrate your achievements
  5. Video posts
  6. Career, events, and opportunities Advice

Let’s go to them.

1. Inspiring Stories

It’s not news that we say and repeat that people connect with people. That’s why the stories of overcoming, victories, and the determination to walk their paths will always have a very strong emotional appeal.

On LinkedIn, this strategy can also be part of your content creation.

Real-life stories – from you and your brand – helped shape your business as it is today. And that is of immense value!

2. The team also takes the spotlight

As important as its trajectory, is the journey of its employees. Bringing the stories and valuing professionals can still help in hiring future team members.

The perception of your brand can be transformed by the way you publish your team’s achievements.

After all, people are looking for healthier work environments and this can help you in the hunt for future talent.

3. Interactive Content

Interaction is all we want, and LinkedIn is constantly designing new features to encourage interactions and you can use them to your advantage.

Features like LinkedIn Live or posts in carousel formats greatly increase engagement.

Other possibilities of use in posting are polls and reactions where you can seek answers from your audience or just generate faster engagement.

Another very interesting proposal of the platform that was recently released was the pronunciation of the name, where users can record a 10-second audio and add it to their profile so that other users can listen to the recording and learn to pronounce their name correctly, as show the figures below:

Interactive Content LinkedIn content strategies

4. Celebrate your achievements

Sharing the success of people, or the brand, is another excellent tool for interaction and engagement.

Tag contributors, sincerely praising their accomplishments and work, and you’ll see your visibility increase dramatically.

This is a wonderful way to reinforce your company’s profile on the platform.

5. Video posts

If video content is so important on other networks, it would be no different here.

Abuse posts using these features to engage your followers and reach even more business partners with whatever videos

build your community.

6. Career, events, and opportunities Advice

A network focused on the corporate universe could not fail to provide tips and advice in this area.

Make use of motivational career posts, interview advice, and advertising job opportunities and see engagement increase dramatically.

Did you like the tips on how to create content strategies for LinkedIn?