The 15 best The Sims 4 expansions available right now!

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The Sims is well-known to be one of the biggest franchises of simulation games for PC in the world. As is the case with most games in the genre, it has many different expansions that were released during its years of existence. The Sims 4 has more than 30 different DLCs, and it can get hard to know which ones are the best expansions.

To help you out in figuring out which ones you should acquire first, we have selected the ones we consider to be the best. The best part is that there are packs for all price points, going from the most complete and expensive expansions to the cheaper ones that offer niche content. Check them out down below!

1. City Living

To start off our list, we have one of the first The Sims 4 expansions that really excited its players. City Living offers a possibility for you to live a more urban sort of line in The Sims.

You can move to the city of San Myshuno and live in one of the many available apartments, whether that is a small and cramped home or the best suite with an amazing view of your entire neighborhood.

Other than that, there are three new interactive careers: Politician, Critic, and Social Media. Further, there are diverse cultural festivals that happen on a weekly basis and each has its own distinctive items and activities.

A great expansion pack for those who like apartments and who want items, hairdos, lots, and furniture that look more modern. We can guarantee it is super fun!

City Living best The Sims 4 expansions

2. Cats & Dogs

One of the best and most awaited for The Sims 4 expansions was the one that was going to bring pets to the game. Luckily, it didn’t take long for that to happen and the pack known as Cats & Dogs was released.

It lets you adopt an already-existing animal or create your very own pet from scratch. The customization options go much farther than you’d imagine, and as such, you can create a very faithful representation of your real-life companion.

If you do that, we bet you’ll want to take a screenshot or even record your screen to show your friends and family a comparison between them. The expansion also comes with the interactive career Veterinary, as well as a new neighborhood and objects relating to the world of pets.

3. Seasons

Another highly awaited expansion by the fans was Seaspms; As the name suggests, it brings to the game the system of different seasons of the year, all with their expected changes in weather.

The coolest thing is that you can even choose for how long each season lasts, whether that is days or weeks ingame. Your Sims also need to deal with the heat, the cold, and the storms.

The pack has also added the system of holidays, events, and important dates. And the player themself can add the holidays they think are cool, and it is even possible to add specific activities for each of them.

Other than that, the expansion also offers the Gardener career and comes with many pieces of clothing, objects, new hairs, and more. It easily is one of the best The Sims 4 expansions and you can’t miss out on it.

4. Get Famous

The games in the The Sims franchise have always had expansions in the theme of fame, so it also had to be a part of the most recent game. The pack “Get Famous” lets you, well, get famous, in many more ways than just being an actor or a musician, but in pretty much any career.

There are several interactions in different professions that will net you more fame and fans. This makes a lot of sense, as for instance, a successful book writer would only get the money, but no fame.

Of course, life as a famous person is not easy and your Sim can acquire certain pretty negative personality traits. This includes the fear of being touched, substance issues, and a lot more. As the name indicates, it also brings back the Fame system that was introduced in the first The Sims, in the Superstar expansion.

The expansion also brings the world known as Del Sol Valley and two interactive careers: Actor and Social Media Influencer. It truly is an expansion you have to have in your library.

5. Discover University

There was no way for The Sims 4 to get so many expansion packs and not have one specifically for universities. This is a classic expansion since The Sims 2, so it wasn’t a surprise when “Discover University” was released.

The pack brings to you the world of Britechester, in which you’ll find two rival universities. You can join the University of Britechester or the Foxbury Institute to complete your studies.

There are many new activities you can do there, and you can even choose to live on campus with some roommates. There is also a way for you to use a bicycle as your means of transport, which is not common in The Sims 4.

As you can expect, there are new clothes, hair, objects, and even the old robots built by Sims are back. Just be careful so they don’t rebel against you!

Discover University best The Sims 4 expansions

6. Dine Out

For those who like restaurant games, the “Dine Out” pack is a full dish. It lets you have your own business, where you can hire kitchen chefs, garçons, waiters, hosts, and a lot more to help in your restaurant.

You will build the place yourself, choose the items in the menu, provide training to your employees, and more. You can also interact with your customers and see the reviews they leave about the place after the meal.

If you want what pretty much is a brand new game within The Sims, this might be considered to be one of the best The Sims 4 expansions. It is totally worth checking out.

7. Vampires

The fans of The Sims love expansions that bring huge changes to their Sims. The “Vampires” pack is certainly one of them, as it lets the characters become these extremely well-known creatures.

This can bring you many upsides as well as downsides, as you become powerful, but you have some weaknesses. You can’t walk freely in the Sun or get near to garlic, for instance.

Beyond that, the new world of Forgotten Hollow was added. There is also a new aspiration, some lot traits, and many items that pertain to the theme of vampires and horror in general.

8. Parenthood

Even though it is a smaller pack, “Parenthood” comes with a lot of changes. It has much more interactions when it comes to family life than what was there, which is something that put players off from creating a family.

There’s a new line of skills to become a better parent. This way, you’ll learn how to deal with your kids, calm them down, and teach them better as you get more experienced.

There’s also a lot more when it comes to creating kids and teenagers Sims. There are curse words, acne, school projects, and a lot more.

Depending on the upbringing you provide your kids, they will get positive and negative traits. This can result in something more steady in adult life and can be good or bad for them.

9. StrangerVille

Maybe one of the best The Sims 4 expansions for those who are into different packs. StrangerVille adds a new world by the same name, and it brings to you a mystery story that your Sim can unveil.

This is the first pack to add something resembling a story mode in the game. This definitively changes the way we see and play The Sims, which is really welcome after 6 years it was released.

There’s also a new aspiration, several objects, hair, and clothing. Luckily, everything is related to the mystery theme, which makes everything that much more interesting!

10. Realm of Magic

The “Realm of Magic” pack was another anticipated one. It brings the mechanic of magic to the game, and you can make your Sims become powerful magicians if they work and study hard enough.

There are many potions and different spells that they can learn. Other than that, the game pack has also added two new worlds, Glimmerbrook and the Realm of Magic.

Further, you will also find familiars, creatures that accompany you loyally and protect you from death. You can even duel against other sorcerers, whether that is for fun or in a more dangerous manner.

Realm of Magic best The Sims 4 expansions

11. Laundry Day Stuff

Who would have thunk that one of the things fans of The Sims wanted the most was to do the laundry? In fact, this was a pretty well-known fact, as the players were creating washing machine mods ever since the first game in the franchise.

Luckily, the development group decided to listen to its fans and created an object pack focused specifically on this. There are washers, dryers, laundry bins, and a whole lot of new interactions.

The pack is pretty nice for those who like to have more realistic details in the game. Honestly, it’s packs like this one that make the game different and as much fun as it is.

12. Tiny Living

Believe it or not, mini houses are extremely popular among the The Sims 4 community. Instead of ginormous mansions, a lot of people prefer to create and share their minuscule builds to show what they can achieve with so little space.

This is another thing that gave wings to the creativity of many. After all, there were few good pieces of furniture for this type of building. However, everything then changed when the “Tiny Living” pack arrived.

The developers of The Sims paid close attention to the tiny houses trend and released a pack thinking about it! This DLC has a lot of furniture and technology to support this type of building.

We highly recommend that you purchase this pack, as it is cheap, offers amazing furniture, and it has a totally different thematic than what we’ve seen so far in the franchise. Easily one of the best The Sims 4 expansions.

13. Vintage Glamour

The “Vintage Glamour” stuff pack is really interesting, as other than objects, it comes with some pretty cool elements. Its thematic is fancy and vintage, so you can expect a lot of different furniture that are perfect if you want to build an old house.

There are items such as dressing tables and hidden bars, for instance. Other than that, the possibility of hiring a butler instead of a maid to take care of your house is back!

The clothes and new hairs are also extremely interesting and very different from everything that had been released thus far. It is worth checking out if you want the best The Sims 4 expansions.

14. Movie Hangout

This stuff pack might seem somewhat limited as it appeals more to objects your Sims can use to watch their favorite movies. But “Movie Hangout” goes much further and brings a lot of interesting furniture that looks quite different.

There is also, of course, a popcorn machine, huge flat screens, other types of TVs, and loads of pretty hairstyles and clothes. This is one of the stuff packs that offer the best furniture, so it is a good suggestion.

15. Moschino

As the name makes it pretty clear, this stuff pack is themed after the Moschino clothing brand. This is not the first time that The Sims partners with real brands, but it is really quite weird having to pay for something so clearly promotional.

In its favor, the pack brought along the Freelance Fashion Photographer career. This was a profession that a lot of people had been asking for for a while, especially as there wasn’t a photography career before.

This definitely ensures some really fun interactions that, along with objects, clothes, and hair, make the pack extremely worth it. Of course, you might want to wait for it to go on sale to get it!

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