The 20 most important iPhone secret codes!

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Even though it doesn’t give nearly as much freedom as Android devices do, the iPhone still comes with some really interesting shortcuts and tricks. Among them there are a few secret iPhone codes that most of us don’t know, but that are really quite useful.

They can be easily typed into the dialer in any iPhone model, making them that much more accessible. If you want to learn which are the best of the secret codes on Apple’s smartphones, just check out our list down below!

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1. Field test

Field test iPhone secret codes

By typing in the code *3001#12345#* you can enable the field test mode, which will show you a lot of technical data from your carrier. Other than that, you can also see how strong is the signal received by your iPhone. If you think you’re having signal reception issues, you can use this to check it out!

2. Discover your IMEI number

The IMEI number can be extremely important, since it is basically your iPhone’s ID card, and it can help you out if your phone gets lost or stolen at any point. To get it, you just have to type in the code *#06#. Just remember to not let anyone else have your iPhone’s IMEI number!

3. Hide your phone number when calling

If you don’t want your phone number to show up to others when you’re calling them, just type in the code *31# before the number. Just make sure that it actually works, since it’s possible that not all carriers allow for it. To check, just call someone close to you and see if the number is now hidden or not.

4. Check text message server

This is one of the best iPhone secret codes. Every time you snd someone a text message, it first goes through a server before reaching its destination. If you notice your phone is having trouble sending or receiving a text message, you can check this server’s status with the code *#5005*7672#.

5. Check call on hold

To see if the call on hold feature is enabled or not on your iPhone, just type in the code *#43# on the phone dialer.

Check call on hold

6. Enable call on hold

You can also enable the call on hold mode with a simple code. To do so, just type in *43# on your dialer.

7. Disable call on hold

If you prefer that the call on hold feature stays disabled, you can simply type in the #43# code on your iPhone!

8. Check call blocking

To see the status of the call blocking feature, all you need to do is to type in the code *#33# on your iPhone dialer.

9. Block calls

This, among the iPhone secret codes, is meant to block any incoming call on your iPhone for a period of time, you will need to use the code *33*{pin code from your SIM card}# on your dialer. Of course, for that you will need to know your SIM card pin code, which usually comes with the chip itself.

10. Unblock calls

To unblock incoming and outgoing phone calls on your iPhone, you will need to type in the code #33*{pin code from your SIM card}# on your dialer.

11. Enable call forwarding

To enable the call forwarding feature when someone calls you, you need to type in the code *21# on your dialer. This will make all calls go directly to your phone’s answering machine. To disable the feature, you can type in the same code.

Enable call forwarding iPhone secret codes

12. Forward calls to another number

If you’d rather that the calls be forwarded to another specific number, you can type in the code *21[{phone number}#. Then, you just need to type in the desired phone number to make the code work properly!

13. Check call forwarding

To check what is the current status of the call forwarding feature, you can simply type in the code *#21# on your dialer. This way, it will be much easier to learn whether or not the feature is enabled, should you forget.

14. Check your data plan

Another of the best iPhone secret codes is one where you can quickly learn the current status of your data plan by typing in the code *646#. Of course, this might not work for all phone carriers.

15. Check for missed calls

There is also a code that will show you all your missed calls on your iPhone easily and simply, just type in the code *#61# on your dialer.

Check for missed calls iPhone secret codes.

16. Check for credits on your pre-paid plan

You can also check how many credits you still have on your pre-paid plan. To do so, you just need to type in the code *777# on your iPhone’s dialer.

17. Additional information

By typing in the code *#33# on your iPhone dialer, you will be able to see a lot of information about your smartphone that you can’t find anywhere else.

18. Varied tests

With one of the best iPhone secret codes, *#0*#, you will be able to perform a myriad of tests on your iPhone. Among them, you will be able to test out your speaker sound, your touchscreen, vibration, and more. This code can help you identify the source of any problems you’re facing.

19. Enable the EFR mode

By typing in the code *3370# on your smartphone dialer, you will enable the EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) mode on the iPhone, This makes the call sound quality improve a lot, but it also increases how much battery you’ll use when calling people.

20. Check your phone number

If you want to see what appears for other people when you call them, you just have to type in the code *#30# on your iPhone dialer!

Check your phone number

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