Top 8 best iPhone call recording apps in 2020!

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Sometimes, you might end up needing to record a call on your iPhone. However, since this is not a built-in feature on any of the Apple devices, you will need to use one of the iPhone call recording apps you can find on the App Store.

To aid you in making your decision about which one you should use, we decided to select all the best alternatives in this category. Find out which are the best iOS apps to record your phone calls right now!

1. TapeACall Pro

There’s no doubt whatsoever that this is among the best call recording apps for iPhone. Even though this is a paid option (that isn’t particularly cheap), it still ends up being the most efficient and complete option, since it offers a decent amount of features for its users.

You can record phone calls without any limits, you can share the recorded files to many services (including Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox), and you can even directly send them to your email. It does offer a free version, but since it is so limited we recommend you go straight top the Pro version. Follow the link to buy it.

TapeACall Pro iPhone call recording apps

2. Call Recorder – IntCall

Call Recorder by IntCall is another excellent option when it comes to recording your phone calls on your smartphone, and it can be downloaded and used completely for free. It is important to notice, however, that you have to call the person directly via the app to be able to record it.

All the files recorded are automatically uploaded to the app’s servers and you can listen to them right after the recording is completed. You can also share these files on email or even synchronize them on your computer via iTunes. To download the app, just go to the App Store.

3. Acr call recorder

Definitely another one of the best call recording apps for iPhone, Acr call recorder is another paid option. Its biggest feature is its amazing interface, which is easy to use and extremely intuitive.

Other than that, it is very well organized so that you can find the recorded calls with ease, you can edit your audios on the app, upload to cloud services, and much more. Follow this link to see more on the App Store, where you can start its 3-day free trial.

4. Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

A great free option you can easily use is Call Recorder Lite for iPhone. Unfortunately, to be able to keep some calls going you’ll need to make some in-app purchases. It does let you record any kind of call, unlike many apps that are unable to record incoming calls

After completing the recordings, the app lets you download the files and share them on email, text messages, Twitter, Facebook – check out how to see if you’re blocked on Facebook Messenger -, Dropbox, and more. Follow this link and learn more about Call Recorder Lite for iPhone!

Call Recorder Lite for iPhone iPhone call recording apps

5. Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder is a free alternative among the iPhone call recording apps, in which there are no hidden fees and no ads! You can record limitlessly for free, in either outgoing or incoming calls, making it likely the best option you can find.

Beyond that, you can even transcribe your recordings, making it even greater. However, this particular service is paid, meaning that if you want to transcribe you’ll have to pay per minute. And of course, you can share via email, Dropbox, and more. Download right now on the App Store.

6. Call Recorder App.

Call Recorder App. is another of the best options on the App Store for iOS devices. With it, you can record any outgoing or incoming calls in just a few times, being able to access your recordings when the call is over.

It offers an extremely intuitive interface, lets you share recordings with other devices, offers exportation to other apps, and even an unlimited number of recordings. Learn all there is to know about it on the App Store!

7. Call Recording by NoNotes

Call Recording by NoNotes is another great choice among the best call recording apps for iPhone, which lets you easily record any sort of phone call (both incoming and outgoing), as well as uploads all the recordings to the cloud.

The app offers you 20 minutes for free every month, so you can test it out without paying anything. However, to use it more, you have to sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription. An advantage is that it offers a transcription service. Follow this link to download the app.

8. Record Phone Calls-Call Rec

Finishing off this list, we have Record Phone Calls-Call Rec, a good alternative that makes recording voice calls on your iOS device extremely easy. It doesn’t even require that you have a SIM card to work, using its own online VoIP services to connect.

Through this app, you can make either local or international calls, with a lot of features and sharing options for you. Of course, it is not free to use, but you do have a 3-day free trial to test it out. Follow this link, download it and start recording your calls!

Record Phone Calls-Call Rec iPhone call recording apps

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Let us know in the comments if we helped you in finding a good app to record your calls or if you prefer using another option. Don’t forget to also check out the best call recording apps for Android, the best iPhone games, learn what to do if your iPhone won’t turn on, and check out the best video editing apps for iPhone!