18 essential apps when going to travel

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Going on travel requires several different preparations, such as separating documents, passports, packing, and much more. However, something that people always forget is to prepare their cell phones and download various applications that can further improve your experience on a tour in a place you have never visited.

So free up your phone’s memory to fill it with apps that will help you a lot while you’re on your trip.

1- Yelp!

travel with yelp!

Yelp! is an application in the form of a social network for people to share their experiences in the most diverse establishments, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and much more. With it you will be able to have real opinions of people who have visited those places personally, being able to decide whether or not it is worth going to a certain place.

Often Yelp! It will save your life from spending money at a store or restaurant that isn’t even worth it. . Download Yelp! on iPhone by clicking here, and here on Android.

2- Duolingo

If you’re gonna travel to a country where you don’t know the language, it’s your obligation to at least know a little bit of the local language so you don’t embarrass yourself, as well as be self-sufficient and fend for yourself.

For those who don’t want to take any very extensive courses, the solution is to use Duolingo: an application to learn languages for free and easily.

There are several written exercises, conversation exercises, word and image association, and everything else you’ll need to learn from basics to advanced in a new language. The app is free to download, and you can even get an official certificate, like those of language schools: just pay a fee and take a test proving your skills. You can download Duolingo by clicking here on your iPhone, and here on your Android.

3- Google Maps

Indispensable in everyday life and even more so for a trip, Google Maps is sure to be one of your best friends when visiting new places.
In addition to providing up-to-date maps from all over the world, the app also has an optimized route system for people on foot, public transport, car, and even bicycle.

So, no getting lost on the subway or bus lines in a city you don’t know. Use Google Maps to find yourself and make the most of your trip.

You can download Google Maps by clicking here on your iPhone, and here on your Android.

4- Currency

It’s hard to understand all the rates and currency conversions, but what if you had an app that did all that for you? That’s what Currency does: it calculates the exchange rate difference of various currencies from various parts of the world, all updated with each region’s stock exchange.

You can choose which currencies you want to monitor and, by clicking on each one, you can directly convert any value.

This application helps a lot when you are going to travel to another country, or even controlling your cash and credit card expenses, avoiding a possible scare when the bill arrives.

You can download Currency by clicking here on your iPhone, and here on your Android.

5- Google Translate

travel with google translate

We have already discussed in this article how to learn a new language before and during the trip, but what about when this is not possible? For these cases, just use the Google Translate application, which will help you a lot to find your way around and translate signs, menus, instructions, and much more.

The latest updates have brought a brilliant feature, which allows you to translate texts in real time using your camera. Just point your cell phone at a sign or area with text in a language for it to appear translated on your screen. Simple, practical, and, why not, futuristic.

Download Google Translate on your iPhone by clicking here, and here on your Android.

6- Weather+Free

Is there a greater concern about the weather than when we are traveling?

It is super important to pay attention to the weather forecast and the climate of the region where you are going to travel. The standard iPhone app handles simpler information, but if you need a more personalized app with detailed information, Weather+Free is for you.

With it, you get specific data such as wind speed, predicted degrees, humidity, visibility, temperature, etc. Download the app on your iPhone by clicking here.

7- AirBNB

No matter where you are going to travel, one of the first things you are going to look at carefully is where you stay. To get even better prices and guarantee extra money on your trip, try AirBNB, a collaborative hosting service where anyone can rent a room or house and earn money from it.

Often using AirBNB saves you up to 50% of the money you would spend on a hotel, and it’s great to have a second option if your first option has a problem. You can download AirBNB by clicking here on your iPhone, and here on your Android.

8- Uber

Getting a taxi can be expensive and complicated depending on the city you visit. For that, you can use the Uber app, another collaborative service where anyone can use their private car to take someone else in exchange for money. Once again, prices are up to 50% cheaper than the conventional taxi, and the entire transaction is done through the app.

The driver still uses Waze, so if you don’t want to, you don’t even have to say more than two words to him. Just get in the car and go. You can download Uber for iPhone here, and for Android, here.

9- Packing

If you’re afraid of forgetting something important when you pack your bags, don’t worry. Packing is here to help you with this task: with it you can list everything you need to take when traveling, double checking before leaving home, boarding, and so on.

In addition, you can also use Packing to leave nothing behind before leaving a hotel or returning home. Download Packing on your iPhone by clicking here.

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10- TripAdvisor


A competitor to Yelp, Trip Advisor is also a great option when it comes to filtering the best hotels and places to stay. You can filter everyone’s opinions by topic, as well as see the star ratings and photos of the place. Really handy when traveling and don’t know where to stay.

Click here to download Tripadvisor on iPhone, and here on Android.

11- Flashlight

The standard flashlight app on your phone can’t always help you when you’re on a trip without power or electricity, so how about an app that specializes in that? The Flashlight can intensify the light of your screen in several different colors, simulating a flashlight.

You can download Flashlight by clicking here on your iPhone, and here on your Android.

12- Waze

There’s no way to travel anywhere in the world without using Waze, the cooperative GPS app that is practically part of the driver’s body. Often on long trips, it is common to rent a car to go sightseeing, but how do you know where you are going in a city or country where you do not know the streets and highways? Use Waze so you don’t get lost!

Click here to download Waze on your iPhone, and here on your Android.

13- Skype

Even on a short trip, you can’t go without talking to your friends and relatives, right? That’s why you already have Skype installed on your smartphone so you can chat with people on the other side of the world without spending a dime. Remember that you can also top up your Skype account and call phones and cell phones for much less than a regular call.

Click here to download Skype on your iPhone, and here on your Android.

14- VSCO Cam


On a trip, it’s normal to take lots and lots of different photos to save each moment, so it’s only fair to make them even more beautiful, isn’t it?
For that, there is VSCO Cam, an application with professional filters, and an improved camera for your device.

Click here to download VSCO Cam on your iPhone, and here on your Android.

In addition to these apps, see also these others:

  • Photo Translator (iPhone) – Just like Google Translate, Photo Translator allows you to translate signs and words through your phone’s camera.
  • Whatsapp Messenger  (iPhone and Android) – The most popular instant messaging app in the world! Use it to chat with friends and family quickly.
  • Booking.com – App to book rooms in nearby hotels, with a scoring and a popularity system.
  • Trivago (IPhone and Android) – Another app to search for hotels. Its differential is the price filter, which is very effective.

Ready to travel?

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