7 things to consider on whether to buy an iPad or not

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Buying a new iPad (even if it is your first Apple tablet) can be a tough decision, particularly if you think about how many models there are and the certainty that a new one will come out every year. As such, here we will help you in your decision of whether you should buy an iPad!

The tips in this article will be quite direct and objective, since there are only a handful of different iPad models from which you can choose, and we’ll only talk about the main things you need to think about. Check it out!

1. Is it time to upgrade?

If you already own an iPad and you like the system, it’s only natural to want to keep buying Apple tablets in the future. However, it can get quite dicey to know when you need to upgrade. Typically, Apple products last you quite a while, but they do get slower with new iOS versions and lag with heavy apps.

If these issues show up frequently or if they start to be more than a nuisance in your daily life, maybe it’s really the time to change your device. Otherwise, just enjoy all your iPad has to offer and make your current investment be worth it!

Is it time to upgrade? buy an iPad

2. How much storage is enough?

iPads can usually be found with a storage capacity that ranges from 32 GB to 1 TB. As we are well aware, neither the iPhone nor the iPad have expandable storage, so you’ll have to be happy with your internal storage when you decide to buy an iPad.

A while ago, this was a concern for those who had a lot of files and songs, but with services such as Spotify and Dropbox to make our life easier, we have much more storage to install apps and store files you really need on internal storage.

Typically, 32 or 64 GB of storage will be more than enough for most, but if you intend on doing a lot of editing or drawing, you should consider getting at the very least 128 GB.

How much storage is enough? buy an iPad

3. Is it worth it to wait for a new model?

It’s almost tradition to see Apple announcing and releasing new iPhone and iPad models near the end of the year, and as such in no more than half a year it’s likely we will see a new one. Even if that doesn’t hold true, this tip is also valid for future cases, since new iPad will always be released.

The trouble is that we can’t always be sure if they’re worth it, since new models might present issues at launch, or even prove to be a disappointment. A good example of that is the iPad Mini 3 that was identical to the iPad Mini 2, with the exception it had Touch ID.

As such, think well decide if you want to buy an iPad a few weeks after launch so you can have proper expectations of what you will get!

Is it worth it to wait for a new model?

4. Is the iPad the right tablet for you?

This is another huge doubt that those who’ve never had a tabled and those who’ve only had Android phones have. Unfortunately, this is a very difficult thing to say, given how personal it is. One of the biggest problems is that it’s not enough to just talk about the main differences between Android and iOS to make it clear which one is the best for you.

These things are only perceptible on daily use, which means that, in theory, an iPad might seem to be perfect for someone, but after buying and trying it out they find out they just can’t really get used to the interface, miss certain features, or just don’t like the iPad itself.

What we can recommend is that you read a lot about the models available before you choose to buy an iPad, comparing what they offer vs their Android counterparts. If you can, visit an Apple Store so you can try out a bit the available iPads to know if you like them or not.

Is the iPad the right tablet for you? buy an iPad

5. Is 5G really necessary?

5G connections usually increase a lot the price of any device, and that’s expected to be the case with the upcoming iPad. For that reason, it’s important to think if you’ll actually need this super-fast internet connection, particularly when you’re outside and you can’t get free WiFi.

This depends a lot on your specific use, and you also have to think whether you’ll actually have 5G available for you or not, since it’s likely this technology will only hit the biggest of cities. So, think well before you decide to buy an iPad with 5G!

Is 5G really necessary?

6. How are you going to use it?

It’s important to think well about how you intend to use your device in your daily life before you decide to buy an iPad, so you can have a decent idea of what you will need from your device: a bigger screen, more storage space, or a faster internet connection, for example.

Bigger devices are good for those who like to watch high-quality movies, if you like to write a lot (as the keyboards in smaller screens can be unpleasant to use), or even if you want to use any of the best drawing apps for iPad. On the other hand, if you value ease of transportation, getting a smaller screen might be best.

Another important thing is to be aware if you will use it for more demanding activities that need a faster chipset or if you’ll use it much more casually. To help you in figuring that out, check out here the best free iPhone apps, which you can also use on iPad. Keeping all of that in mind, you have a good chance of buying the perfect iPad model that fits right in with what you truly need.

How are you going to use it? buy an iPad

7. Which iPad version?

Now that you must have a decent idea of what you need from these devices, there’s this question before you decide to buy an iPad: which model to choose? Nowadays, the models that Apple sells are the iPad Pro, the iPad Air, the regular iPad, and the iPad Mini, each with its own characteristics.

The iPad Pro has the biggest screen, and it comes in two different versions (the only difference between them is the size of the screen). Beyond that, if you need a lot of storage space, this is the only model that offers up to 1 TB. It also is the best option if you want to take great smartphone pictures.

The iPad Air has a 10.9-inch screen, it’s extremely thin, and it weighs around 1 pound, pretty much the same as the other models. In some scenarios, the iPad Air is by far the best to buy, surpassing even the iPad Pro, as its chipset frequently beats it in benchmarks.

The regular iPad has a much slower chipset than either the Pro or the Mini, with less RAM, a smaller screen at 10.2-inches, less storage, and a worse camera (and an overall terrible front-facing camera, at only 1.2MP). In the end, while it’s a decent (and the most budget) option, you definitely won’t be able to take a good selfie here.

Finally, the iPad Mini is the most compact version of Apple devices, and it has a much smaller screen at 7.9-inches. However, the chipset is the same as the regular iPad, it comes with more storage and, while the main camera is the same, the front-facing module is leaps and bounds above. As such, since it’s less than 100 USD more, this is likely the best iPad to buy if you want to save money.

Which iPad version

Did you like our thoughts on what to consider before you buy an iPad?

Taking all of that into account, it should be much easier to analyze and choose the iPad that best suits you and your routine. Even so, if there are any doubts about Apple’s devices, let us know in the comments!

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