Free apps to learn German: Top 10 of 2023

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It’s not news that learning languages is a super important step both for those looking for new professional opportunities and for those who want to explore the world, and learning German can be an even bigger point on your resume. However, many people can still be scared by the complexity of the language and the difficulty of finding available courses and teachers. But to make your life easier, we’ve prepared an article with the best apps to learn German this year!

Fortunately, this task has become easier with advances in technology. Nowadays it is already possible to study a new language without leaving home, only with the help of a cell phone.

Surely, you already know Apps to improve your practice in the most important and common languages and, in this article, we are going to expand your range of possibilities with our list of the apps to learn German.

Why learn German?

In addition to being the official language of 5 countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg), German is the most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union. Therefore, there are numerous companies from these countries, which makes the study of this language a great stand-out point in the job market.

If you want to start an international career, studying languages makes you a more qualified professional. Another highlight for German is that it is the second most important language for science. This makes the language super important for academic studies and research, in addition to being essential knowledge to get a scholarship abroad.

10 best apps to learn German

To start or complement your German studies without leaving home and only with the help of your smartphone, we have brought you a list of the best apps to learn German.

We’ve put together tools that will help you with grammar, vocabulary, verb conjugation, and a lot of other necessary knowledge. Despite this, it is important to remember that many of these platforms are complementary and do not replace proper German lessons or a private teacher, but they will make the process of learning a new language much easier and will make your studies lighter and more fun.

1- Preply

Preply is an app that brings together private teachers of different languages so that you can take classes without leaving your home. The professionals are native speakers or teachers whose profile has been verified by the platform.

There are 994 German teachers available so you can find one with a teaching method that matches your specific needs. Another benefit of these private lessons is the adaptation to your available schedules.

The app also offers specific learning plans for the development of speaking and vocabulary and finds professionals who match your level of knowledge and your study objectives. It’s worth knowing the platform and downloading the app.

Preply apps to learn German

2- Babbel

Babbel is already one of the most used apps by those who want to learn English on their own. What many people don’t know is that this is also one of the best apps to learn German.

These are courses designed for your communication in everyday situations. The classes follow your level of knowledge and you can study at your own pace and direct the content toward your goals.

Babbel also offers live classes for small groups of all levels. Explore the app and start learning German right now!

3- Mondly

Mondly is yet another platform that helps you learn German in a super didactic and fun way. The app works on the four skills, which allow you to develop not only reading but also writing, listening, and speaking.

The lessons cover everyday topics such as, for example, communicating in a restaurant, and are super simple for those who are starting to study the language.

Mondly apps to learn German

4- Duolingo

Duolingo’s differential is to combine artificial intelligence with language science resources to offer a truly personalized study for app users.

The classes are in a game format and you need to meet some challenges throughout the process. All of this makes your learning a new language fun and exciting.

Duolingo is already a reference in teaching several languages, and it will certainly be very useful for those who want to learn German.

5- German by Nemo

This is one of the best apps to learn German as it is fully customizable and has great advantages for those who want to develop their oral skills. Nemo offers a lot of autonomy to the user, who can choose when to start and when to stop studying since classes are not divided into lessons.

Another highlight is the feature of recording your voice reproducing the phrases taught by the teachers on the platform. With this, you can hear yourself and correct possible mistakes, achieving an increasingly natural and confident pronunciation.

The app also lets you get straight to the point, skipping words you already know. Another benefit is the “Review Mode”, which recaps everything that was learned that day. Download the app on your iPhone or Android and learn German with Nemo right now!

6- Busuu

Busuu is an award-winning language-learning app that is completely focused on everyday language use. For this, the platform created a community where the user can receive help from native speakers and share tips with other students.

Classes are modern and dynamic, and you get regular check-ins to see your progress. Get to know Busuu and see how much fun learning German can be there.


7- DW Learn German

This is the exclusive App of one of the biggest radio and TV companies in Germany: Deutsche Welle. With DW Learn German, the user can learn German from the alphabet to business communication.

The platform has a good number of interactive exercises, as well as lessons for acquiring vocabulary and grammar.

8- German verb conjugator

As the name already says, this is an app geared towards a very specific purpose, but a very important one, which is the conjugation of verbs in German. There are more than 1,500 verbs in 16 tenses to facilitate your learning process. Download the app and conjugate at will!

9- Learn German Beginners

This is one of the best apps for children, but it can also be a good tool for adults who are just starting to learn German. It teaches, in a playful way, the most common everyday words. There, you will find the vocabulary of food, drinks, animals, letters, numbers, and other elements in the form of fun games. The app is worth checking out.

10- Der Die Das

Last but not least, the App “Der Die Das” brings articles on German grammar and its rules of use. For this, it has a dictionary with more than 17,000 nouns so that you can quickly consult the article. Download the app and forget about problems with that grammar topic.

Final Tips

In addition to Apps for learning languages, there are other tools that can help you, especially when traveling. Among them are the online translators that will save you from a lot of trouble in foreign lands. Another resource that helps a lot in communicating in other countries is the translation of texts directly from your phone’s camera app.

Did you discover the 10 best apps to learn German?

So now all you have to do is start your studies and learn German within your goals!