Game Modes in PUBG Mobile

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The game modes in PUBG Mobile are many, as is to be expected from a battle royale game that is about to turn five years old.

While the core mechanics are the same, the island of Erangel is no longer the only map available, as the jungles of Sanhook and the snow-covered towns of Vikendi are now also available. In addition, new game modes and maps unique to each have been added. Some of these modes are scaled-down versions of larger maps, while others feature entirely original maps for smaller team-based modes.

To help players get up to speed, this guide provides information on all maps and game modes available in PUBG Mobile. This guide is useful for both newbie players and those coming back after a while.

How to Download Maps in PUBG Mobile?

Before explaining all PUBG Mobile maps, it is important to point out that when installing the game for the first time, only the Erangel map and some of the smaller maps are available. This is done to avoid unnecessary consumption of mobile data. Fortunately, downloading the additional maps is easy and can be done individually or as a complete package.

To download maps individually, simply select the desired map or game mode icon at the bottom left of the home screen. From there, you’ll see playlists with each map available for download. Just tap the cloud icon to download.

PUBG Mobile Maps

To download all the maps, as well as some advanced graphics options and other optional features, just tap the cloud icon in the top left corner of the home screen. From there, you can download all Classic maps (975MB), Arena maps (198MB), and Metro Royale: Reunion (155MB).

PUBG Mobile offers a variety of game modes and is about to celebrate its fifth anniversary. While it’s still primarily a battle royale game, the number of maps available has increased significantly, going from Erangel to include snow-covered jungles and cities. Additionally, several game modes have been added, with some unique maps for each. Whether you’re a new player or returning after a while, our guides for each map and game mode can help you get up to speed and provide tips and strategies to improve your gameplay.

PUBG Mobile – All Maps and Game Modes

PUBG Mobile maps are divided into two types: battle royale maps and arena maps. Battle royale maps are larger, ranging from 2×2 km to 8×8 km, and are designed for longer and more intense matches. Arena maps, meanwhile, are significantly smaller, intended for shorter, more concentrated matches, ideally for smaller team/solo based games.

It is important to note that each map has its own quirks and unique terrain that can significantly affect strategy and playstyle. Some maps are more urban and favor close-range combat, while others are more rural and favor long-range tactics. Knowing well each map and its characteristics is essential to succeed in the game and increase your chances of winning.

PUBG Mobile – Ranked Battle Royale Maps

PUBG Mobile offers players seven distinct maps in its battle royale mode, each with its own geography and structure. All these maps can be accessed in ranked mode and provide a unique gameplay experience.

Erangel is the first and main map of the game, with a size of 8×8 km and a varied geography that offers many opportunities for players. Next up is Miramar, an 8×8 km desert map that is more open than Erangel, making it prone to ambushes. Sanhok is a smaller tropical map measuring 4×4 km and is known for its faster and more intense clashes.

Vikendi is a 6×6 km winter map, which features several cities covered in snow, creating a tense atmosphere. Karakin is a smaller 2×2 km desert map with a unique geography that provides opportunities for combat in narrow and congested areas.

Paramo is a unique 3×3 km map, which features an active volcano, elevations and a dynamic geography that changes every game. Finally, there’s Taego, the game’s most recent map, which features 8×8 km of rural and urban terrain, including rice fields, villages and a large city. Each map offers a distinct gameplay experience and players can choose which map to play depending on their preferences.

Erangel (8×8 km)

map Erangel

The original PUBG Mobile map, Erangel, is considered by many to be the best in the game. Set on a fictional island in the Black Sea, it has a dark history and is a rugged, desolate land.

The island was once home to Soviet forces, and chemical and biological tests are rumored to have been conducted there, which has left each location with a chilling strangeness, even five years after its initial launch.

Erangel PUBG Mobile

The various locations on the island include a large military base, a school, and a nuclear power plant. Erangel is available in the ranked game modes.

Miramar (8×8 km)

Map Miramar

Miramar is a PUBG Mobile map that follows Erangel’s design, but features a desert landscape instead of the Eastern Europe location. While it might not be everyone’s favorite map, Miramar does have some positives, like the city of Los Leones, which offers plenty of action and tension during combat.

On the other hand, the map is known for its difficult navigation, with many mountains and sand dunes, which makes it difficult to move around without being detected by enemies.

PUBG Mobile Miramar

Those moving slowly run the risk of being taken out quickly, especially with enemies ready to shoot from above.

Even so, Miramar is a challenge to overcome for players looking for a more intense and challenging game experience.

Sanhok (4×4 km)

Map Sanhok

Sanhok was the third map to be added to PUBG Mobile and is known to be one of the best maps in the game. With 4×4 km, Sanhok offers faster and more intense departures.

The map is set on an unspecified island in Southeast Asia, which consists of three islands connected by bridges.

Sanhok features many points of interest such as holiday parks, extensive Buddhist ruins and military bases. One of these military bases takes players underground, revealing some secrets from the Battleground games.

PUBG Mobile Sanhok Rework

This map is also known for its dynamic weather system, which can provide a unique gaming experience.

With realistic weather effects, players can feel like they’re in the middle of the jungle one moment, and drying on the wooden boards of a cabin the next.

With its distinct characteristics, Sanhok is a map that many players like.

Vikendi (6×6 km)

Vikendi Map

Vikendi is an interesting and diverse map in PUBG. With their locations marked, from the Cosmodrome to the prehistoric Dinopark and an aging castle, players have plenty of options to explore.

The map is covered in snow, which adds a new element to the game, with footprints left behind and attentive hunters looking for their prey.

Vikendi PUBG Mobile

Players need to stay alert, as even the sound of a branch breaking can signal an ambush. Densely wooded areas can be particularly dangerous, and it is advisable to avoid these areas if possible.

If you prefer a safer environment, try to stay in towns or cities, or in the more temperate south of the map.

Karakin (2×2 km)

Map Karakin

Karakin is a unique PUBG Mobile map that has some differences from others. Instead of 100 players, only 64 land on a barren island off the north coast of Africa.

At just 2×2 km, it’s the second smallest map in the game, but it’s the first to feature Dark Zones. These zones force players out of certain areas and buildings by randomly destroying them, which adds an interesting tactical element.

PUBG Mobile Karakin

The map also features breakable walls and bullet penetration, which increases tactical risks and opportunities.

However, like in Miramar, the sandy backdrop can easily make players stand out, making them easy targets for enemies.

Initially, Karakin replaced Vikendi, but currently both maps are available in the game.

Livik (2×2 km)

Livik is a map that offers fast and dynamic games. It is available in two versions, pre-volcanic and post-eruption, known as Aftermath and is limited to 50 players per lobby.

It recently received a major update with unique mechanics including zip lines, treasure maps, and secret locations that lead to high-level rewards.

The Football Field also offers the possibility to play football, allowing players to score goals and find out what happens.

Additionally, the map features XT weapons, more powerful than any other in the game, found at buy stations and in supply crates.

Although visually it can be compared to Erangel, Livik is considered one of the most fun maps to play.

PUBG Mobile – Classic Maps/Unranked Arenas

There are other types of maps available in PUBG Mobile besides ranked battle maps. There are the unranked maps, which include Erangel, Livik or Aftermath, and these are battle royale maps that do not increase the player’s rank.

Under the Arena category, there is a selection of smaller maps designed for game modes like deathmatch and team-based games. These include Santorini (Team Deathmatch, Arena Training), Warehouse (Team Deathmatch, Arena Training), Hangar (Weapon Game, Team Deathmatch, Arena Training), Library (Weapon Game), City (Domination), Ruins ( Assault), and a new category, Royale Arena: Assault, which includes Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok.

There are also limited-time events and spinoff games, such as Metro Royale Reunion, which has its own map.

Are there PUBG maps that aren’t in the mobile game?

Yes, maps are usually released first for PC and console versions before they reach PUBG Mobile. There are currently four maps available in the main game that are not yet available in PUBG Mobile: Haven, Paramo, Deston, and Taego.

There’s no official information on when these maps will be added to the mobile game, but stay tuned for future updates.

Game Modes in PUBG Mobile

In fact, many smartphone games end up becoming repetitive quickly, which can lead to monotony and player disinterest. That’s why PUBG Mobile seeks to offer a diverse experience to users, allowing them to switch between different game modes according to their preferences. Here are the available options:

Battle Royale

If you play regularly, you’re surely familiar with the Battle Royale mode, where up to 100 players are dropped onto one of PUBG Mobile’s many maps and must battle it out until only one remains the victor.

The game zones vary, but in all of them, the objective is to find equipment and take down enemies, taking advantage of all the structures available on the way to defend yourself against rival attacks.

The great attraction of this mode is that it offers the possibility to play alone, in pairs or in a team with friends. In addition, you can select the option to play in first or third person, depending on what is more comfortable for you.

Without a doubt, it is the shooting game mode par excellence and also one of the most popular among players.


PUBG Mobile’s game modes feature dynamic and fast gameplay, and are ideal for those who want to play quickly without investing a lot of time. The game development team regularly adds new game modes and removes those that are not very popular with users. There are currently the following game modes in the Arena category:

  • Quick Play: Challenge other players with randomized rules including all weapons, melee and item haven.
  • Cargo: Your mission is to transport or eliminate a vehicle that contains a specific cargo. You can defend yourself with armored cars or helicopters.
  • Sniper Training: This mode aims to improve your accuracy with sniper rifles.
  • War: This mode is similar to the classic Battle Royale mode, but with the difference that you respawn continuously. To win, you need to eliminate enemies and earn points.
  • Metro Royale: This is a newly added game mode that takes place on an abandoned subway line. In addition to gathering supplies on the surface, players can also explore the Dark Underground for unique challenges and rewards.

Additional Modes

In addition to these main modes, there are limited events that run regularly, such as the Godzilla vs. Kong and Infection mode.

These events often have unique rules and mechanics and are a great way to try something new in the game.


With this immense variety of game modes in PUBG Mobile, it’s a challenge to get bored and find the game repetitive. So, if you enjoyed knowing more about the game modes in PUBG Mobile, stay with us!