10 best artificial intelligence image editing apps

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Do you know some of the artificial intelligence image editing apps that are being used right now? Non-AI image editing apps traditionally already offer a wide range of features and tools to create great images. However, with artificial intelligence technology increasingly present, these software are becoming more advanced and capable of generating impressive results.

Some of the features include face detection and correction, lighting and shadow enhancements, automatic color adjustment, removing unwanted objects, and even creating completely new images from existing templates. We have already shown here at AppTuts an article where we list the best apps for perfect photos.

But, did you know that many of the image editing apps you use on a daily basis already use artificial intelligence technology to bring even more surprising results? In this article, you will find out which are the 10 best artificial intelligence image editing apps available on the market.

What are image editing software?

With the advancement of technology, there are many options for applications and tools that already use artificial intelligence to edit images. Deep Art Effects, for example, uses AI to transform your photos into true works of art. Although there are already apps that turn your photos into drawings, with Lensa, the artificial intelligence generates much more realistic drawings of your selfies.

Discover now the most amazing AI image editing apps to give your photos a special touch.

1. Prisma

artificial intelligence image editing apps Prisma

Starting our list of artificial intelligence apps for image editing, we have Prisma. It generates images using Convolutional Neural Networks, a type of artificial intelligence that has the ability to simulate the human brain.

The result is a much-improved set of filters. In some of them, for example, your photo can become an artistic work by a renowned plastic artist, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Salvador Dalí, among others.

After choosing a filter, you will need to wait for some processing time, but you will be fully rewarded with the incredible result of the images generated by this app. Prisma’s filters are capable of transforming your photos into modern, abstract art and even stylish drawings.

In addition, you can take selfies, capture an image directly from the app, or choose images from your phone’s library. When saving the generated images, the application also offers the option to share them on Instagram.

2. Painnt

Painnt is an editing app that offers over 1,000 filters that will help you create amazing images with your photos. It uses artificial intelligence to create the most varied effects, such as comics, mosaics, and abstract art, among other sensational ones.

In addition to the preset templates, the application also features several advanced image editing features, allowing the user to make several changes to the settings before obtaining the desired final result.

Painnt is very easy to use, as the styles are organized into categories, making it easy to search for the user’s favorite filters. In addition, the application allows you to split the screen into two parts to view the images side by side, which makes it possible to follow the editing process in real time, comparing the final result with the original image.

3. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is an innovative image editing application that uses artificial intelligence technology to deliver stunning images. With it, you can turn your photos and selfies into true works of art, inspired by famous paintings. In this way, the user becomes a true artist, capable of editing images in an easy and creative way.

The app offers a wide variety of artistic effects and filters for free, like these 20 filters most used by bloggers. However, it has more than 30 art styles available, the user has several effects options available that allow you to customize and completely modify your photos.

With Deep Art Effects you can create unlimited square photos for free, in 500x500px size. Although image processing can be a little slow, the user doesn’t have to waste time waiting, as the application sends an email once the job is complete. In this way, it is possible to take advantage of free time while the application works on image editing.

4. GoArt Fotor

GoArt Fotor artificial intelligence image editing apps

The GoArt Fotor image application uses artificial intelligence to allow you to edit images with just a few clicks. The image editing application comes with a variety of online tools that are completely free. With them, you can crop and resize images, as well as make photo collages and create unique graphic designs.

GoArt Fotor offers a powerful free version that allows the user to choose from several styles to apply to their photos and selfies, creating incredible and personalized effects. With advanced image editing features, the application allows the user to create unique and creative compositions, without having to pay for it.

However, if the user opts for Fotor’s paid plan, all editing options are unlocked, including advanced features such as density adjustment and watermark removal. With this option, the user can take advantage of the application’s full potential to create amazing and high-quality images without limitations.

One of the application’s great differentials is its processing speed, which allows the user to experiment with different styles and combinations of effects in a much shorter time than in other image editing applications.

5. Lensa

Surely you’ve noticed a friend who uses a profile picture on Instagram with a realistic design, haven’t you? Well, these images are created through the Lensa application, which allows the generation of incredibly detailed and accurate illustrations.

At first glance, the application is one of many that promise to edit and put effects on images, however, with the help of artificial intelligence and a few dollars from your credit card, it is possible to create incredible avatars with your own photos and selfies.

Lensa offers a paid feature called Magic Avatars, which is capable of creating realistic images in different expressions, angles, and scenarios. All the user needs to do is make at least 10 of their photos available to the application, identify their gender and wait for the images to be processed.

In less than 30 minutes, the artificial intelligence will generate the images and make the material available for download with high-definition files. Then, the user can choose the best results to publish or use as their profile picture on social networks.

6. FaceApp


FaceApp is a powerful image editing tool that features a highly accurate facial recognition system that uses artificial intelligence. With it, it is possible to create montages and changes in selfies that were produced by the user themself.

Whether you want to add a smile, change your hair color, age your appearance, or even make yourself look younger, FaceApp offers a wide range of creative options to customize and enhance your photos.

With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, FaceApp allows anyone, even without prior knowledge of image editing, to make impressive changes to their photos. With few buttons and streamlined navigation, the app is very accessible to users of all skill levels.

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7. Teleport

Teleport is one of the AI imaging apps that lets you transform your photos and selfies into incredibly interesting images. With its advanced background detection technology, the application is capable of precisely cropping the original image and “teleporting” the subject to any chosen scenario.

In this way, it is possible to make creative images that make it look like the person has been to different places without leaving home.

Through artificial intelligence, it is possible to create different types of montages in Teleport, but it is important to remember that original photos with simple backgrounds and with little detail or colors tend to produce the best results in this application.

If the photo has a lot of details in the background, the application even offers the option of manual cropping to ensure precision when “teleporting” the person to another scenario.

8. Movavi Photo Editor

Exclusive to Apple’s operating systems, Movavi Photo Editor is a tool designed to suit both beginners and professional photographers. This image editing application stands out for its use of artificial intelligence to process and enhance images, offering incredible results that can surprise even the most demanding users.

With features like automatic color correction, noise elimination, cropping, and resizing, Movavi Photo Editor lets you adjust every aspect of your photo precisely and efficiently. In addition, the app is also excellent for restoring old photos, and removing stains, fold lines, blurring, and noise, among other defects.

The app offers over 100 filters to add a creative touch to your images. With this wide selection of filters, you can perform a variety of impressive effects, including applying makeup, changing the hair color, inserting smiles, and much more.

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9. Leawo PhotoIns


Leawo PhotoIns is a complete image editing application that offers many advanced functions to enhance your photos. With an intelligent algorithm, this application is capable of enlarging images up to 40X without losing quality, which is an advantage for anyone who needs to work with high-resolution images.

With Leawo PhotoIns, you can remove unwanted objects from your images in just a few clicks. This software allows the treatment of individual images, one at a time, or the batch processing of several images at the same time.

With a technology called Power AI, Leawo PhotoIns can automatically correct blurry images, enhancing details and increasing image resolution. In addition, the application also has the traditional functions of retouching the skin, changing the hair color, and enlarging the eyes.

10. Upscaler

Stockphotos’ AI Image Upscaler is an intuitive tool that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to improve the quality of low-resolution images, avoiding quality loss and raising the definition of photos.

With AI Image Upscaler, it is possible to increase the resolution of images without losing quality, which can be very useful for projects that require high-quality images, such as banners, advertisements, and marketing materials, among others.

In addition, the application is very easy to use and offers several features to further enhance images, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can also choose the desired output type, such as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF.

With this technology, it is possible to obtain sharper and more detailed images, which can be especially useful for professionals who work with high-quality images, such as graphic designers and photographers.

What is the best image editing program that uses artificial intelligence?

As a bonus to this list of the top 10 AI apps for image editing, let’s talk about Photoshop Express. This Adobe application deserves to be highlighted for being one of the most recognized brands in the image editing market, with decades of evolution and experience.

Bonus: Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the latest versions of Adobe’s renowned image editing software, which is widely used and recognized as one of the best image editors on the market.

It offers a complete solution for image editing, with advanced features and powerful tools that enable high-quality results. Photoshop is highly reliable in terms of results, which makes it a popular choice for professionals and photo enthusiasts alike.

Adobe recently released an update to Photoshop that includes a neural network filter. This feature uses artificial intelligence to perform image edits through a series of advanced functions.

With the neural network filter, users can make precise and detailed adjustments to their images with high-quality results.

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