Create texts with artificial intelligence: The Top 4 websites!

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Did you know that you can create texts with artificial intelligence? The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has shown how it will be a fundamental part of our lives. In the professional area, it has helped many people and companies, and with the explosion of ChatGPT, this technology has been widely used in writing by professionals who need to create texts on a daily basis.

AI websites for content creation are becoming more and more popular. AI Writer, for example, creates texts in a variety of styles and formats. Another example is Copysmith, which makes product descriptions and article titles.

In addition, these sites can be a great tool for those who need to write in a language that they do not completely master, as many of them offer automatic translation and grammar correction in real-time. That’s why, in this article, you’ll learn about the four best websites to create texts with artificial intelligence.

Websites to create texts with artificial intelligence

A text written by artificial intelligence is a process where artificial intelligence algorithms are used to create texts that look like they were written by humans. This involves using language models and machine learning to analyze and learn from large human-made text datasets.

There are many types of approaches to AI writing, from simple language models that generate short sentences to more complex models that can generate full texts with high quality. Artificial intelligences are programmed with a focus on different areas, such as news articles, marketing texts, or blogging.

Knowing how each one works is essential to choose with assertiveness. In addition, it is also important to know the limitations of each one, and that is what you will see below. But if you are completely new to the subject and still don’t know what artificial intelligence is, read this article that explains what artificial intelligence is and how it works.

1. ChatGPT

Of course, to open our list of websites to create texts with artificial intelligence, it could only be ChatGPT, which is one of the most popular technologies. Powered by OpenAI, the platform can provide instant answers to common questions or provide detailed information on a particular topic.

With ChatGPT, you can create texts about almost all topics and needs. Also, it can learn from past conversations you’ve had on the platform. In this way, it manages to give its users a more personalized experience based on their preferences and conversation history.

Although ChatGPT is highly advanced, it may still encounter difficulties in understanding some questions, which can eventually lead to inaccurate or confusing responses. Another major limitation of artificial intelligence is that, although it has 175 billion parameters, its data is only up to 2021. Thus, it cannot generate texts with data from 2022 and 2023. See an example of this in the screen below.

chatgpt create texts with artificial intelligence

2. AI Writer

This artificial intelligence website uses machine learning algorithms to produce content in an automated way. Therefore, AI Writer is ideal for companies and professionals who need a large volume of written content in a short time. In fact, it is a great advance, considering that it can take many human hours to produce an article.

We can highlight that AI Writer manages to create texts without making grammar and spelling errors, in addition to maintaining a logical structure for them. Of course, we cannot fail to mention that it is fully adaptable to the needs of each user.

However, this artificial intelligence is no exception to the rule of having been programmed to follow patterns. This can make her not as creative as a human being in building a text. In addition, it is not free like ChatGPT, and the themes to be built by it can only be in English, which can make the work difficult for people who are not familiar with the language.

AI Writer

A curiosity: did you know that artificial intelligence has evolved so much that it can do many things besides creating texts? To add more to your quest to make working with AI easier, check out this article on the best tools for creating AI-powered images.

3. Copysmith

Following our list of sites to create texts with artificial intelligence is Copysmith which uses advanced techniques of natural language processing to automatically generate high-quality content for companies and marketers, mainly those who focus on blogs.

In addition to allowing you to create large amounts of content in a short time, this AI can generate personalized content based on specific data from your target audience. This last factor is very important for you to be able to retain a customer.

Despite all this, you should be aware of the fact that Copysmith is not perfect and can create some generic content similar to others already developed. So pay attention, as this limitation can be harmful to your brand. Another aggravating factor is that it has language barrier issues.

copysmith create texts with artificial intelligence


Our selection of the best websites to create texts with artificial intelligence finishes with This tool is capable of generating persuasive texts and powerful marketing slogans. In this way, it manages to be ideal for all types of audiences, such as companies or self-employed advertising professionals.

To make your content richer, can do searches with updated information, citations of sources, and even the summary of sites and entire pages. As a result, you can produce complete and accurate text.

However, you also need to pay attention to the fact that the platform is an AI and can create robotic content, distancing your brand or company from the public. After all, nobody likes to read impersonal content. In addition, in some occasions of overload, the platform can leave you in the lurch. create texts with artificial intelligence

With this list of sites to create texts with artificial intelligence, you’ll see how you can optimize your time and produce quality content. However, it is always worth noting that, even using AI, it is necessary to have writing skills and knowledge, as these tools are far from perfect.