7 Artificial intelligence websites to increase productivity

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be an increasingly present tool in several areas of life, including the corporate environment. The possibility of using algorithms and advanced technologies to automate tasks and processes has caught the attention of companies and people who work as freelancers and are self-employed. One of the most successful areas has been artificial intelligence websites to increase productivity.

These sites can offer a variety of solutions to streamline your work life. For example, Grammarly is a grammar correction website that uses AI to improve the grammar and spelling of written texts. Synthesia will help you create custom videos at scale.

However, it is important to emphasize that the use of artificial intelligence requires careful planning and a detailed analysis of your needs. To help you in this selection process, we will present the best artificial intelligence websites to increase productivity. By the way, if this is a topic that interests you, check out our article where we talk about tools to create images with artificial intelligence.

What are artificial intelligence programs?

With the growing demand for innovative solutions, a variety of AI programs have been developed to meet the specific needs of each sector. They can be divided into different categories depending on the type of task they perform.

In this text, we are going to talk about artificial intelligence websites to increase productivity in several areas. They are grammar correction, video creation, image creation, transcription, content creation, and slide creation.

But before we start our list of artificial intelligence websites to increase productivity, you need to know what the term AI is. Therefore, by clicking on this link you will be on top of everything on this subject.

Artificial intelligence websites to increase productivity

Among the most popular artificial intelligence programs currently are chatbots, such as ChatGPT, which are conversational systems capable of interacting with users in a natural way and answering questions based on information stored in their database.

ChatGPT has been the most popular artificial intelligence and can help you a lot in everyday tasks. Therefore, you need to know all the details of this AI. As such, we have an article on how to use it, what it is for, and how ChatGPT works.

1. Grammarly


The first name on our list of artificial intelligence websites to boost productivity is Grammarly. This AI can help with text improvement by offering writing style suggestions. In addition to helping with grammatical correction, it also checks the written content for plagiarism.


  • Agility: Grammarly can detect spelling and grammatical errors in real time. So its users can correct their typos and grammatical errors as they write.
  • High Availability: The AI can be used as a web application or in a browser extension. As a result, the tool can be easily accessed anywhere where there is a text box and keyboard available, offering practicality and efficiency to users.


  • Data dependency: Unfortunately, Grammarly still provides accurate and relevant suggestions based on programmed data. This can affect the quality of error correction, depending on the vocabulary used.
  • It’s not 100% effective: While it can help optimize your time at work, Grammarly isn’t able to completely replace human proofreading. After all, because it is software, it may be unable to understand certain concepts. Further, it makes mistakes.

2. Synthesia

Synthesia Artificial intelligence to increase productivity

If you work in the field of video production, Synthesia can be the ideal platform for you to be able to create high-quality content using synthesized voice and 3D character animation. This AI makes content in the most varied styles, be it educational videos or ad content.


  • Variety: This artificial intelligence uses voice synthesis to create narrations in several languages and offers a varied catalog of animation templates that can be customized.
  • Assertiveness: Synthesia is able to customize videos based on the target audience. In this way, when using the AI you will find animation models that can be customized with colors, fonts, logos, and other information that speak to your brand and/or audience.


  • Narration issues: Although speech synthesis technology has improved in recent years, there may still be some problems with pronunciation or intonation that can affect the quality of the narration. Depending on the language placed on the AI, this can be a problem in the excellence of the work.
  • Limitation: Although Synthesia has many options in its catalog, it can be limited in terms of expression and movement, causing some models in the video to not have as many expressions.

3. Illustroke

Illustroke Artificial intelligence to increase productivity

Illustroke was born with the aim of helping artists create digital illustrations. It uses neural networks to mimic the style of different artists. In addition, it provides tools that can help simplify the digital art creation process. Illustroke can also turn text prompts into ready-to-use SVGs where you can style the image.


  • Improves Efficiency: Illustroke streamlines your work time by letting you get things done quickly. That’s because it has the ability to mimic the style of different artists, optimizing its work in a single artwork.
  • Opens new horizons: This AI allows users to experiment with digital art styles and techniques without the need to learn complex painting and drawing skills.


  • Low creativity: The fact that Illustroke manages to create many illustrations in a short time is a result of its standardization in these inventions and little differentiated pattern. Undoubtedly, a big problem for artists who seek to create exclusive and personalized works.
  • Manual control: The users of this AI don’t get a lot of flexibility when they need to manually adjust specific aspects of their illustrations.

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4. Otter


Another member of our selection of artificial intelligence websites to increase productivity is Otter. This AI can transcribe data in real time. In this way, it enables its users to easily record and write conversations and even meetings. You can add the AI to your calendar, if you are late for a call, it will transcribe everything so you don’t miss the details of the first few minutes of a meeting.


  • Excellent organization: Otter allows users to store and organize their transcripts in folders and even offers advanced search capabilities. This process makes it easy to find and retrieve important information.
  • Integration: The AI is compatible with various applications such as Zoom, Dropbox, and Google Drive. As a result, you can add transcripts to work already done.


  • Language Limitations: Although this artificial intelligence is capable of transcribing multiple languages, the transcription accuracy may vary depending on the language spoken and the accent of the speakers.
  • Audio Limitations: Otter transcription accuracy can be affected by external factors such as background noise and audio quality. Therefore, if the sound is in an environment with noise pollution, the AI may be compromised.

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5. Copy.ia

Copy.ia Artificial intelligence to increase productivity

Copy.ia artificial intelligence is an ideal platform for you who need to quickly create content for social networks or generate texts for articles, blog posts, emails, and even product descriptions. It manages to do all of this, as it was designed to help companies and self-employed professionals to optimize their time and be more efficient at work.


  • Concise data: Copy.ia was developed with information from reliable sources and uses advanced mathematical models to generate texts that are relevant, accurate, and attractive to the reader.
  • Customizable: The AI can be configured to meet each customer’s specific needs. Therefore, its users can choose details such as tone of voice, writing style, and length of text.


  • Lack of originality: This artificial intelligence is able to generate a significant amount of content in a short time, but this may just be a result of it only duplicating content from the internet. In fact, this is something that can get in the way of SEO and the credibility of the work you are developing.
  • Language: Unfortunately Copy.ia has a certain language limitation, as it has difficulties understanding some terms that are not in English. Undoubtedly, an entry barrier for people who are not familiar with the language.

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6. QuillBot

QuillBot Artificial intelligence to increase productivity

In our list of artificial intelligence websites to increase productivity we can add QuillBot as an alternative to Copy.ia. In addition to helping you create content efficiently, this artificial intelligence helps users improve their quality, giving suggestions for rewriting to improve clarity in real time.


  • Customizable: In QuillBot, you can adjust the platform settings according to your specific needs, such as the tone you want the text to have.
  • Plagiarism: This AI helps its users avoid content plagiarism. After all, it manages to rewrite sentences and paragraphs in a unique way, avoiding duplication and ensuring that the text is original.


  • Context Limitations: While the AI can analyze and rewrite individual sentences and paragraphs, it may struggle to understand the broader context of the text. Therefore, it is important for the user to pay attention, as it may give suggestions for rewriting that do not fit well with the rest of the text.
  • Quality of the texts: If the user of the artificial intelligence is not an experienced person in writing and sends a text with many grammatical errors, QuillBot may have difficulty in providing accurate rewriting suggestions.

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7. Beautiful.ai


Beautiful.ai is an artificial intelligence-based presentation platform. It allows its users to create professional presentations easily and efficiently. For this, it makes use of machine learning technology. As a result, its users can intuitively create compelling designs and layouts that are visually striking and easy to understand.


  • Variety of features: With this AI, you can import images and videos, and add animations, graphics, and tables, in addition to integrating the platform with other popular tools, such as Google Drive, for example.
  • Collaboration: If you are looking for artificial intelligence to work together on a demand, Beautiful.ai is ideal for you. With it, several people can develop a presentation at the same time.


  • Personalization: This could be one of the factors that put AI at a disadvantage. Although there are many templates available for users to choose from, the layouts and design styles can look similar to each other, making presentations made by Beautiful.ai not as customizable.
  • Advanced features: Although this artificial intelligence has a variety of features, it fails to make the advanced ones available. For example, the platform does not support the creation of interactive presentations.

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Using artificial intelligence websites to increase productivity can be very useful to automate your work tasks. However, as noted, AI programs still need to evolve to get closer to perfection. With so much attention given to these technologies, it is possible that the improvement of these platforms will come much faster than we imagine.