Artificial intelligence websites that create music: The Top 4!

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ChatGPT is the most successful artificial intelligence (AI) of recent times. However, it is not the only option when it comes to content creation, especially if you are a music artist. This is because artificial intelligence websites that create music are booming, as they can help beginners in this area to develop creative music.

Amper Music, for example, is an AI music creation platform that allows users to create custom music in a matter of minutes. Jukedeck, on the other hand, enables the artist to use artificial intelligence to produce high-quality music content for movies, videos, and even games.

In this sense, music generated by artificial intelligence can be as surprising and exciting as that created by humans. However, in order to know which AI suits you and help you in your search to save time, we are going to introduce you to the four best artificial intelligence websites that create music.

How to make music with artificial intelligence?

In music, the use of artificial intelligence has been increasingly frequent. It can be used both to help compose new songs and to improve the quality of production, all in an efficient and creative way, using algorithms capable of analyzing musical patterns and creating new melodies.

In addition, the use of machine learning techniques allows artificial intelligence to be able to learn from existing music, creating sounds based on successful artistic content. As a result, even producers are able to benefit from using AI as it helps create the lyrics, melody, and then recording.

Meet the 4 best artificial intelligence websites that create music

1. Mubert AI

Mubert AI

Mubert AI opens our list of the best artificial intelligence websites that create music. This platform is qualified to make music based on text descriptions. In addition, it is capable of developing instrumental sounds, made to be used as a soundtrack for videos, podcasts, and streams.


  • Unique experience: Mubert AI uses a machine learning algorithm to create music that is different each time the tool is used, ensuring that each session is a unique experience.
  • Personalization: The algorithm uses information such as the weather and the user’s location to generate personalized music that adapts to the environment and the moment.
  • Variety: AI has the ability to generate music in multiple genres, from electronic to classical, allowing users to explore different music styles.


  • Data dependence: the performance of artificial intelligence depends on the quality and quantity of training data available, which can affect the quality of the music produced.
  • Limitations: Mubert AI is limited when it comes to creating new standards or exploring new musical territories. This can be very frustrating for listeners who like to be surprised.

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2. Amper Music

Amper Music artificial intelligence websites that create music

Amper Music offers custom music creation for various purposes. Therefore, if you want to create soundtracks for videos, games, or podcasts, it is an ideal choice. Not only does it require no technical knowledge to use the AI, but it is also one of the fastest on our list for creating music content.


  • Copyright: when you make a song with Amper Music, you get the copyright for that creation, thus protecting your content.
  • Education: Artificial intelligence has a blog to help you improve your creations, where you can follow the relevant terminology of editing and audio recording, for example.
  • Costs: Although the platform is paid, it offers subscription plans that are much more affordable than hiring a human composer to create a custom song.


  • Lack of clarity: The site does not provide how much you need to pay to be able to transfer license ownership.
  • Refund plans: only platform customers residing in the European Union are entitled to a refund after payment has been made.

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3. MusicLM

MusicLM artificial intelligence websites that create music

Following our list of artificial intelligence websites that create music, let’s highlight MusicLM. This AI was programmed to analyze and synthesize different musical elements such as harmonies, rhythms, and melodies to create original pieces of music. Developed by Google, MusicLM will be competent to create high-fidelity melodies from text descriptions.


  • Learn from experience: MusicLM can adapt and evolve over time, as the more music technology is exposed to, the more it can learn about different musical styles and elements.
  • Collaboration: this artificial intelligence can create a musical base for the musician to build on top of it, working together with the artist.
  • High understanding: This AI promises to create a melody with just whistles and whispers according to the style described in a text subtitle.


  • Release: MusicLM was rumored by Google in 2023, but has yet to be released as the company is concerned about possible copyright lawsuits. So all we have is a promise in a document on GitHub.

Before we go to the last item on our list, let’s tell you a curiosity: although you don’t create attractive music like the items we talked about here, in ChatGPT you can also develop song lyrics. To learn more about this AI, just click on this link.

4. Boomy

Boomy artificial intelligence websites that create music

Boomy rounds off our selection of the best artificial intelligence websites that create music. It is capable of composing a song in up to 30 seconds in a simple way, where the AI user only needs to choose between the available musical genres and click on create music.


  • Ease of use: AI doesn’t give you a headache, as it chooses the key, chord progression, and melody of the song by itself. But if you want, you can make adjustments and add vocals and effects after the song is created.
  • Earn money: The site allows you to put your songs on streaming services like Spotify and earn 80% of the royalties for doing so. The other part is for Boomy, being one more help in maintaining the platform.
  • Copyrights: If you decide to upgrade to the Boomy Pro plan, you get priority requests for rights to your music.


  • Limitations: if you don’t pay, the free plan on the platform has limited song saves and you can only release a few albums and singles.
  • Few edits: Once a song has been remastered on Boomy, it cannot be edited. If you need to make any changes, you will need to go back to the original version by duplicating the remastered song in your library.

Although many still consider AI-generated melody as something superficial or even without emotion, with this list of artificial intelligence websites that create music, we realize that it is undeniable that these tools are increasingly sophisticated and capable of producing increasingly complex and interesting sounds.