12 best AI copywriting tools in 2023

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Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are increasingly popular. After all, developing texts for ads and social networks with copywriting tools or tools that create texts with artificial intelligence is much easier. This is because they can offer interesting ideas when creativity abandons us or when the time to deliver the text is short.

Therefore, if you are looking for allies in the production of your copywriting, you need to know the following tools:

These copywriting tools can quickly create persuasive and engaging texts that help you with engagement or even sales. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to 12 copywriting tools with artificial intelligence to make your work more efficient.

What is the best copywriting generator?

Without a doubt, Jasper, Writesonic, and AI Writer are excellent copywriting generators for those who want to use artificial intelligence in this area. Regardless of whether you are good at writing or not, these platforms will help you develop excellent texts for your social networks, blog, or even advertising or digital marketing work.

Copywriting tools with artificial intelligence can be useful for those who are starting in the copy market or for those who are already in it, but very busy. In them, you can place commands so that your copywriting comes out according to the target audience you want to reach, thus simplifying the production of texts for your works.

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Now, on to our list of the 12 best copywriting tools with artificial intelligence.

1. Jasper

Jasper AI copywriting tools

Opening our list of top-notch AI-enabled copywriting tools is Jasper. This platform makes creating your content for blogs, social networks, and websites much faster. Jasper deserves our mention, as its original and creative content is based on configurations made by the best SEO and Marketing specialists in the world.

For anyone who works with marketing, Jasper can be an excellent choice. This is because it adapts existing content to generate new content without you having to hire copywriters. Certainly, this artificial intelligence tool is the fastest way to write long-form content that is completely original and free of plagiarism. In that sense, no matter if the text is focused on marketing or even a book, this artificial intelligence will help you write long-form content up to five times faster.

Jasper is also ideal for anyone who works with a large team and loves organization. If you and the other professionals working in your business need to create a lot of content, through AI you can switch between different projects and manage multiple clients. This feature will certainly help to avoid human errors.

Now, if you have content that you need to revamp and/or rewrite, Jasper does it quickly so that a job that would take an hour is reduced to 20 minutes. As a result, you can make complete content for your social media in just one place.


  • Create original content optimized for SEO;
  • Develops content in 26 languages;
  • It has a partnership with Surfer SEO for keyword optimization;
  • Can be trained not to produce generic content;
  • It has a browser extension.


  • Does not accept PayPal as a payment method;
  • Active campaigns are limited.



  • Creator: $49
  • Teams: $125


  • Creator: $468 (equivalent to $39 per month)
  • Teams: $1.188 (equivalent to $99 per month)

Jasper offers a free trial version so you can test it out. You can also use AI to improve engagement on your social media.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic AI copywriting tools

Writesonic creates SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content everywhere you need it. So whether you need copywriting for your blog, a client ad, a more formal email, or texts for social media, this platform won’t let you down. But this AI wouldn’t be on our list of best AI-powered copywriting tools if it only had these benefits.

Therefore, we can mention more advantages that Writesonic offers, such as content enhancement using AI-driven editing tools, where you can paraphrase, expand and shorten texts. It offers these advantages with artificial intelligence that was trained through high-performance copywriting of the biggest brands. As a result, it manages to deliver content that converts visitors to customers.

For the days of low creativity that can appear for the blog writer, Writesonic provides an AI focused on generating ideas. With it, you will be able to generate different themes for your blog and even create modern and exclusive articles on any topic in seconds. So, regardless of your niche, you’ll never run out of ideas for content development again.

Being an even greater ally for those who produce copywriting for a blog, Writesonic has a tool called AI Instant Article Writer. It is capable of producing high-quality, well-written blog posts and articles. In addition, it edits and optimizes for SEO in the platform’s own editor. In this way, your WordPress posting work is much faster.


  • It has more than 80 writing tools;
  • Blog topic suggestions in over 25 languages;
  • Generate instant articles with just one topic;
  • Allows you to create high-performing Facebook ads;
  • Develop tweets and topics that are relevant to the social network.


  • No priority support on the free plan;
  • It has monthly word limits.



  • Pro: $19 (up to 100,000 words)


  • Pro: $152 (up to 100,000 words)

Test Writesonic for free and start writing your texts up to 10 times faster

3. AI Writer

aiwriter AI copywriting tools

AI Writer is yet another copywriting tool with artificial intelligence that’s perfect to do some quick copywriting with an excellent quality standard. This tool generates current, unique, and original texts. Plus, all content is SEO friendly so you get the best deliveries on digital platforms and can post directly to WordPress. We cannot fail to point out that all content created by AI Writer that quote or contains historical data is accompanied by a source.

In addition to texts created without grammatical errors and with a logical structure, this artificial intelligence develops unique article outlines just from a title. It is also possible to rewrite a text with AI Writer. You know that content you made a while ago and need to post again but in a different location? Instead of spending hours rewriting, send it to this AI, and in minutes it will give you the same content but in a different text.

The highlight of this tool is that it helps you find the ideal content topic for your niche. Through the “Sub Topic Discoverer” program, it will discover what people are searching for on Google so that you have the most accurate topic for a new text. With this feature combined with the platform’s integrated SEO, the chances of you generating well-positioned copywriting are much higher.

In order to be able to develop texts more similar to those of human beings, AI Writer has a lot of data. Among them are articles, books, documents, and even conversations between people. Another feature of this AI that contributes to perfect copywriting is the suggestions it offers about titles, introductions, highlights, and calls to action. This will certainly help you to have a better idea about your conversion strategies.


  • Always works with new sources for each new article;
  • Designed for high SEO performance;
  • Does not claim to copywrite on the generated content;
  • Can be trained to adapt to your business preferences;
  • The platform is able to analyze the preferences of its target audience.


  • Doesn’t offer more features with upgraded plans;
  • It has support only by email.


  • Basic Plan: $29 (per month)
  • Standard Plan: $59 (per month)
  • Power Plan: $375 (per month)

Subscribe to an AI Writer plan and start using AI to optimize your work. And if, in addition to texts, you also need an image generator tool, discover the top 6 tools to create images with artificial intelligence.

4. Copy AI


Copy AI is another copywriting tool that allows you to copywriter amazing texts for high-converting posts. Therefore, the artificial intelligence tool has a social media content generator so that you can increase your audience. If your goal is to grow on YouTube, with this platform you can get descriptions for your videos that will make you stand out to your audience. On the other hand, if the goal is to go viral on TikTok, the AI provides scripts for content.

Copy AI is also a result-oriented email writer. In that sense, it manages to take on all the hard work that anyone who needs to recurrently write an electronic message and still generate high-converting email campaigns with just a few clicks would need to do. So, if you want help to promote sales and discounts, something that can result in more customers, be sure to check out Copy AI.

Blog content creators can also benefit from this platform, developing fast and good-quality texts with SEO-oriented articles. With this platform, you will have ideas for blogs, meta descriptions, and even help to write stories that will make you stand out from the competition and attract more audience to you. Plus, you can use AI workflow automation to scale your blog and landing page content with one click.

For e-commerce retailers, Copy AI also brings good features. If your online store has a lot of products and you want all of your pages to include high-converting product descriptions, the artificial intelligence does that for you. This frees up your marketing team to create brand awareness campaigns that drive more traffic to your store.


  • It offers amazing subtitles for social networks;
  • It has more than 90 templates and tools;
  • Create different emails for each user;
  • Produce personalized sales copywriting;
  • Optimizes generated content for search engines.


  • The free version has a language barrier;
  • The free version does not give API access.



  • Pro: US$49


  • Pro: $36 (per month)

Copy AI offers a free trial so you can test the tool before subscribing to a plan!

5. Copy Smith


Adding value to our selection of AI-powered copywriting tools is Copy Smith. This AI is powered by technologies like ChatGPT, but its solution is optimized for your needs. As a result, it has many functionalities for online stores that are not provided by its competitors. A great example of this is that you can import product catalogs to facilitate their management.

Copy Smith allows you to edit, copy and publish the generated content right away. It is also possible to assign tasks to team members with the platform and perform SEO optimization so that your content is more assertive. To give your online store an even more personalized touch, this tool creates bulk or batch content for you to generate hundreds of product descriptions with just a few clicks.

For marketers, Copy Smith helps your content reach almost limitlessly. After all, it will work as a content producer who will constantly rewrite your favorite content, receive help to create blog content ideas, and even develop product descriptions in one place, leaving the copywriting commands clear to the public – the target you want to reach with it.

Copy Smith is always adding new updates and refinements to the feature set. However, it already has a large number of templates for you to choose from, from brainstorming to Google and Facebook ads. All you have to do is test the models to see what best fits your objective strategy.


  • It is integrated with Shopify and Amazon;
  • Develop content with your brand;
  • Provides artificial intelligence for images;
  • The review of platform content is integrated.


  • API access is available only in the Pro plan;
  • It does not have live chat for customer support.



  • Starter Plan: $19
  • Pro Plan: $49


  • Starter Plan: $228
  • Pro Plan: $490

Subscribe to one of Copy Smith‘s plans and speed up your work. You too can benefit from one of these 16 fantastic artificial intelligence tools.

6. Rytr

This platform is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content in just a few seconds. Rytr was born with the intention of helping copywriting-focused content creators no longer have creative blocks. Therefore, it develops captivating and original texts for blogs, e-mails, and advertisements. All you have to do is pick a use case, input some context, and your copywriting is ready to go.

Rytr has around 40 use cases and templates to choose from that will cover all your writing needs. In addition, you can choose between 30 languages, something that can help you create copywriting for people who speak languages ​​other than yours. About the emotion you want to convey in the content, you can also change it, as this AI has more than 20 tones of feelings that can be expressed in your text. You can also rephrase, expand and shorten your copywrite with Rytr.

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7. ChatGPT

ChatGPT certainly couldn’t be left out of our list of the best tools for copywriting with artificial intelligence. After all, it is the most popular artificial intelligence around, and that’s for good reason. With the AI developed by OpenAI, you can get creative help for texts on almost any topic. Although the chatbot does not have information after 2021 in its database, it manages to offer relevant points on various subjects, especially if you are going to make a copywrite that needs historical data.

ChatGPT is potentially a great aggregator for your business. This is because it is able to replace the work of several employees to fulfill the same work provided. It optimizes the time spent on any one beed and eliminates the boredom of copywriters who need to do repetitive work. By being able to process a lot of information at once, the artificial intelligence makes it possible for more complex tasks to be carried out more quickly.

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8. Frase

Frase saves its users time by analyzing and condensing the content of the top search results of any query. By using this AI, you can analyze your competitors’ texts to find out what has worked and see ways to apply it to your business, but in an original way. The platform’s intuitive text editor uses a topic model to benchmark your content against rivals and provides a list of related topics and their recommended mention frequencies. With this, you can have texts that please Google.

In addition, this artificial intelligence helps you with SEO techniques, offering word count, domain ranking, and header count. Now if you need a summary of a large piece of content to copywriting, Frase does the job for you in just a few seconds. It also simplifies your collaboration with freelancers and co-workers using intuitive tools designed for seamless teamwork.

9. AnyWord

Among the AI copywriting tools that are worth knowing is AnyWord. It is able to create customer personas when you describe your target audience to the AI. That way, it will be able to generate more focused copywriting for people or companies to be converted into customers. AnyWord’s goal is to make you, through effective marketing, increase the results of your business.

AnyWord learns what works for your marketing by analyzing every piece of copywriting you’ve ever published across your website, ads, social media, and email channels. This makes it able to help you define brand rules and manage all messages, tone of voice, and target audience in one place to ensure the generation of copywriting approved by the brand.

10. Hypotenuse AI

Next up, we have Hypotenuse AI, one of the best AI copywriting tools available the offers a free trial. It uses imagine learning and NLP to generate content so you can create great blog posts, ads, and social media posts with ease. The platform is extremely easy to use, and thanks to its intuitive layout, its learning curve is really short. You’ll be able to give the correct inputs to generate amazing content in no time!

In general, it produces clear, concise, and relevant content, creating blog posts with headings and paragraphs, following a logical progression from introduction to conclusion. As such, you can simply copy the generated article and post it on your blog easily! The two biggest downsides are the limited number of templates and content types, and the fact that it needs too many inputs to create a good copywriter, which makes it more time-consuming.

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11. ContentBot

The one who closes our list of the best tools for copywriting with artificial intelligence is Contentbot. It helps to increase your results, gain more time and scale your business. So you don’t have to start creating anything else on a blank page. Its texts are powerful and captivating with dozens of creative tools. Your essays will be impeccable, as the AI ​​provides dozens of resources for writing optimization.

With ContentBot you can develop copywriting to make people take action in a simple and intuitive way in just three steps. As a result, you’ll be able to deliver more content while lowering your costs when it comes to producing excellent copywriting. Whether for social networks, blogs, or a virtual store, this artificial intelligence will certainly help you to focus more on business strategies and less on producing content.

What website writes text by itself?

Jasper and Writesonic are two sites capable of producing texts by themselves with the help of artificial intelligence. All you need to do is enter some commands (also known as Prompts) such as theme, purpose, language, and word count and they will create amazing written content according to your needs.

What are the advantages of using artificial intelligence for copywriting?

The first advantage is that you can save time and resources, have greater productivity and even reduce the risk of errors. In addition, artificial intelligence copywriting tools can provide excellent insights into consumer behavior, bringing a good differential to your texts.

What are the types of copywriting?

Conversion and content copywriting are the most popular in this universe. While the first is used in advertisements and is found in advertisements, the second is mainly focused on informing and educating. Content copywriting is usually seen on blogs and on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

What are the main copywriting techniques?

Among the main techniques are the creation of catchy titles, the use of easy words, the presence of metaphors, and the appeal to emotions. Other techniques are storytelling, social proof, CTA, active voice present in the text, presentation of benefits, and mental triggers, which are essential techniques for successful copywriting.

How to make flashy copywriting?

To make eye-catching copywriting, first, know what it is and how to identify your persona. That way, you’ll be able to create excellent copywriting, arousing emotion, and using action verbs and mental triggers that may be essential for the process of converting the product or service in question.