20 examples of artificial intelligence present in everyday life

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used for some time by several websites, applications, tools, and devices, and it is easy to find examples of artificial intelligence present in everyday life.

This technology has been used in virtual assistants, social networks, surveillance cameras, GPS apps, and streaming platforms, in addition to being present in the customer service of most companies.

To demonstrate the presence of this technology in our daily lives, in this article you will learn about the best examples of artificial intelligence present in everyday life and you will see that you use it much more than you imagined.

Examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life

Although many people still associate artificial intelligence with ChatGPT and image-creation tools, the truth is that this technology is already present in many areas, from virtual assistants to facial recognition systems.

AI is a technology that allows computers to be programmed to perform complex tasks that previously could only be performed by humans. In fact, it enables speech recognition, natural language processing, and decision-making, for example.

Let’s now explore some examples of how artificial intelligence is present in our daily lives, transforming the way we interact with technology.

1. Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are some of the best-known examples of how artificial intelligence is present in our daily lives. Assistants like Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), and Google Assistant (Google) are designed to interact with users through voice recognition and natural language processing.

These assistants use machine learning algorithms to understand user requests and perform various tasks. That way, they can write emails, make shopping lists, and do internet research.

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2. Surveillance cameras

Examples of artificial intelligence Surveillance Cameras

With the advancement of technology, many security cameras today already use artificial intelligence to perform facial recognition. These cameras use machine learning algorithms to analyze video in real time, allowing them to identify faces with pinpoint accuracy.

These new cameras are also able to identify suspicious activity such as people carrying weapons. In addition, they automatically alert security officers of any non-standard behavior or scenes.

3. Smart homes

The so-called smart homes are homes that use electronic devices connected to the internet. Thus, it is possible to control several things, such as the television, lighting, air conditioning, and even kitchen and laundry appliances.

Devices in a smart home are controlled through apps or virtual assistants, like Alexa or Siri that we talked about just now.

For example, the blinds in a smart home are controlled via an internet-connected automation system. This allows the users to control their blinds simply by using an app where it triggers the “close blinds” feature.

4. GPS applications

GPS apps use artificial intelligence to optimize routes. With the help of AI, it is possible to find the fastest possible route considering current traffic and other conditions that can change from day to day.

These algorithms analyze traffic data in real-time, such as the history of congestion on certain avenues. In addition, these apps can learn from users’ habits, analyzing the most used routes and destinations to provide personalized suggestions.

5. E-mail

E-mail services also use artificial intelligence in several of their functionalities, including message categorization, personalized automatic responses, and spam detection.

An artificial intelligence analyzes and identifies, through its algorithm, common patterns in unwanted emails, such as suspicious senders and malicious links. Therefore, it can filter these emails, automatically forwarding them to the spam folder.

6. Search engines

Search engines such as Google and Bing announced the implementation of artificial intelligence in their systems, however, this technology had already been used by them for some time.

One of the main uses of AI in search engines is in ranking search results. Algorithms are used, for example, to assess the relevance and quality of search results for a certain word or phrase.

In addition, they use artificial intelligence to provide related search suggestions, offering links to subjects that may interest us at that time.

7. Streaming platforms

Streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO Max are examples of platforms that have been using artificial intelligence for a long time, and one of the main uses is in personalized content recommendations.

In this sense, machine learning algorithms analyze user behavior, such as search history, videos watched, and ratings given, to suggest movies and shows that are likely to be to your liking.

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8. Social networks

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of how all social media platforms work. Key uses include personalized ad recommendations, filtering out inappropriate content, and detecting fake accounts and malicious activity.

In addition, AI also analyzes user behavior to personalize your feed, delivering content that people will find more interesting. That way, even if there are accounts following exactly the same people, the content presented in the feed may be different.

9. Digital security

Continuing with our list of examples, artificial intelligence is also used in the field of digital security. It is applied in identifying threats and anomalies, monitoring activities, and protecting passwords, among other uses.

AI can be used, for example, to analyze network traffic and identify suspicious behavior that might indicate a security breach. With this, it is possible to take immediate preventive measures, such as blocking the access of certain users or alerting the responsible security team.

10. Agriculture

Examples of artificial intelligence Agriculture

In agriculture, the use of artificial intelligence has been increasingly widespread. It is applied in crop monitoring, resource use, and pest control, where it can identify diseases and suggest preventive measures.

Another common use is in automating planting and harvesting, using machine learning algorithms to efficiently identify and harvest mature crops. Other than that, with AI it is also possible to control agricultural machinery such as tractors and seeders.

11. Videogames

Artificial intelligence has been increasingly used in video game development. With it, it is possible to create more realistic characters with more personalized behavior.

A very common use of AI in the gaming world is the use of machine learning to analyze player behavior. Understanding the user’s level of knowledge and skills, the game can gradually increase the difficulty, according to the improvement in the player’s performance.

12. Behavior analysis

In consumer behavior analysis, artificial intelligence is used to collect and analyze data on purchasing behavior and the use of products or services by consumers.

In this area, artificial intelligence can help personalize the customer experience, offering recommendations that are within your consumer profile. AI can also be used to analyze consumer sentiment towards a particular product or service so that companies can promote adaptations and improvements to them.

13. Customer service

Customer service is an example of one of the areas where artificial intelligence is increasingly present. With machine service, as in the case of chatbots, it is possible to improve the efficiency and quality of communication between companies and their customers.

These chatbots, widely used in chats on websites and online stores, use artificial intelligence to answer questions, provide information and solve customer problems. AI can also be used to personalize customer service, especially during post-sales.

14. Autonomous cars

Examples of artificial intelligence Autonomous Cars

You may have heard about Tesla cars. This company became known worldwide for creating vehicles capable of moving without the need for a human driver. These vehicles use various technologies, including artificial intelligence, to make decisions while moving.

With the use of AI and smart cameras, the vehicle is able to map the environment around it for decision-making. The algorithm present in these cars collects data about the street, pedestrian positioning, the presence of road signs, and other vehicles around.

However, despite how advanced this technology may be, completely autonomous driving is not fully available and is a controversial topic at best, as AI can’t drive a car as well as a human.

15. Smart keyboard

You know when you type something on your phone and the keyboard offers word suggestions? It’s artificial intelligence working as you type.

In this case, the algorithm analyzes the text typed by the user to predict the next words or phrases they will write. To do so, the keyboard application takes into account the user’s entire typing history, learning about the usual writing and use of words in certain contexts.

In addition, it is worth remembering that AI is also applied in the automatic correction of typos, suggesting corrections for words that were typed incorrectly.

16. Banks and finance

The banking and finance industry uses artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and security of financial transactions. One of the fields of use is risk analysis, where the algorithm is able to identify and mitigate financial risks, such as fraud and suspicious capital movements.

In this segment, AI is also used to predict financial market trends and provide investment recommendations based on data analysis and graphs of financial assets.

17. Advertising Campaigns

The field of advertising is one of the ones that benefit the most from artificial intelligence. The use of this technology improves the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by better understanding consumer behavior.

One of the best-known examples of AI uses in this industry is audience segmentation. In this context, AI can be used to segment the target audience based on interests and consumer behaviors. Furthermore, based on the data collected by the algorithm, artificial intelligence also creates personalized ads for the specific desires of each consumer.

18. Health and medicine


Artificial intelligence is also present in the area of health and medicine. The use of AI technology makes it possible to improve diagnoses, suggest treatments, manage patients and create new drugs.

AI can, for example, analyze medical images, such as those taken in CT scans and MRI scans, to aid in the diagnosis of diseases. Another use for the technology is in the area of remote surgery performed by robots, where it can improve the accuracy of procedures.

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19. Retail and e-commerce

AI technology has been helping the retail and e-commerce industry improve the customer experience and increase sales. Through algorithms, retailers can collect data about customers, such as purchase history, product preferences, and browsing behaviors. Businesses can later use this data to offer personalized product recommendations and advertising campaigns to customers.

The customer service chatbots we mentioned earlier are also another example of artificial intelligence being used by retailers.

20. Robotics and automation

Robotics and automation have taken their efficiency to a new level with the use of artificial intelligence. In this example of use, one of the most common applications of AI is in controlling the movement and navigation of robots in environments full of obstacles, such as factories or industries.

Other than that, industries can use AI to monitor the electrical energy usage of robotics equipment, analyze data, and operate with the lowest possible energy consumption.


If you’ve made it this far, it’s likely that you’ve already realized that artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our lives, being used in a wide range of applications that we use on a daily basis and that we didn’t even imagine using this technology.

Furthermore, AI is impacting our lives in many ways, from the way we communicate and interact with others to the way we perform everyday activities like shopping or driving a car.

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Although it is not possible to predict the future, it is very likely that artificial intelligence is going to be more and more present in our lives and in the applications we use. Perhaps it is for this reason that many experts believe that AI will be one of the most important and transformative technologies of the 21st century.