The 15 best AI text generators in 2023

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Although there are some downsides to artificial intelligence, creating texts with this technology is an excellent option for bloggers and all those who work writing. After all, there are some AI text generators capable of creating a large amount of content quickly, streamlining the process of developing texts for different areas and in different formats.

Among the best AI copywriting tools and the tools designed to produce well-written texts, we can highlight:

These artificial intelligence tools can create texts that you can add to your final touch. Therefore, it is possible to obtain content without giving up your creativity. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the 15 best AI text generators around.

What is the best AI to generate good texts?

Jasper, Writesonic, and AI-Writer are excellent platform options for you to write or rewrite texts with artificial intelligence. With Jasper, you can develop any type of content, from blog articles to advertising texts. We cannot fail to highlight Writesonic, which is ideal for those who need to write good texts for SEO so that their content is well-ranked. AI-Writer, finally, is able to create entire articles quickly, and you can choose exactly what goes into this article.

However, these are not the only tools capable of creating texts. To learn more about this universe and understand which artificial intelligence will be suitable for your purpose, discover the 15 best AI text generators around.

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1. Jasper

jasper AI text generators

Without a doubt, Jasper deserves to open our list of the best AI text generators around. After all, it is one of the great leaders in this area. The AI managed to acquire two writing software that make it stand out: Headlime and Shortly AI. While the former provides pre-built prompts, the latter is an AI-based writing assistant that can generate unlimited texts to help you develop amazing content.

Although Jasper is widely used by professionals in the field of writing, it is very intuitive and easy to use. To create texts with this AI, just choose a subject area and fill in the details, and the tool will help you overcome writer’s block in a few seconds. In addition, you can edit long-form documents faster when you choose to use this artificial intelligence platform.

With Jasper, you also don’t have to worry about plagiarism as the AI ​​offers rewrite options. If you find content that you think is good on the web, you can rewrite it in the tool without being accused of theft. And if you need to check the SEO optimization of your work, you don’t have to worry either, as the AI ​​is integrated with SurferSEO. This allows you to optimize your content for better placement in search engines.

Another feature worth mentioning in this AI is the Jasper Brand Voice. It allows users to use their voice for AI-generated content. In this way, the tool allows your company’s brand identity, tone, and style to be aligned with the text created by artificial intelligence. This reduces the need for editing as the AI ​​already understands what your business does and how to do it.


  • Create any type of written content;
  • It has a chatbot that is an alternative to ChatGPT;
  • It has an extension for Chrome;
  • Provides an API;
  • It can translate into more than 30 languages.


  • Does not offer campaigns in the Creator plan;
  • Does not have integration with PayPal for payment.



  • Creator: $49
  • Teams: $125


  • Creator: $39
  • Teams: $99

Visit Jasper’s website and start writing AI texts now! And if you want to become a podcaster, you can’t miss the best AI tools for podcasting!

2. Writesonic

Writesonic AI text generators

Writesonic is another of the best AI text generators, capable of writing texts based on your preferences and needs. If you’re having a day of writer’s block, you can use the AI to develop an outline for your writing. And it writes focused on your target audience and SEO optimization, making it the ideal tool for you or your company’s marketing professional, who will be able to create work more quickly to be used in social media and blogs.

This AI also allows users to set the tone of the content. With this, you can vary between excited, professional, funny, and even dramatic styles. Everything will depend on what you intend to cause in the reader’s mind with your text. Further, with WriteSonic it is possible to mix different types of content creation in a single document. The tool can also rephrase the content, either expanding sentences or condensing long paragraphs.

Writesonic provides a plagiarism checker built into their tool. Thus, you can rewrite content more calmly and without fear. The AI ​​also has more than 60 writing features that you can use to improve your texts. On the social media side, the AI develops tweets and topics that are relevant to Twitter and even helps you create ads for Facebook.

Compared to ChatGPT, WriteSonic can provide more accurate answers without needing a lot of words to develop simple content. In addition, this AI does not add information that is not requested in the command for the development of a text, as OpenAI’s GPT usually does. In this sense, ChatGPT texts, in general, need to be more edited than WriteSonic, which may not make the creation process as fast.


  • Generate top-notch marketing material;
  • Can automatically post to your blog;
  • Supports content generation in 25 languages;
  • Is integrated with SurferSEO;
  • Offers a chat assistant, Chatsonic.


  • Writer 3.0 is only available for certain plans;
  • The folder organization is not very intuitive.



  • Pro: $19 (up to 100,000 words)


  • Pro: $12.67 (per month up to 100,000 words)

Take advantage of the free trial of Writesonic offers to try out its features. If you love or work with social media, check out these 10 artificial intelligence tools for social media as well.

3. AI-Writer

aiwriter AI text generators

Another great option among the best AI text generators is AI-Writer, which stands out as a tool capable of transforming a single topic or idea into a fully developed article, ready to be published. What makes it stand out from other similar tools is its ability to cite sources, something that helps you verify the information provided and even brings more credibility to your content. The AI ​​is also always evolving and manages to have writing based on current SEO practices.

If you already have specific content you’d like to republish, AI-Writer does that for you. Just send the text or URL and wait a few minutes for it to be reworked. In addition, the platform has a software called Topic Discoverer. It is able to find out what others are writing and what Google is looking for. With that, you can find the perfect topic for your next content, helping you save a lot of time.

With AI-Writer, you have full control over the parts that make up your article. That way, you can edit, remove and add subtopics or change their order, so that the text comes out the way you imagined. You are in control of how much to write and about what. This gives you the freedom to decide how much emphasis to place on each subtopic. And of course, each paragraph comes with its own fact check, so you can always check what’s real in the text.

The platform is able to analyze the preferences of your target audience so that your text draws them in. AI-Writer can also be trained to adapt to your business preferences. This results in the language of the texts fitting with what you need. And if along the way you run out of ideas for attractive titles, the artificial intelligence offers suggestions for you to find solutions that catch the reader’s attention.


  • Does not claim any copyright;
  • Generate exclusive articles;
  • The content is SEO friendly;
  • It has an API;
  • It has the option of publishing in WordPress.


  • Keywords can be repetitive;
  • It has word limits.


  • BASIC PLAN: $29 (per month)
  • STANDARD PLAN: $59 (per month)
  • POWER PLAN: $375 (per month)

Subscribe to one of the 3 plans and start using AI-Writer right now. Take the opportunity to discover the 20 examples of artificial intelligence present in everyday life.

4. CopyAI


Adding to our list of the best AI text generators around is CopyAI. This platform is ideal for creative block days as it has many automated creativity tools. It also offers a variety of AI-generated templates so you don’t have to start your text from scratch. Another highlight of this platform is its long-form document editor, so you can work on your text in just one place.

Focused on copywriting, this AI has many tools to help you create effective copy for your website, blog, or even your social network. Whether you need sales copy, digital ads, or eCommerce product descriptions, you won’t regret using this platform. Now, if you employ authors and content creators, you can use CopyAI to check submitted work for plagiarism and originality.

CopyAI also lets you add extra details to help you understand what you want. For example, using the freestyle tool, you can define the type of content you need, decide on the main topics, and choose a writing tone. After that, you will have a text ready for what you need. With this AI, you can also develop writing based on what has already worked for your competition so that you can change your approach if necessary.

What’s more, the platform has a Blog Post Wizard. It can write a well-structured text through the chosen keyword. CopyAI takes you through the entire writing process so you don’t have to turn to another tool. And if the content is being created in a way that you are not happy with, it is not a problem, as it is possible to make adjustments as the AI ​​writes.


  • More than 100 templates to generate text;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • It is available in 29 languages;
  • It has more than 90 templates;
  • It has Infobase functionality for content reuse.


  • In the free plan, the only language available is English;
  • Support is provided by email.



  • Pro: $49


  • Pro: $36 (per month)

Use the free version of CopyAI and discover this amazing tool! Also, check out these 7 Artificial intelligence websites to increase productivity.

5. Copysmith

copysmith AI text generators

Another important platform on our list of AI text generators is Copysmith. This software provides several features to help its users to generate different types of content. However, it is mostly used for developing articles and content for sales pages and webinars. This AI is able to understand your writing style, what your company is, and your target audience. That way, it can run effective campaigns for your business.

Copysmith also has a tool capable of optimizing content for SEO, which can be a huge advantage in increasing your ranking in search engines. To help you increase your engagement, the AI customizes texts according to different audiences. Therefore, when it chooses the tone of voice it will use in writing, some factors are evaluated, such as age, location, and interests of your audience.

In addition, with this artificial intelligence tool, you will have a blog post generator. This feature allows you to create entire posts with just a few pieces of information entered. And if you need to rewrite some content, no problem. After all, with the AI, you can use the content rewriter function that will simplify the process by automatically rephrasing your text. But Copysmith’s qualities don’t stop there.

The platform is very accessible thanks to its Google Chrome extension. When you decide to download it for your browser, you can access Copysmith’s writing tools quickly, conveniently, and on any device you choose. This feature is especially useful when you need to share content. Furthermore, the AI is integrated with several important platforms for online stores, such as Shopify and Zapier.


  • It has many templates to use;
  • Clean, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate interface;
  • You can create folders to organize your texts;
  • Offers articles and tutorials on using the platform;
  • It has encryption methods to protect user data.


  • Limited plagiarism checker;
  • Voice and tone are only available from the Pro plan.



  • Starter Plan: $19
  • Pro Plan: $49


  • Starter Plan: $228 (per year)
  • Pro Plan: $490 (per year)

Try the free version of Copysmith and get 25% off your yearly plan subscription.

6. Rytr

Rytr is a content writing platform that uses artificial intelligence to write complete content for you. The AI’s algorithms were trained on historical data. As a result, they are able to produce unique articles with the right tone and style, as well as being grammatically correct. Everything will depend on your demand or the target audience you want to reach with your text.

Rytr’s plagiarism check ensures that you have original content and can verify that your writers are delivering unique material. We cannot fail to point out that this AI ​​has a library with more than 2,000 ideas. That is, you are free from days where the creative juices just aren’t flowing, developing original texts for blogs, emails, and ads with the help of this artificial intelligence.

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7. SurferSEO

SurferSEO is another option for those who want to create texts using one of the AI text generators, especially if you are focusing on SEO. With it, you can also crawl the web in search of the most sought-after content ideas for your new work, increasing the chances of a good ranking. The platform has a text editor that allows you to copy and paste directly into your site’s management system without the need to reformat.

With SurferSEO you can also get more organized. After all, the platform has a content planner to help you with everyday tasks. It also helps you create an outline of unique headings and paragraphs within seconds. Another possibility is content suggestions and guidelines for writing with an advanced HTML-enabled document editor that the AI makes available.

8. GrowthBar

An interesting choice among the AI text generators that are more focused on SEO is Growthbar. However, it differs from SurferSEO in some ways. For example, its AI allows you to not only generate content but also do keyword research, and track your rankings and SEO performance. Its story generator has a complete and interactive document editor with space for you to optimize your work and even extract suggested content and media to develop an SEO-optimized text in real-time.

The platform also gives you suggestions for internal links automatically. You can also analyze the competition with GrowthBar. That’s because the AI makes it possible for you to search for a specific website and find the keywords they rank for. This way, you will be able to analyze and understand how to introduce what has already worked in other places on your website or virtual store. The AI also has a Chrome extension that eases the process of searching for results on Google.

9. Scalenut

Scalenut is a writing analyzing tool that can automate content creation. Its algorithm combines SEO and NLP techniques to help you develop engaging text and increase your page ranking, which makes it one of the best AI text generators. Like its rival Jasper, this AI is integrated with SurferSEO. Further, writing anything you want is very fast as all you need is to write your keyword and the AI ​​does all the magic.

Although limited, Scalenut has a free version. This way, you can check out the platform before you decide to invest money in it. The AI also has no restrictions on the number of words and can be used in collaboration, which is very useful for companies that have a large marketing team and need to streamline the creation process.

10. Outranking


Outranking is much more than a simple AI where you can write your texts. This tool can help you plan your content strategy. For this, it offers you ideas, tells you how to execute them, shows you how to optimize your work and even monitors your performance, focusing on the long-term improvement of your texts. With this tool, you can automatically generate SEO-optimized titles and descriptions with high CTR potential using data and custom-trained artificial intelligence models.

The AI ​​also automatically generates outlines using intent, ranking data, keywords, and structure for optimal content delivery. Meanwhile, Outranking content roundups are custom-tailored to your brand, and optimized for search engines for higher ranking. In addition, you can automatically rewrite texts with one click and even improve each sentence in the platform’s plagiarism detector.

11. Hoppy Copy

If you’re looking for AI text generators in search of one that creates texts for e-mails and you want it to generate relevant results, an excellent choice is Hoppy Copy. This AI, used mainly by marketing agencies, manages to generate attractive copy that will surprise your target audience. Of course, you can track your competitors’ email strategies and analyze what is and isn’r worth incorporating into your business. There are more than 50 AI email templates so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Hoppy Copy also has 10 AI templates that can generate marketing copy for social media and even YouTube scripts. Another great highlight of this AI is the spam check that helps your emails reach your customers’ inboxes. Furthermore, the platform eliminates language barriers with over 35 languages ​​available.

Enter the AI ​​market knowing how to work with artificial intelligence and the best areas for it!

12. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy, unlike many on our list, does not use GPT-3 on its platform. This is because the team that developed this AI believes that the machine learning model is not trained to write marketing texts. In this sense, the tool focuses on using artificial intelligence so that its contents are free of filters, restrictions, or limits. Everything is done in a thoughtful way so that you can increase your sales with SEO-optimized blog posts and irresistible copy.

The platform also has collaboration features for teamwork, different language options, and audits for SEO. This software is 100% cloud-based. That means you don’t have to download absolutely anything. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to use it. However, a downside of ClosersCopy is that its support is carried out only by e-mail.

13. Neural Text

Neural Text is one of the AI text generators that uses machine learning to automatically generate text. The platform manages to develop written content for different areas, such as health, education, and marketing. In addition, it can even be used by journalists who want to create articles with the help of AI so that their creative process is more automated. Its AI algorithm looks for the best and most relevant keywords for your product or niche.

Given the title of an article, this tool will generate a paragraph about the topic, helping you in times when you just can’t turn your thoughts into words. Neural Text also helps you save time by analyzing the competition, creating detailed content summaries, and optimizing your text for search engines.

14. ChatGPT


Closing our list of the best text generators is the most famous AI, ChatGPT. This technology interacts in a conversational way and helps you to develop interesting content in the most varied styles. Everything will depend on the commands you use in the chatbot. The software is trained through machine learning and has access to a large database of texts published online. With this, it is able to collect information to create the most diverse content.

ChatGPT can be a great ally in your writing process. This is because it is capable of optimizing the work of several hours and even eliminates the boredom of those days when you need to do repetitive tasks. However, it is always worth noting that OpenAI’s AI only has information until 2021. Therefore, always check that what is being said by it is true.

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What are the best tools to create texts with artificial intelligence?

Without a doubt, Jasper deserves the top spot in our ranking of the best AI for text creation. After all, this platform is intuitive and capable of helping professional writers. The artificial intelligence offers features like Headlime and Shortly AI which have pre-built prompts and AI-based writing assistance to generate unlimited texts. In addition, it allows you to rewrite content found on the internet, avoiding plagiarism.

Taking the silver medal is WriteSonic, which also deserves a place on our podium of the best AI text generators. The AI is able to create texts based on user preferences and needs. It also develops sketches, sets the tone for content, and blends different creations into a single document. Furthermore, WriteSonic has a built-in plagiarism checker and over 60 powerful writing features.

In third place, we’ll highlight AI-Writer, easily one of the best tools to generate texts. It works amazingly well to create texts quickly while citing sources, so you always know everything written is correct. Further, it also lets you reword texts and even helps you find new topics to write about.

Which platform writes texts by itself?

Jasper, Writesonic, and AI-Writer are capable of creating texts by themselves. These artificial intelligence platforms make content written in different formats, from journalistic to humorous. Further, the content offered by these AIs is free of grammatical errors.

How to know if a text was written by artificial intelligence?

There are some platforms for this, like Copyleaks. However, it is also possible to know if a text was written by AI in some cases, just by reading it. After all, software like ChatGPT often presents an exaggerated repetition of some words, phrases, and styles.

What area of ​​artificial intelligence can handle text?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) uses algorithms to be able to perform tasks, such as processing, generating, and creating texts as close as possible to a human being. In this sense, some points are executed, such as speech recognition and sentiment analysis.

What are the three types of artificial intelligence?

Reactive artificial intelligence, which performs specific tasks, but does not have continuous learning. Limited artificial intelligence, which is capable of learning only within a specific context. General artificial intelligence, which has cognitive abilities close to those of humans.

What is the most used artificial intelligence?

Google is the most used artificial intelligence. Although many do not consider the search engine to be an AI, it has great features of this technology, such as speech recognition, automatic translation, and image search.

What is the most powerful artificial intelligence in the world?

GPT-4 is undoubtedly the most powerful artificial intelligence today. In contrast to its initial versions, this AI has a deep understanding of the context of a question. As a result, it is able to generate more accurate and relevant answers.

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