The 15 best mystery games for Android and iPhone

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Among so many mobile games available nowadays, some of the best and most popular are investigation and mystery games. It’s good that there are a lot of titles specific to Google Play Store and App Store for both Android and iOS devices respectively.

If you are looking for games like that, just check out our list down below to find out the games that we believe to be the very best of the genre!

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1. White Night

white night

In this game your character suffers an accident near a forest and must find refuge in an old mansion. There, you’ll have to investigate the story of the mansion and the strange happenings you’ve been noticing since you first entered those grounds.

The game is very interesting, counts with challenging puzzles and a gorgeous visual presentation, especially appealing to those that like that noir aesthetic. Click here to download it.

2. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

In Ghost Trick you take on the role of a ghost with no memory of their past life, and you must find out who killed you and why.

You’ll have to all of this in a single night, since your spirit will fade away when sun rises. A different plot than most mystery games, we would say, and you may download the game here.

3. The Last Express

The Last Express is a fairly well-known game for PC originally released on 1997 that received a mobile version some years ago.

In this game you’ll need to talk with the people aboard a train to unveil certains mysteries. Everything goes on in real time and the different passengers speak their native tongues, posing a linguistic challenge that is rare to see. Click here to download the game.

4. Cognition

Our next suggestion is Cognition, a game that puts you in control of an FBI agent while she investigates four different cases related to serial killers.

Like in most mystery games, you’ll conduct your investigations, and you will find multiple clues to help you solve cases, which may end up being quite challenging. You can check out the game by clicking this link.

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5. Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective Mystery Game

adam wolfe

In Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective Mystery Game, you are in the body of a paranormal detective that must investigate crimes with a hint of the supernatural.

Each case you solve will give you a clue regarding the larger narrative at play here, which adds to the pace of the game and makes it more captivating. Click here to download it.

6. Blackwell 1: Legacy

In Blackwell 1: Legacy, your character finds out she has supernatural powers and can communicate with the dead. With that, your objective now is to help the spirits roaming New York.

It’s an interesting game with even better sequels in case you like this one. Click here to download the game and check it out, and don’t forget to check out the entire gallery of mystery games by the same developer if you like this one.

7. Shivah

Shivah is a very different game, since it focus on a rabbi that needs to bring more people to his synagogue. Your problems begin one of the members of your congregation dies and leaves a huge amount of money to your character.

With that, he needs to investigate the origins of this money and other mysteries that develop as the game goes and the plot moves forward. Check out the game here.

8. Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered

Now on Beneath a Steel Sky, the character Robert Foster must escape his kidnappers and avenge the death of his family. In order to do that, you’ll need to solve puzzles and investigate clues regarding what is happening, a standard for mystery games. You may click this link to download the game.

9. Lost Echo

The game Lost Echo is pretty simple, but very interesting. The protagonist sees his girlfriend disappear and does everything in his power to find out what happened and why nobody remembers her.

There’s a lot of puzzles, clues and characters to interact with, so it is a title worth checking out. Click here to download it.

10. Calvino Noir

calvino noir

Calvino Noir is a game that focuses a lot on exploration and adventure, being set on 1930s Europe inspired on the noir style of old. The only problem here is that the last two chapters of the game must be bought, but they might be worth your money if you liked the beginning. Click here to check it out.

11. Agent Alice

Agent Alice is a very fun game that mixes the best of action and mystery games. You take the role of special agent Alice Wallace, who is out to solve multiple cases and challenging puzzles.

The game has an interesting plot that goes beyond the criminal world, making it possible to know more about Alice’s personal life as well as other characters’. Click here to check out how to download it.

12. Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes

Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes is not like other mystery games, since the main focus is solving puzzles in different cases. Even then, it is a fun game worth checking out if you are into the puzzle genre and like that mystery flavor.

Download it right here!

13. Who Is The Killer

Who is the Killer is an interesting game, even though the premise is not that original. Here you have to find out who is the killer behind the deaths happening every day.

As all suspects have a mysterious past and good reasons to commit crimes, the games gradually becomes more challenging as it goes on. Click here to download it.

14. CSI: Hidden Crimes

If you like the CSI shows, there is not reason why you shouldn’t try the games based on it. In CSI: Hidden Crimes, you’ll be able to customize your character, investigate crime scenes and interact with agents seen on the show.

The game itself is fairly interesting and counts with multiple cases written by the same scriptwriters of the show, adapted to fit the mystery games formula. Click here to download it on your smartphone.

15. Another Case Solved

In Another Case Solved, you’ll be a detective that will have to go through multiple challenges, find clues and solve the greater mystery that is the main plot of the game.

The game is fun and lends itself to people who want to take it slowly, being able to play it little by little, which makes it more enjoyable in an unique way. If this caught your eye, click here to download it.

Did you like these mystery games suggestions?

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