15 best software and websites to download games!

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It is so much easier in the current day to have access to games, whether on your PC or on your mobile device – check out the best mobile multiplayer games. There are many websites and apps where you can download free games or at well-below market prices, and you don’t even need a device that powerful to run most of them.

To help you find some of the best websites and apps for you to download your favorite games, we’ve created this very complete list, which you can read down below!

1. Steam 

Steam is easily the most popular platform for those who want to buy and play games on PC. You have not only games at very low prices in many daily, weekly, annual, and seasonal sales, but many free games on this website.

The best part is that, when you install Steam, you end up with most of your games well-organized in a single library. Follow this link to download it and find out which ones are the best free games on Steam!


2. Origin

Origin is another amazing piece of software where you can buy and download your games, but almost all you can find there is developed by Electronic Arts.

In fact, this company’s games can only be found in this app if you want to buy the PC version, so it is necessary to have it installed on your computer. The good news is that you can find some free games with the “On the house” program. Learn more about Origin here!

3. Uplay

Uplay is very similar to the two software we’ve talked about previously, but it works exclusively for the games produced and developed by Ubisoft, being one of the best websites to download games. Unlike Origin, it is not mandatory, since you can buy the company’s PC games on other platforms (including Steam).

Still, we highly recommend it because there are many games that are offered for free or with very low prices on sales throughout the year. You can download the app by following this link!

4. GOG

GOG is a website that originally was meant to offer older PC games in a simpler way to gamers, since many of those weren’t available digitally before.

Recently, the store has grown and offers games of all types, from all times, other than offering large sales, promotions and even several free games. Learn more about GOG here!

5. Blizzard Battle.net

Battle.net is a much more specific application, since it only offers games made by Blizzard (and the ones the company has partnered up with), such as Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft, among others.

A highlight of this option is that they very frequently do sales for their players, offer fre trials and many of their games are even free-to-play. You can see more by following this link.

Blizzard Battle.net websites to download games

6. Google Play Store

If you’re looking for games to play on your Android smartphone – we have a list to help you out with the best Android games -, there’s no better choice than Google Play Store, which has an app and offer websites to download anything you want.

Most of the games you can find there are completely free to download, but there are some paid options worth checking out. Follow this link to see more!

7. Windows Store

For those on the most recent Windows versions on their computers, taking a look at the Windows Store could be a nice idea if you’re after games.

There are many recent releases that you can buy there, as well as many free-to-play alternatives you might be interested in. Check out the store here!

8. Itch.io

If you’re into indie games, Itch.io is the best website you’ll find. There are some games from already established studios and many fro developers who are starting out in the area.

Many of the games are paid, but it still is possible to find many free options on the website. And it even offers you a desktop app so you can easily organize your library! Learn more by following the link.

9. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is one of the most interesting options in this list, since a chunk of the profits fro the games they sell is redirected towards charity institutions. The amount is set by the buyer.

Other than a more normal store, the website also offers bundles of games at very low prices and a subscription plan on which you’ll get high-quality games every month. Learn more about Humble Bundle here.

10. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming satore is quite new, but it has already managed to stand out from the other options. It offers new game releases for fair prices and does sales regularly.

Since they don’t have an app, the games you buy can be redeemed directly on Steam, which can be seen as a big advantage. Check out its store on this link!

Green Man Gaming websites to download games

11. Kinguin

This platform is somewhat different from the other options we’ve mentioned, since it offers a safe space for gamers to sell, buy and trade games, items and skins among themselves.

Other platforms such as Steam, PlayStation 4 and GOG are completely ccompatible, which gives the users even more possibilities. An interesting part is that you can have your money or product back within 30 days should anything go wrong. Go to Kinguin here!

12. G2A

G2A works in a very similar manner to Kinguin, since it offers a safe way for gamers to trade, sell and buy digital games from others. The difference is that you can trade codes for any platform, whether they are consoles or a computer.

Another interesting aspect is that the store also has sales for random codes, where you can buy one or more Steam games and get codes for other random games. You can check out the store by following this link.

13. Free Game Downloads

Free Game Downloads is an older alternative among the best websites to download games, offering many classic options for you to download at will. The largest advantage is that its entire library can be downloaded for free!

Of course, some of the older games might need some fine-tuning so that they can work properly in more modern operating systems. Follow this link to see more!

14. Free Game Empire

Free Game Empire is a very intersting website, since you don’t even need to download the games they offer, if you don’t want to. Almost everything can be played directly on your browser, which is a good way to try out everything you find.

Just like in Free Game Downloads’ case, most of the games are very old, but also free. You can check out the website by following this link.

15. GamersGate

GamersGate is another great alternative for those who want to play on PC or on Mac. The web store has a great game catalog, going from the leargest releases in the industry to some fo the most interesting indie games you can find.

Another cool aspect is that the platform offers a rewards program that depends heavily on your participation and interaction on the website. You can learn more about GamersGate by following this link.

GamersGate websites to download games

Did you like the apps and websites to download games?

So, did you learn about any new options so that you can download your games with more ease? Leave a comment with your opinion on these options and don’t forget to also check out all the best iPhone games, the best browser games and remember to always keep track of your temps with the best CPU temperature monitors!