How to download paid Android games for free!

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Even though most of the Android games are free, there are several different paid options that are worth the price tag. The problem is that, more often than not, you just don’t have enough money to spare on a mobile game. However, there’s an easy way for you to download paid Android games for free!

And, before your mind goes straight to piracy, we’ll make it clear that’s not the case. Our tutorial teaches you how to get legal games, without having to spend a single penny,

For that reason, we will use one of the best money-making apps, the one called Google Opinion Rewards. It is an app made by Google itself that performs customer researches and gives out prizes as credit to use on the Play Store.

By using this credit you will be able to download paid Android games for free. In the next steps, check out the steps to use it and don’t forget to also check out our article about the best ways to make money online!

How to use Google Opinion Rewards

1 – Follow this link to download the Google Opinion Rewards app on your phone;

2 – Open up the app and log in with your Google account;

3 – Type in your name and postal code, as well as your country;

account setup

4 – Type in your birth day to finish it;

5 – Now, select your age range and tap Continue;

6 – Choose your gender to proceed;

7 – Choose the languages you can understand;

8 – After answering to that question, your profile will be created, and you’ll be able to answer to your very first survey. Wait for the notification to come, and it will be a tutorial provided by Google itself. Check out down below how your screen should look like:

answer survey button download paid Android games for free

9 – Tap Answer survey;

10 – Answer the questions in the tutorial. It wont get you any Google Play credits, but you’ll get more used to the tool;

survey example download paid Android games for free

11 – After answering all of the questions, you’ll be ready to get new surveys from the platform!

Tip: Do you want to improve the likelihood of getting new surveys to learn how to download paid Android games for free? Enable the geolocation on your device while you’re outside!

Most of the surveys in Google Opinion Rewards is about stores or other places of business. This way, you will be able to get enough credit to purchase your first games without spending a penny!

How to download paid Android games for free?

Now that you already know how to use Google Opinion Rewards and you have enough dough to get your new game, open up the app again and tap the Play Store button.

play store button

Look for the game you want to purchase and tap the green button with its pricetag;

Check if you have enough money to get it and tap Buy to confirm!

5 alternatives to use your Play Store credits

You’ve already learned how to download paid games for free on Android by using Opinion Rewards, but did you know that’s not the only possibility? Check out down below 5 other ways to use your Play Store credits!

  • Premium coins in free games: If you use your phone to play any of the best mobile multiplayer games, for instance, you can use the credits to get items inside the games;
  • Apps: Other than games, you can purchase any type of paid app that’s available on the Google Play Store. Whether they are apps to add text to videos, apps to get free WiFi, or any other;
  • Rent or purchase movies: If you have a Chromecast, renting or buying movies from the Play Store is an interesting alternative. The app store by Google offers two options: renting, in which you can watch movies only once, or purchasing, which grants you unlimited access;
  • Books, audiobooks, and comics: Your credits on Google Opinion Rewards can be used to further your reading books or listening to audiobooks habit. On the Books tab on the Play Store, you’ll have access to the digital collection on the store. When buying a book, you’ll be able to read it on any of your devices on Google Play Books;
  • Music albums or Google Play Music subscription: If for you the acte of listening to music is focused in listening to entire albums, this is the best option for you. Other than that, you can also use your credits to pay the subscription for Google Play Music, but keep in mind you need to pay it monthly so your plan doesn’t stop.

Did you learn how to download paid Android games for free?

Now that you know how to use these credits for buying games (and much more), what do you want to spend your money on? Let us know in the comments!