Top 13 best slow-motion apps you can use!

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If you want to start creating new videos for business ads, to use or promote your own social media platforms, or for any other reason, being able to fully control the speed of your videos is paramount. For that reason, we have selected some of the best apps with the slow-motion effect!

If you are interested in doing that, controlling the playback speed to simulate a timelapse, feel free to keep reading our article down below, where you’ll find out which ones are the best apps for that!

1. Movavi Video Editor

To start off our list with the best apps to use a speed-up or a slow-motion effect on your videos, we have Movavi, an absolutely amazing piece of software that can only be used on Mac and on Windows computers. On this application, you can edit your videos thoroughly, adding all sorts of effects you might want.

Some of the other features found on Movavi are the ability to convert any PowerPoint file into a video, to edit PDFs and pictures, to record your screen (which nets it a spot among the best free screen recording software), convert all your videos, and, of course, edit them.

The editing process is very comprehensive, including several different filters, themes, cutting and splitting tools, resizing, and more. It also includes audio editing, so all your creations can look more professional. To learn more about Movavi, you can just follow this link to the platform’s official website!


2. is another one of the best options you can use when it comes to apps that let you control the speed of your videos, as well as edit them. Just like on Movavi, is an alternative exclusive for computers, and it doesn’t offer any versions to use on your phone.

On the upside, you can choose to use it on your favorite web-browser, which means that if your phone is good enough you should be able to edit your videos on a mobile browser.

Thorugh, you will have access to a ginormous video and image library that you can use on anything you create to get even better results. This makes this option ideal for marketing companies, for instance.

Among its editing tools, you’ll have access to cutting, splitting, speeding up and speeding down your videos, the ability to add text to videos, use free music, and a lot more. To start using, follow this link right now!

3. Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the most comprehensive and well-rounded-out alternatives when it comes to the apps to use a slow-motion effect on your videos, it also offers its users not only easily record their computer’s screen, but also perform other edits and adjustments to their videos.

It is heavily community-supported, so you’ll find many tutorials, demos, training videos, and more, all created by those who also use this software. Camtasia is ideal for newcomers to video editing since it is extremely easy to learn and attain amazing results.

It offers several incredible tools, including a myriad of templates from which you can choose, a very simplified editing tool, audio and video recording, a lot of free audio tracks, themes, green screen capability, and much more. To start using it, follow this link to enjoy its free trial.

4. Filmr

When it comes to smartphone apps through which you can add in a slow-motion filter, Filmr is definitely among the best. It lets you playback all your videos either at a slower or at a faster speed, which means it is great for those who want to create special effects and then post on social media platforms to get more followers.

On Filmr, you will be able to record videos on the go or use your already existing footage from the camera roll. Beyond that, you can edit them thoroughly with features and tools such as cutting, resizing, and even adding augmented reality to them!

This app is available both for Android devices on the Play Store or for iOS devices on the App Store for free. However, if you don’t want to have to deal with ads, and you want your videos to not have a watermark, you will have to acquire the pro version.

Filmr best slow-motion apps

5. SloPro

SloPro is among the best alternatives for iOS devices, whether they are iPhones or iPad, to change the speed of your videos. Not only does it edit your videos at will, but you can also change everything they contain to much faster or slower speeds. Even better, it lets you record new videos, on the fly, at up to 1000 FPS!

The app offers a large number of different (and amazing) video editing features, most of which are directly related to the video playback speed. It also lets you share everything you create on your favorite social media platforms, and even with the app’s own community. Follow this link to download it on the App Store.

6. TiltShift Video

TiltShift Video is yet another amazing option you can use among the apps that offer the slow-motion feature, which you can use to create great videos on iOS devices. It is very easy to use this app to add effects to you videos, and it does s surprisingly quickly. It even lets you save your favorite settings to use in the future!

This app will let you process any image from your library, and even to extract specific still frames from any of your videos in high-definition. You can also increase the speed of your videos to simulate a timelapse effect, or to reduce it to simulate a slow-motion effect.

Other than that, it offers control over the brightness, the saturation, the contrast, the vignette, and a lot more, all for you to achieve the best possible results. Follow this link to the official website to learn more about TiltShift Video.

7. Perfect Video

A great app you can use to change up just how fast your videos play is Perfect Video, which offers you so many editing features and capabilities that make it amazing for any iPhone user. On this app, you can cut, combine, divide, invert, and rotate your videos, as well as add text to them, and a lot more.

It lets you playback two videos, side by side, at the same time, lets you create mosaics, to change the colors in your videos, and it even offers support to chroma key (or green screen), which lets you replace a solid background in any of your videos. Follow this link to the App Store to download Perfect Video right now!

8. KineMaster

KineMaster is yet another of the best options among the slow-motion apps that are available on all mobile platforms (that is to say, both Android and iOS). It is free to use, but unfortunately, on its free version all videos you make will have a watermark, and you’ll see ads.

On the upside, through Kinemaster you can use several different video layers, add images, stickers, text, and more. Other than that, you can invert your videos, merge different recordings, add dubs and other such audios, and, of course, change the speed, speeding up or slowing down.

Go to the App Store or the Play Store to download what is one of the best video editing apps for iPhone!

KineMaster best slow-motion apps

9. Lapse It

In Lapse It, we find a relatively complete video editing tool, which offers you several different features. Its biggest highlight is the ability to change the playback speed on your videos, so you can create a timelapse or a slow-motion effect. It also lets you import videos from your camera roll so you can edit them.

Among its features, Lapse It lets you export your videos in MP4 and MOV, to share your videos directly on many social media platforms, to control focus, the white balance, the exposure, and a lot more. Through this app, you can also use your front-facing camera when recording your videos, another important difference. Learn more about it on the official website!

10. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto is yet another alternative among the best apps to use slow-motion, and it also features a wide array of tools and functionalities beyond that. Through this app, you can add music, special effects, cut your videos, and a whole lot more, all on your smartphone.

It also lets you create the best possible videos so you can get popular on Instagram or to expand your business in an easy and elegant way. It is available for you to use on the web, for Android, and for iOS. Learn more about Magisto on its official website!

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11. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a great option if you want to change up the speed on your videos. It is particularly comprehensive, making it great for anyone who wants to edit their videos. It offers you several different high-quality editing tools, which will ensure that you’ll get amazing results to share.

You can import both videos and photos, merging them to create whatever you want to, while using its real-time preview. It also lets you import directly via social media platforms, and export in ideal formats for Instagram and YouTube. Do everything you could possibly think of in this app when it comes to editing, and download it by following this link.

12. InShot Video Editor

InShot is another amazing option available for anyone who wants to edit their videos. It lets its users export their creations directly to some of the largest social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.

Among the many editing tools to which you’ll have access are included the ability to change the speed, to add effects, text to videos, many different emojis, songs, and over 1000 stickers!

Of course, it includes the most basic editing features, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and exposition control, to split your videos, to resize them, to merge several videos into one, to rotate them, and to add your own music. Discover all of that and a lot more on the Play Store or on the App Store!

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InShot Video Editor best slow-motion apps

13. Vizmato

To finish off our list, we also have to mention Vizmato, a really good app to speed up and reduce the speed in your videos. It also lets you record videos in up to HD quality using any camera in your device, inserting afterward themes and filters to obtain a great result.

It is easy to use, but you’ll find all the best features found in some of the most complicated apps, with over 40 effects, 20 themes, a GIF recorder, and even the possibility of choosing from the over 30 free songs to use on your videos. Download it for Android or for iOS right now!

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