The 10 best karaoke apps on Android and iPhone

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Do you love to sing, but you are having a rough time finding good karaoke places in your city? How about singing in your own home by turning your phone into a karaoke machine with karaoke apps?

In order to help you in this endeavor, we’ve selected the best karaoke apps we could find! With them, you’ll be able to sing your favorite songs and have fun among friends without even having to leave your own home. Besides singing, you can also tune your voice, since most of the apps down below will allow you to learn how to improve your singing voice, even if you don’t have a voice coach nearby.

If you are looking for Android music players, you can try these! But if you are on iPhone and would like to know where to download music, you can try these options!

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1. Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Song‪s

The first app on this list is offered as a free option for users to sing karaoke while using YouTube. In order to do that, it is necessary to access the channel through the Yokee channel, the app developer, or through the vast number of videos available on the platform.

More than singing, you’ll be able to record and share it online through social networks like Facebook or through YouTube itself. You can also use a lot of different sound effects, like autotune, tone correction and harmonies, so you’ll be able to sing songs from different genres and languages.

However, there are certain features that are blocked by the premium version, which might be purchased by watching ads or by paying the subscription (price may vary depending on where you are living). Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs is available both on Android as well as on iOS.

karaoke apps screen

2. Singa

This one is likely to be among the top karaoke apps on this list. Singa offers the song lyrics horizontally, to maximize that feeling of traditional karaoke. It also has a very complete and diverse selection of songs from pretty much everywhere, with over 80.000 songs with lyrics.

It is very simple to use, allowing for organizing by music genre, name or artist, making it way easier to search for anything you feel like listening to. There’s also a list of songs to sing for different occasions. If you want to download it, you can find it on the Google Play Store.

3. Smule

Smule is one of the most popular and well-rated karaoke apps out there, available for any smartphone. With it, you’ll be able to sing your favorite songs and record yourself singing them, customizing the audio with a diverse number of sound effect and audio improvement tools.

This app has over 800.000 different songs for you to sing alone or in duos with your friends. Your screen is segmented in two, so you’ll be able to watch the artists singing while you sing yourself, and at the end your performance will be graded.

It is a free app, but there are a lot of exclusive songs offered to weekly subscribers. Smule is available to download for Android and iOS.

4. Karaoke Lite

A completely free app, Karaoke Lite offers something other karaoke apps don’t often offer: voice search. You’ll be able to search for the songs you are thinking of using your voice, which is very helpful to some people. Besides the voice search feature, you’ll also be able to share your recordings online with your friends.

You can sing whatever song you’d like, as it supports the most popular choices out there. Keep in mind that the recordings will be of your voice only. Karaoke Lite is available for Android, and you can download it through here.

Karaoke Lite

5. The Voice

This is one of the karaoke apps that simulates the reality show of the same name, allowing the user to experience the TV show in a much smaller scale. Much like how the reality competition show goes, you have the option to battle other people, allowing you to challenge your friends. Naturally, you’ll also get the iconic evaluation at the end of your act.

There’s a vast selection of songs here from multiple genres, so you’ll never run out of what to sing. It is worth noting, however, that great part of the songs are blocked by a weekly subscription feature, which you have a chance to earn if your performances are very high quality. Download The Voice app for iOS or for Android.

6. Midifun Karaoke

Karaoke apps don’t have to be complicated, and Midifun Karaoke’s simple and basic interface prove it. Still, it has a good amount of features and is completely free, with no VIP, premium or microtransactions within the app.

The lyrics shown to you are very precise in their content, something that a vast majority of karaoke apps unfortunately aren’t. There’s also a guessing game, where the user can test their knowledge about their favorite songs and more. It is available exclusively for Android.

7. StarMaker

One of the best karaoke apps you can find, StarMaker has as its main appeal a large music catalogue that is being constantly renovated and diversified. Besides that, you can edit the karaoke as you see fit!

Unfortunately, the majority of the songs are blocked by in-app purchases and microtransactions, a huge negative in a lot of apps like this. It should be noted, however, that you can unlock songs by singing and achieving good results.

In case you want to download this app with over 50 million users, follow the link to the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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8. Voloco

Voloco is more than just one more of those karaoke apps, it is also an excellent app for voice processing. Within it, you’ll find options like vocoders and timbre changes. It also offers packs with predetermined sound effects for your to sounds however you like.

You can sing your songs, the ones you have in your smartphone, or you can sing those offered by the app, but without their respective lyrics. To download this app, follow the link for Android or for iOS.

9. SingTrue

This is an excellent app to sing karaoke, counting with a lot of features that set it apart from other karaoke apps on this list. It offers, obviously, the option to sing karaoke and record yourself doing so, but it also allows you to learn how to sing using available tools.

SingTime counts with more than 30 different exercises and examples for you to listen to, besides allowing you to see the progress you’ve made. If you think you have a bad voice, you should know that that is probably not the case! Almost everyone can learn to sing and use their voice better, something this app can help you with.

The only real negative point of this app is the necessity of buying the complete version, where you can perform all the exercises. Go to the App Store to download it for your iPhone.

10. Kakoke

We are at the end of our karaoke apps list with the slightly confusingly-named Kakoke, an option that allows you to sing all the karaoke songs in the world. Through the app, you’ll be able to share songs, photos, sites, comments and status reports for your friends, using it as a social network.

It offers high quality voice recording, the option to add a variety of sound effects in real time, voice editing before and after the recording and tone improvements, among other excellent features. It is exclusive for Android, and you can download it through the Play Store.


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