How to download free music on Free Music Archive

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Even though it is not a well-known platform, Free Music Archive is an excellent and well-made website used mostly to download free music. Every song is free of royalties, which means they can be downloaded and even used on videos or other projects without you having to pay anything. Sure you won’t find any popular or mainstream songs, but it is still an excellent website for the specific task of assembling an acceptable soundtrack. That’s why we wrote this guide on how to download free music on Free Music Archive.

In case this introduction caught your eye, check it all out down below on our tutorial! In case you are looking for apps that download mainstream music, you can always check this list right here.

How to download free music on Free Music Archive

There are some ways to download free music on this website. There are certain filters that you can use to guarantee that it is possible use the song on other types on content, like videos, for example. We’ll explain everything down below.

Step 1: for starters, open the website in your internet browser and click on “Search FMA”. In case you are looking for internet browser recommendations, click here.

Free Music Archive's main page

Step 2: on the next screen, you’ll see a lot of options and different tabs. The generally most important ones are the tab “curators” and “charts”. “Curators” will list you the people curating the songs on the website, while “charts” will show you the recent level of interest on the songs.

The tabs

Basically, you’ll be able to use these tabs to find music that piques your interest.

Step 3: if you want to use the “Genres” tab, for example, just hover your mouse over the tab. This will show you all the available genres. It is an excellent manner to download free music of a specific genre in case you need something to match a certain mood.

The genres tab

Step 4: naturally, if you already have a song in mind, you can always just use the search bar! The bar itself has multiple filters right to its side.

FMA's search bar

Step 5: on “License”, you’ll be able to select what kind of license you want the song to have. You can choose between public domain, commercial use, use in remixes or videos and other options. This is going to depend a lot on what are you using this platform for.

The License tab to check if you can download free music you found

Step 6: you can also choose what kind of genre you are looking for in this search bar while also using other filters. You’ll be able to select more than one musical genre this time around, differently than the previous genre tab.

The Genre tab

Step 7: if you want to, it is possible to click on “More” to select the minimum and maximum duration of the songs you are looking for. This can be useful if you aren’t particularly keen on editing audio for your project, for example.

The More tab to find songs and download free music

Step 8: these are the ways you can find music on this website, but now its time to learn how to download free music using it. As soon as you have found the song you are looking for, you’ll see an arrow pointing downwards on the right side of the player.

The arrow highlighted

Step 9: click on this arrow to start and you’ll be taken to another page, during which the song will start playing. Click with the right mouse button atop the player and choose “save audio as…”.

"save audio as..." option highlighted to download free music

Now just let it download and wait for it to be concluded. It shouldn’t take long before you are able to enjoy your song in whatever way you prefer. Everything according to the licenses allowed, of course.

In any case, you could probably see how easy it is to download free music using the Free Music Archive, couldn’t you? You can do the same to any song you find there. If you are looking for something a little different than what you found here, here’s a list of apps to listen to music while offline!

Do you think it is better to use an app?

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