Top 14 best call recording apps for Android!

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Even though this is an extremely useful feature, the ability of recording any call you make or receive on your Android phone is not something you always find natively, making it so that you need to use some apps if you want to be able to do it.

Currently, it is easy to find many call recording apps on Google’s Play Store, but there are a few with extra features and improved tools. You can check out which ones we recommend you use in our list down below!

1. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is by far one of the best apps in this category, since not only is it very easy to use, it also is compatible with almost all Android devices, even the older models.

It lets you record as many calls as you needed, whether automatically or manually. This app is free to use, –

2. Call Recorder – Cube ACR

Call Recorder – Cube ACR is another quite interesting app that gives you even more options when you want to record your calls. Other than letting you record your regular calls as is expected. it can also be used to record calls in apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many others.

The best thing is, not only is it completely free for anyone to use, you won’t even have to deal with ads! Follow this link and see more!

3. Google Voice

Of course, Google wouldn’t miss the opportunity of also having what is one of the best call recording apps for Android. With Google Voice installed, you can use a completely free phone number and record all your actions directly on the app.

However, it is worth mentioning that this is not available in all regions yet, so your experience might be quite limited. You can go to the Play Store to learn more and find out if it is available for you!

4. Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder ACR is another great alternative that will work in pretty much any Android device, partly because of how lightweight it is.

It can be used to record all calls automatically, offering also support to cloud storage services so that you can upload your audios and free up your device storage. Follow this link to download it.

5. Smart Call Recorder – SCR

SCR is another excellent option you can try out in our list with the call recording apps for Android. Other than recording any incoming or outgoing calls, you can also choose the source (microphone, spears, and more), as well as record the audios in different formats.

You will also have the possibility of protecting your recordings with a password, ensuring your privacy. Follow this link and download this app for free!

Smart Call Recorder – SCR call recording apps for Android

6. Call Recorder (Smart Mobile Tools)

This call recorder is very similar to most of the other apps on our list. This app also records your calls in high quality without any time limits, with a very intuitive design that lets you easily access your recordings, edit them, and much more.

Beyond that, it also organizes your call logs and the audios are recorded to the folders you choose. Follow this link if you want to know more about it!

7. RMC: Android Call Recorder

Next up, we have RMC: Android Call Recorder, which is not only generally a great app, it’s also one of the most versatile you can find nowadays in this category.

It works to record any kind of call you want, also offering support to several audio formats, which grants you many more options when saving the files. You can just follow this link to download it.

8. Automatic Call Recorder (Recorder & Smart Apps)

Automatic Call Recorder by Recorder & Smart Apps is one of the most well-rated call recording apps you can download on Google Play Store, so it is certainly worth at least taking a look.

It also lets you record and sort all your calls, either manually or automatically. Free to use, this option can also record Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger calls. Follow this link to download it.

9. Call Recorder (lovekara)

Call Recorder, developed by lovekara, is yet another option among the apps for those who want to record their calls automatically, either incoming or outgoing.

Other than that, you can also save all the audios in MP3 and then transfer them to an SD card if necessary. If can be used for free, but it also offers an ad-free premium version. Follow this link to download it.

10. All Call Recorder Lite 2020

All Call Recorder Lite 2020 is a much simpler app than the other apps we’ve talked about previously, only offering the most basic resources for call recording.

If all you want is an easy to use app that doesn’t have advanced features, this is by far our best recommendation. To download this application, go to the Play Store.

All Call Recorder Lite 2020 call recording apps for Android

11. Call Recorder – CallsBOX

CallsBxo is a free-to-use app with which you can easily record calls o your phone by simply shaking it. The app will automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls and stores them on your phone, on the cloud, or shares them to other apps such as Skype and WhatsApp.

Beyond that, you can also save all the audios in different formats and quality, protecting them with a password. Follow this link to download it.

12. Automatic Call Recorder Pro

As the name itself already suggests, this is the perfect app for those who want to record their phone calls automatically. You can even set it up to automatically upload all recordings to cloud storage services.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro can be used for free, but it also offers a lot more features in its premium version. You can download it by following this link.

13. All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder is a somewhat simpler alternative, particularly if we’re talking about its user interface. In any case, it will record your incoming and outgoing calls to 3gp files.

It offers the possibility of automatically sending the recordings to emails, chat apps, Bluetooth, and cloud storage. You can download it for free by following this link!

14. Call Recorder ACR (Cherinbo)

And, to finish off our list, we also have Call Recorder ACR developed by Cherinbo. This app promises to record both sides of any call in an extremely clear way, in high quality.

It offers support to several audio formats, is easy to use, and is compatible with almost all Android devices. You can easily download it by following this link.

Call Recorder ACR (Cherinbo)

Did you like any of the best call recording apps for Android?

Let us know in the comments if you found any good alternatives to use! And don’t forget to also check out the best mobile multiplayer games, the best Android games, and learn how to use TikTok!

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