Top 11 apps to make Instagram highlight covers!

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Editing images to use on social media platforms can be one of the greatest challenges for anyone who wants to become a digital influencer but is inexperienced. After all, not many people have access to digital design courses and are familiar with tools such as Photoshop, which is one of the best apps to make Instagram highlight covers.

However, it has been a while since it’s been necessary to take some advanced classes to create simple (and good) images for your social networks. Nowadays, a large number of apps are available for anyone to use with ease and make the best highlight covers for their Instagram posts to attract more followers!

Check out down below which ones are these apps.

1. PlaceIt

To start off this list we have what by far is one of the most complete and best apps and websites for more complete and complex image designs. On PlaceIt, amateurs can create designs that look like they were made by professionals, which only increases the value of your account and of your posts.

It is more geared towards business ends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use PlaceIt for your personal account to create your own brand. You can even choose to create professional-looking ads to use on other platforms!

Among all the amazing features it offers, you’ll find over 20 thousand pre-made templates, with which you can then create your logo, customize layouts, include text animations, and so much more. All of that, of course, without any advanced graphic design knowledge.

All of the templates mentioned are created by design professionals, just to make it even more accessible for amateurs! If you want to start using it and create your free account, you can simply follow this link!


2. Canva

Possibly the most well-known image editor found among the best apps to make highlight covers on Instagram, Canva is available in three different ways: as an app for web browsers, as an app for Android, and as an app for iOS!

Other than that, it comes with many different templates you can use to create your own custom highlights, as well as your posts and your highlight covers for Instagram Stories. There’s no pre-set template for Instagram highlight covers, but it does let you create a custom template, so you’re set.

To do that, you simply have to select Custom dimensions and set the 1080 x 1920 px values in the box that will open up. Using Canva is a very easy task since all it takes is to click, drag, and drop the elements on the image, without the need to look for images on other free image websites.

It is worth noting that Canva lets you create images for a myriad of other social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, and many others. You can use Canva completely for free – but don’t forget to check out the advantages in its Pro version – by following this link.

3. Adobe Spark

Available on any web browser you want as well as through an app for iOS and for Android, Adobe Spark is a great tool to make your highlight covers for any social network you want. It offers a wide array of templates that you can filter according to the type of industry you work for.

Beyond that, you can create a cover in the ideal specifications for the type of post you want to make. The highlight covers, for instance, can easily be created by selecting the Instagram Story option on the Resize menu.

Adobe Spark comes with several templates for posts on Instagram, on Facebook, on their Stories – learn how to show temperature on Instagram Stories, and others. The app also offers its own stock image library that anyone can use without infringing on copyright.

Alongside all of that, it also comes with several video templates in the perfect format to be published. However, this feature is available in a separate iOS exclusive application. Follow this link and start using Adobe Spark right now!

4. PicMonkey

Another very well-known tool for image editing is PicMonkey. Just like on Canva, this app also offers drag and drop features for you to make your images much more easily.

It is worth noting that it can be a good idea to use more than a single option from the best apps to make Instagram highlight covers since each one offers its own stock image library for its users.

PicMonkey, beyond offering stock images, lets you upload your own images. When doing that, you have to be careful that you’re not working on a copyright-protected image, to avoid all your work going to waste.

PicMonkey offers Instagram specific templates. To use them, you just have to choose the Instagram Stories template for your highlight covers or any of the other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest. Follow this link to use it for free.

PicMonkey apps to make Instagram highlight covers

5. Visme

Much like what we’ve seen so far in the previous apps, Visme is another app for web browsers that offers you a decently-sized library with elements and images to create your Instagram covers.

Simple and easy to use, Visme even offers you several videos and tutorials teaching you how to use the platform to its full extent. With a wide variety of templates that include images for you to use on your blog posts and on your Instagram covers and other social media platforms, Visme is an amazing alternative.

Just like in Canva’s case, you won’t find a template with the correct size for Instagram’s highlight covers, but you can create a custom one. For that, start a new project and select the Custom Size option, setting it to 1080 x 1920 px. Learn more about Visme by following this link.

6. Over

Unlike the three apps to make Instagram highlight covers mentioned above, you can opt to use Over directly on your Android or iOS device. You can use the pictures you’ve taken on your phone as a background for your covers, adding text to the images or other elements.

Other than letting you use your own photos as background, Over offers over 10 thousand templates, fonts – check out the apps with fonts for Instagram -, and elements you can use to make your job quicker and create covers in a quick and simple manner.

Alongside the templates, you can also choose to create your highlight covers from scratch. All you need to do that is to start a new project and set its size to 1080 x 1920 px. Download Over right now on the App Store or on the Play Store.

7. Snappa

Snappa is another one of the best apps to make Instagram highlight covers, but that’s not to say it doesn’t offer features and templates for many other social media platforms, blogs, and even the old-fashioned, yet always trustworthy, e-mail.

Beyond covers, it comes with shapes to create your profile pictures on these social networks and ads, letting you easily use a round profile photo on Instagram. It is worth noting that, should you prefer, you can use the templates in custom resolutions.

Snappa has integration with other tools to post on Instagram directly on your PC, but it only lets you download three templates per month in its free version. Follow this link to try Snappa out on your browser and set the size to 1080 x 1920 to start creating your highlight covers!Snappa apps to make Instagram highlight covers

8. QuotesCover

If you’re one to use many quotes to inspire your followers on Instagram, QuotesCover might be the best alternative in this list for you. It is an app specialized in creating optimized covers for this type of post.

With templates for Instagram, Facebook, and Stories, it is really easy to make your posts with quotes by using this tool. You simply need to select from some of the options available.

It also comes with free images and elements to include on your posts, not limiting you to creating images that have text in them. If you want to create highlight covers for Instagram with QuotesCover, you simply have to choose the Social Media Story template to use it in the ideal format.

Learn more about QuotesCover and start using it by following this link!

9. Pablo

Created by the company responsible for one of the best scheduling apps for Instagram, Buffer, Pablo lets its users create whatever they want and then directly schedule their posts, making it one of the most convenient options to make your highlight covers.

Free to use, the editor comes with a format for the creation of posts in the perfect size for Instagram, for Facebook, for Twitter, and for Pinterest – use Pinterest’s template for Instagram’s covers. On the other hand, the options for covers and templates are more limited, so you can’t fully exercise your creativity.

Even so, the fact that it is so simple to use Pablo’s images and templates make it so creating simple content that really speaks to your audience is easy, even more so if you consider that you can schedule the post directly through the web app. Learn more about Pablo by following this link!

10. BeFunky

Another one of the most well-known options among the apps to make Instagram highlight covers is BeFunky, one that offers many easy-to-use features and an extensive library with backgrounds, elements, and fonts that you can use for free, making it one of the best options for beginners.

It is worth mentioning that Befunky also offers you templates made in the ideal resolution for the type of cover or post you want to make. However, for Instagram covers, we recommend that you use the Custom Template button and use the 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. Follow this link to see everything you can do with BeFunky!

BeFunky apps to make Instagram highlight covers

11. Desygner

To finish off our list with the best apps to make Instagram highlight covers, we have Desygner, one of the easiest to use apps alongside Canva. It can be used on any web browser you want as well as on mobile devices.

Desygner offers you templates in several different resolutions so you can create your posts for any social network without much hassle. Just like on most of the other apps, it offers you its own free library of stock images and elements you can use on your creations.

Alongside that, it is worth noting that whether you use it on the web or on mobile devices, you’ll have access to the same features, so you can customize your creations as you want. Learn more about Desygner on the official website or download it for Android or for iOS right now!

Which ones of these apps to make Instagram highlight covers do you prefer?

Now that you know some of the websites and apps that let you create covers for Instagram, try them out and find out which one offers the best-suited features for you! Let us know in the comments which one you like the most.

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