How to show temperature on Instagram Stories? (2023)

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There is a large variety of things you can do by using the stickers on Instagram Stories. Did you know you can even show the temperature where you are on Instagram Stories? If you are missing new Instagram features, check out here what to do!

Even though there are stickers that let you create polls or make questions – check out some of the most popular Instagram hashtags to go with them – to your followers, among others, the sheer amount of possibilities is endless. Learning how to show the temperature on Instagram Stories is just another one of them.

Whether you’re enjoying summertime in a nice beach or in some very unusual situations – such as snow in Texas -, you can show all about it to your friends and followers with the temperature sticker!

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How to enable GPS on Instagram?

The only requirement for you to be able to show your local temperature on Instagram Stories is by letting the app get access to your location. To do so, you must first enable your smartphone’s GPS by opening the quick settings menu by swiping down from the top and press on the Location icon.

Location quick settings

Tip: This tutorial is being made using a Samsung Galaxy J7, so your settings and ways to reach the settings may differ to your own device. However, they’re similar enough.

Next, you have to let Instagram to get access to your location. If you have been using Instagram for a while, it is likely that this setting is already enabled.

To enable it, you have to open the Settings app on your device and find the Applications menu;

Now, follow until you find Instagram on your list;

Instagram show temperature on Instagram Stories

Open the Permissions menu;

Permissions show temperature on Instagram Stories

Finally, enable the Location option.

Enable location

Done! Now you can start making your posts and learn how to show your temperature on Instagram Stories!

How to show the temperature on Instagram Stories

– Open Instagram and swipe to the right;

Swipe show temperature on Instagram Stories

2 – Create a Story normally. In the edit screen, go to the stickers button;

Sticker button show temperature on Instagram Stories

– Choose the icon that has a temperature measurement. Even before you add the sticker to your story, the accurate temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit) will be shown. Tap on it to show your temperature on Instagram Stories;

Sticker selection show temperature on Instagram Stories

4 – You can easily swap between Celsius and Fahrenheit by tapping on the sticker, as well as showing the status of how the sky is, in a cycle;

Sticker placed

5 – This is how you can show the temperature on your Instagram Stories. It is pretty simple, isn’t it? And, after having done this, you can also keep adding other stickers and editing your story as you wish. Click on Your story, on Close Friends, or on Send to to finish sharing your newest Instagram Stories!

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