15 best Super Mario Run tips for iPhone and Android

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After much reluctance, Japanese video game giant Nintendo released a game of its most famous icon for smartphones, “Super Mario Run”. Released on iPhone in December 2016, the 10/10 people’s favorite plumber finally made its debut on Android devices on March 23rd of 2017. As such, we’ve put together a list of the 15 best  Super Mario Run tips for iPhone and Android and become an expert in the new Mario and company game!

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1. Create an account on My Nintendo

Starting our list of tips for Super Mario Run, My Nintendo is something of a loyalty service for the company, with a variety of items and rewards available to fans of the company. Whether playing on smartphones or consoles, there are a number of benefits you can enjoy by creating and syncing a gaming profile with that account. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to play.

2. Don’t worry about small enemies

As shown in the tutorial stages, there is no need to worry about small enemies like the infamous Goombas and Koopa Troopa turtles. The protagonist automatically dodges them, as well as small obstacles and precipices.

3. How to Jump Higher in Super Mario Run

Starting with our tips for Super Mario Run regarding the hero’s abilities, tapping the screen will make the hero jump, but from that command, several others can also be used. Among them, it is possible to increase the height of Mario’s jump. To do this, just hold the touch. The longer you hold down, the bigger the jump. Of course, the protagonist jumps to a certain limit.

Super Mario Run tips jump higher

4. How to prolong your air time

The key to getting a hard-to-reach coin may be to utilize the mid-air spin technique, which lengthens your time off the ground. The method – like the whole game – is quite simple to execute. When jumping, just tap the touch screen and Mario will perform the maneuver.

5. How to jump higher using enemies

In the second item on the list, we mentioned that it is not necessary to worry about small enemies as the hero automatically passes over them. However, a trick can make the Nintendo icon jump even higher. When Mario is jumping over an opponent in the way we talked about in the previous sentence, tap the screen and the character will detonate the enemy, using him as a springboard to climb higher.

6. How to bounce off walls

One of Super Mario’s best-known jumping techniques is bouncing between walls. To do this, just jump and, the moment you touch a wall, tap the screen. This way, he will hit the wall and continue the jump in the opposite direction. The technique can be done as many times as possible.

7. How to win in Toad Rally mode

Toad Rally is Super Mario Run’s multiplayer mode. You will compete with a ghost version of a friend, i.e. a recording of them winning a stage. To win, it is necessary to take into account the speed at which the level ends, how many coins you got, and how many maneuvers – as described in the previous items – you performed. Upon winning a match, a number of Toads will populate their own version of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Run tips toas rally

8. How to activate Coin Rush mode

Coin Rush is a mode activated according to your Toad Rally performance. As you collect coins through the stage, you’ll start to fill a bar, which, when full, activates Coin Rush. With its activation, several coins will begin to appear in piles in the pipes and arrows that you find along the way. Grab as much as you can!

9. Train in single-player mode

Winning in Toad Rally is very good, as it will attract beings to your realm. However, losing causes the opposite effect, with Toads abandoning his reign. To avoid losing, train alone in World Tour mode before taking on the challenges, as the stages in Toad Rally are the same as in single-player.

10. Building your own Mushroom Kingdom

The coins you collect in the stages and in Toad Rally mode have a purpose for being there. With them, you can buy decorations and install minigames on buildings in your kingdom. These items and buildings can be purchased in the game’s store, but it is worth remembering that the Mushroom Kingdom only has 8 buildings and 12 decorative items.

11. Don’t forget to play the minigames

One of the tips for Super Mario Run can go unnoticed. The minigames we mentioned in the previous item are a very useful way to bring more Toads to your kingdom, as well as give you new items. So be sure to build and play them regularly once you’re done.

12. How to unlock Toad

We couldn’t have a list of tips for Super Mario Run without mentioning the unlockable characters. The game has a range of secret characters that you can use in place of Mario and each one is unlocked in a different way. The friendly Toad mushroom, for example, is unlocked as soon as you link your in-game profile to a My Nintendo account, as we indicated in the first item on this list. The character’s special ability is to run faster than others.

How to release Toad

13. How to unlock the Yoshis

In Super Mario Run, you can unlock five Yoshis of different colors. All of them are unlocked by collecting Toads of different colors in Toad Rally mode. They all have the same well-known ability to swing their feet to float for a short time.

14. How to unlock Luigi

Mario’s fearful brother is also one of the game’s unlockable characters and, like the Yoshis above, is also unlocked by collecting Toads of different colors in Toad Rally mode. Despite Mario’s fame, the highest jumper in Super Mario Run is his brother, known as Green Mario. Or Luigi, rather.

15. How to unlock princess Peach

Although Super Mario Run follows the premise of rescuing the princess from the villain’s hands, no one said she couldn’t also adventure. Obviously, you need to beat all stages of the game to unlock her. She can use her long dress as a kind of parachute, just like the one seen in the classic game Super Mario Bros 2.

free princess Peach

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