The 100 best ChatGPT prompts!

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That AI technology is increasingly present in our daily lives is a fact. Using artificial intelligence to create text has been a common choice for anyone working with content creation. While there are some downsides to artificial intelligence, it’s always good to look for new ways to make the most of this technology. One of the ways to do this is to use prompts in ChatGPT. After all, this is the most popular AI of all, and knowing how to exploit its potential can be a game-changer in getting good answers.

We prepared this material for anyone who seeks to achieve the most varied goals using the artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI. So, it doesn’t matter if your goal is to create an email marketing, a poem, find the answer to a problem or just have fun. With the commands you’ll learn in this article, you’ll become an expert in ChatGPT and even other text artificial intelligence, such as:

Let us help you increase your productivity with the 100 best prompts to use in ChatGPT. Our goal is that with these commands you stop having generic results and get personalized answers.

What are ChatGPT prompts?

Prompts for ChatGPT are questions or requests that you make to the AI. They are not just plain entries where you simply ask something to get a response. With well-constructed prompts, you get much more sophisticated responses, even when you use artificial intelligence for copywriting. As ChatGPT is designed to answer any question that does not violate OpenAI’s content policy, the way you ask your questions is very important. When you use artificial intelligence tools for SEO, for example, depending on the given command, you may receive inaccurate or even completely wrong answers.

By using well-crafted ChatGPT prompts, you can get answers that suit your needs. Surely you’ve heard someone mention that AI can’t offer deep answers on some subjects, but do people know how to ask? Not often. Therefore, we are now going to introduce you to the 100 best prompts to use in ChatGPT. However, keep in mind that some of these prompts will require either GPT4 with web browsing enabled or a ChatGPT extension for searches.

ChatGPT prompts

Best prompts for digital marketing

1. Train ChatGPT to understand your style

I need you to help me create custom text. First, I want you to look at some writing examples to understand the style you should emulate. After these examples, you should use the style and manner of writing you learned every time I ask you to write something for me.

2. Do email marketing

I’ll provide you with text from a website that promotes my company’s merchandise management SaaS product. Acting as a marketing copywriter, use this information to create an email urging people to visit our website and fill out a form to request a product demo. Include a strong headline that encourages people to open the email. The target audience is (insert your target audience).

3. Create a persona

My company sells (detail the product sold by your company). One of our main target audiences is (insert your target audience in as much detail as possible). Create a detailed buyer persona for this type of product to help us target them more effectively with our marketing campaigns.

4, Analyze your competition

My business is (insert business type) in (Location). Provide me with a competitor analysis, including their strengths and anything you can discover from customer testimonials and reviews.

5. Make descriptions for YouTube

Create 5 different descriptions to use in the description of our YouTube video about (topic).

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Better prompts for writing texts

6. Improve the quality of your written content

What are the best practices for maintaining a consistent tone and voice across different pieces of content?

7. Solicit content ideas for your blog

You are a professional blog writer. Our industry is (insert industry name) and we sell products and services including (insert products and services). Come up with 10 blog topic ideas that we can use to demonstrate expertise in our field and persuade readers to follow us to learn more.

8. Write scripts for videos

You are a screenwriter. I would like you to develop a script about (insert the subject) with at least 1000 words. After creating this script, summarize the plot of the script in one line to be the title.

9. Fix grammatical errors

Review the text below. Correct grammar and spelling errors. Also make suggestions to improve the clarity of my writing: (insert your text)

10. Make your text more creative

Make the text below more creative. Keep it professional but make it more interesting for inexperienced readers: (insert your text)

Best prompts for social media

11. Get content ideas for your social networks

You are a social network manager. I want you to create a schedule for posts over the course of a month, starting from (insert date). The posting frequency will be (insert periodicity). My business is called (insert name) and we sell (insert products or services). For each post, include the day it will be published, a header, body text, and include relevant hashtags. The tone of voice we use is (insert tone of voice). 

12. Create scripts for TikTok

Write a 30-second TikTok content script for (insert your business). The video script must be (insert the language you want in the video) and attract the audience (insert your target audience).

13. Increase the visibility of your podcast

Write a post that drives traffic to my podcast about (topic).

14. Improve your LinkedIn posts

You’re a social media manager about (industry or niche) brainstorming an educational LinkedIn post about (topic). Create a bulleted list of three different post ideas with CTAs that will encourage comments.

15. Create Instagram carousel ideas

Write me an example carousel topic idea for Instagram. Also, write the text of all the slides. Also, provide suggested images for each slide that match the theme of the post. Don’t include content instructions, instead, just write actionable text that I can copy and paste.”

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ChatGPT prompts Instagram

Best prompts for ChatGPT in leisure time

16. Make a fun rap

Write a rap quoting references to SpongeBob SquarePants.

17. Talk to a drunk

Act like you’re drunk and tell me what you think about (insert topics of conversation).

18. Discover humor sites

What are the most visited humor sites of the style (put the style you like the most).

19. Play questions and answers

Start a game of 20 questions. I’ll think of a word and you try to guess what it is by asking me 20 questions. I will answer with “yes” or “no”. If you don’t get it right, I’ll move on to the next question.

20. Create funny stories

Write a short, funny story about an alien who came to Earth just to try fast food.

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Best prompts for education

21. Learn faster

I want to learn about (insert topic). Identify and share the top 20% of learnings from this topic that will help me understand the remaining 80% of it.

22. Learn a new skill

I want to learn/improve at (insert skill). I’m a complete beginner. Create a 30-day learning plan that helps me, as a beginner, learn and improve this skill.

23. Summarize books intelligently

Summarize the book (insert book name) by the author (insert author name) and provide me with a list of the most important learnings and insights.

24. Improve your memory with metaphors

I am currently learning about (insert topic). Convert the main lessons of this theme into metaphors to help me memorize.

25. Take tests to measure your knowledge

I am currently learning about (insert topic). Ask me a series of questions that will test my knowledge. Identify knowledge gaps in my answers. Provide better answers to fill in those gaps.

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Best prompts for programming

26. Write codes

Write a function that takes (input) and returns (output).

27. Generate code snippets

Give me a code snippet that demonstrates how to use (specific library or tool) in (programming language).

28. Request code reviews

Can you provide feedback on my code (programming language/technology/framework) and suggest some improvements?

29. Prevent mistakes

Anticipate possible errors or bugs in my code related to (specific feature or module):

30. Database management

I want you to act as a database administrator and suggest ways to optimize the database for (database name) with (number) tables.

ChatGPT prompts database

Best prompts to make poetry

31. Make love poems dedicated to someone

Can you help me find the perfect words to express the depth of my feeling in a romantic poem?

32. Create images for poetry

Which images should I choose to illustrate my poetry?

33. Create a poem about overcoming a breakup

Create a poem that explores the pain of heartbreak and the journey toward healing. The poem should capture the emotions involved and the hope for an eventual recovery in the relationship. Write the poem in free verse, with no specific rhyme or meter, and use powerful imagery to convey the message.

34. Redefine your poem

Rearrange the lines or stanzas of the poetry below to create a better flow of ideas or increase the drama. Also, replace words with synonyms or descriptive phrases that best suit the intended meaning: (insert your text)

35. Look for strategies for your poems

What are the most effective strategies for structuring a poem to make it more impactful?

Best Prompts for SEO

36. Have ChatGPT perform an SEO analysis

Perform an SEO analysis on this article below and recommend tweaks: (insert your text)

37. Discover keywords for your text

Provide a list of keywords for the industry (insert industry), specifically related to (insert products offered by that industry).

38. Improve your search engine rankings

How can I optimize my site’s meta tags and descriptions for better search engine rankings?

39. Create compelling meta descriptions

Create a meta description of the text below that encourages users to click through to our site in search results: (insert your text)

40. Keep track of your SEO development

How can I efficiently monitor and analyze SEO metrics to measure the success of my optimization efforts?

Best prompts for productivity

41. Increase your productivity in meetings

Write meeting minutes based on the following conversation: (Insert conversation)

42. Prioritize your tasks

Here are my tasks for today. Help me prioritize: (Insert to-do list).

43. Design a plan to manage your time

Help me create a time management plan for my weekly tasks: (put your fixed tasks).

44. Receive instructions for meditation

Guide me through a 10-minute meditation session focusing on mindfulness.

45. Improve your work routines

I am a (job role). I am improving (areas where productivity needs to improve). I would like to (specific goal you would like to achieve).

work routines

Best prompts for ChatGPT about health

46. ​​Get tips for a healthy meal

Suggest a healthy recipe for (insert meal) with these ingredients: (insert ingredients).

47. Improve your mental health

I want you to act as a mental health counselor for a person who is seeking guidance and advice on how to manage their emotions, stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. You should use your knowledge of cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation techniques, mindfulness practices, and other therapeutic methods to create strategies that the individual can implement to improve their overall well-being.

48. Take care of your body

What are some effective strategies to lose weight in a healthy way without restrictive diets?

49. Insert exercises into your daily life

How can I start exercising regularly even with a busy schedule?

50. Improve your sleep

What steps can I take to improve my sleep quality?

Best prompts to translate

51. Translate like a pro

I want you to act as a (insert language) translator, spell checker, and improver. In the text below you will detect the language, translate it and respond with a corrected and improved version of the text, in (insert language). I want you to replace my simplified words and phrases with better-elaborated words and phrases: (insert your text)

52. Make simple translations

Translate this text from (insert the language of the text) to (insert the desired language): (insert your text)

53. Turn your text into emojis

I want you to translate the sentences I wrote into emojis. I will write the sentence and you will express it with emojis. I don’t want you to respond with anything but emojis. When I need to say something in (add language), I’ll do that by enclosing it in curly braces like {like this}. My first sentence is: (insert your sentence).

54. Translate words correctly

What is the correct translation for the word (write the word) in (add the language)?

55. Translate idioms

Could you translate this idiom from (insert language) to (insert language)?

Best Prompts for Medicine

56. Explain medical conditions

Explain (medical condition) in plain language to a newly diagnosed patient. Give me 3 examples. You have a maximum of 200 words for each explanation.

57. Answer questions from patients

A patient is concerned about the side effects of their prescribed medication (medical condition). Write 3 responses addressing their concerns and providing reassurance. Each answer should not exceed 150 words.

58. Create messages of support

Write 3 empathetic and supportive messages for patients who received a (severe medical diagnosis). Each message must not exceed 200 words.

59. Do some medical research

Summarize a research paper about (medical condition) or its treatment. Give me 3 examples. You have a maximum of 250 words for each abstract.

60. Create presentations for conferences

Write an abstract for a research paper on (medical condition). Provide 3 examples, each of 250 words.

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Best prompts for law

61. Do legal research

Conduct legal research on (legal issue or topic). Please be concise. Summarize relevant case law, statutes, and regulations. Provide analysis and conclusions based on your research.

62. Review a Contract

Please review the contract below and provide a summary of its purpose, the three most important terms, the duration of the contract, and what the contract consideration is: (paste the contract)

63. Prepare documents

Draft a (legal document type) for (legal scenario).

64. Analyze a legal issue

What is the impact of (legal issue) on (affected parties)?

65. Improve a legal strategy

What are the potential risks and benefits of following this legal strategy: (describe strategy)?

legal strategy

Best prompts for movies and cinema

66. Be a movie critic

I want you to act like a movie critic. You will write true and creative film criticism. You can cover topics like plot, themes and tone, acting and characters, directing, soundtrack, production design, special effects, editing, pacing, and dialogue. The most important aspect, however, is to emphasize how the film made you feel. What really resonated with you. Avoid spoilers. My first request is: write a review for (insert movie name).

67. Develop scripts

I want you to act as a screenwriter. You will develop a script for a feature film to captivate viewers. Start by creating interesting characters, the setting of the story, dialogues between characters, etc. Once character development is complete, create an exciting plot full of twists and turns that will keep viewers on their toes until the very end. My first request is: write a movie script about (insert movie theme).

68. Know how to write a good movie

What are the key elements that make a film successful?

69. Learn from the great directors

Who are the most renowned directors and why? Also, mention their contributions to the film industry.

70. Get Ready for the Film Industry

What are the main challenges faced by independent filmmakers?

Best prompts to use in journalism

71. Do good interviews

Help me develop a list of questions for an interview with a leading (insert industry) expert.

72. Write opinion pieces

I want you to act like a commentator. I will provide you with news-related stories or topics and you will write an opinion piece that will provide insightful commentary on the topic at hand. You should carefully explain why something is important, support arguments with facts, and discuss possible solutions to any problems presented in the story. My first request is: write an opinion article about (insert desired topic).

73. Perfect your coverage

Help me develop an outline for a story about (insert subject or event).

74. Improve your searches

Provide tips for conducting effective research for an article about (insert topic).

75. Fight fake news

What are the best strategies for conducting a thorough and ethical fact check?

Best prompts for games

76. Create a character

Create a tragic story for a (character adjective) character in a setting (describe the setting).

77. Create immersive environments

Develop a detailed description of a (insert location) for a game of (game theme).

78. Discover how to create a good game

What are the key elements that make a game fun and engaging?

79. Learn to create with games that have already worked

What are the most influential games in history and why?

80. Create a plot for your game stories

Write a story outline for a game about (game theme) where players must navigate a complex web of corporate intrigues and conspiracies.

Best prompts for communication

81. Design invitations

Create an invitation to my event (insert event with details). Write in the form of a poem.

82. Write press releases via email

Draft a 250-word email with a brief summary of this press release: (add press release text).

83. Create crisis responses

Analyze the following crisis (insert the crisis faced by your company or business). Evaluate the tone, appropriate level of apology, and identify possible complaints for our crisis response.

84. Get tips on how to not fail in public relations

Give ten examples of failed public relations campaigns and why they were considered a failure.

85. Learn to communicate with professionals

List five books on how to improve communication in the workplace.

Best prompts for personal development

86. Improve your habits

What are the best and worst habits of human beings for good personal development? Explain in list format how to incorporate the best habits and how to drop the worst ones in my everyday life.

87. Achieve personal goals

I want you to act like a coach. I will provide some details about my current situation and goals, and it will be your job to come up with strategies that can help me make better decisions and achieve those goals. I need advice on a variety of topics, such as creating plans to achieve success or dealing with difficult emotions. My first request is that I need help to develop (put the habits that need to be developed and the goal you want to achieve with them).

88. Improve your mind

I am experiencing symptoms of (anxiety/depression/stress) and am looking for guidance on how to deal with these issues. Please provide me with some tips and strategies that might be helpful for me.

Note: While ChatGPT can provide useful information and guidance, your responses should not be considered a substitute for follow-up and therapy provided by a healthcare professional.

89. Get over tough times

I am currently going through a difficult situation (insert your experience) and I am feeling (insert emotions). Please provide me with advice or guidance on how to deal with this experience and move forward.

90. Eliminate stress

Provide me with tips and techniques for managing stress and practicing self-care. Specifically, I am dealing with (a specific stressor or situation) and do not currently have any self-care practices in place. My objective is (insert objective).

Best meal prompts

91. Plan your meals

Can you help me plan a week of meals for (number of people)?

92. Make your recipes easy

What’s the easiest recipe for (insert the meal you’re going to make)?

93. Eat well even on busy days

Give me a good healthy meal suggestion for busy days.

94. You don’t need to cut sweets out of your diet.

Can you suggest a quick, easy-to-make, low-calorie homemade dessert?

95. Choose a good wine for your dinner

What would be the best type of wine to serve at dinner with (insert what you will have for dinner)?

Best prompts to do magic

96. Improve your magic tricks

I want you to act like a magician. I’ll provide you with an audience and some suggestions for tricks you can perform. Your goal is to perform these tricks in the most entertaining way possible, using your stealth and misdirection skills to surprise your onlookers. My first request is that (write the trick you want it to perform). How can you do that?

97. Learn how to do good magic

What are the basic principles behind good magic?

98. Tips for Magic Beginners

What are the essential accessories for an amateur magician?

99. Level up your spells

What are the most impressive and difficult magic tricks to master?

100. Learn from the great magicians

Who are the most famous magicians in history and what are their most relevant tricks and numbers? Explain in detail how each trick on the list is performed.

Top questions about prompts

What are ChatGPT prompts?

Prompts are the instructions or questions you type when querying with ChatGPT. Prompts can be used for many purposes, such as asking general knowledge questions, generating creative texts, creating advertising copy, improving your writing, asking for advice, and many other uses.

Why do I need to use ChatGPT prompts?

Prompts are necessary for ChatGPT because they act as a means of communication between the user and the chatbot. They tell the model what you want from it. Without a prompt, the model would have no indication of your intentions or what you’re looking for. It’s like you’re trying to interact with someone without saying anything.

What commands to use in ChatGPT?

Although some prompts are very popular, there are no mandatory and strict commands that you must use when communicating with ChatGPT. However, if you want to improve the OpenAI chatbot’s responses, give clear commands that induce it to provide more personalized answers about what you asked or requested.

How to create ChatGPT prompts?

Creating a prompt in ChatGPT is a simple task, as prompts are nothing more than the questions and requests you write in a conversation with ChatGPT. However, for your prompt to be really effective and bring the answer you need, be objective and specific when talking about this tool.

What is a negative prompt?

A negative prompt is an extra instruction within a prompt that directs the AI ​​to avoid something specific, or an unsatisfactory response. Generally, negative prompts are more used in artificial intelligence for image generation, which, in addition to the field to place the conventional prompt, also offers a second field for negative commands, that is, what the image should not have.