The 12 best Instagram DM chatbots in 2023!

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Chatbots have become great allies of companies in streamlining customer service. In addition, with the evolution of social networks, it is common for entrepreneurs to look for chatbot tools for Facebook Messenger and, above all, the best Instagram DM chatbots.

In this sense, there are many customer service software that allow you to integrate chatbots into Instagram, but the most prominent ones are:

These can be considered as the best chatbots for DM but there are many others like some of the best ManyChat alternatives. For this reason, in this article, we are going to present the 12 best Instagram DM chatbots for your business to provide the best customer service.

Is there a way to make a bot on Instagram’s chat?

Although it is not possible to create a bot directly in Instagram’s chat, as the platform does not provide an official API for this purpose, it is possible to create bots to interact with the social network. However, for that, you need to activate your Instagram Business account. Additionally, you must have at least 10,000 followers to perform this integration. Another important factor is that group chats are not supported.

However, integrating chatbots can be tricky for non-developers. Although Facebook provides all the detailed documentation for the integration, it contains a lot of technical terms.

Therefore, the most advisable thing for people who do not know how to install live chats on websites or social networks is to use some of the 12 chatbots that we are going to present, which are simpler, easier to program, and can integrate with any size of the Instagram profile.

You can also take advantage of one of these 10 support tools for Instagram DMs.

Best Instagram DM chatbots

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world, with over 2 billion users. In this sense, it is likely that you will find people to buy the products offered in your virtual or physical store. Therefore, the platform and its main form of communication, the DMs, should not be neglected.

There are a multitude of chatbots for DMs and finding the best option may not be the easiest task. This is because what is good for one businessperson’s e-commerce is different for another, as everything will depend a lot on the target audience and what you want to offer in terms of customer service.

Each of the chatbots in this article has its own characteristics and benefits and you will get to know each one of them to make the right decision.

1. ManyChat

Manychat DM chatbots

ManyChat is one of the best chatbots for DM. It can professionally help companies that need to send messages to multiple people simultaneously. This platform is noteworthy for having a sequencing system, which is very important for messages to be sent in specific orders and at specific times. Furthermore, this feature allows you to easily add people to your mailing list.

With ManyChat, you’ll be able to help customers find the right product through Instagram DMs. Do you know those frequently asked questions your team spends time answering? By using this platform, this will no longer be a problem and your employees will be able to focus on answering questions and making sales. This tool also sends product surveys to customers at the time of purchase.

Also worth mentioning as a feature that ManyChat offers is the time you will save qualifying leads with automated conversations. That’s because the platform collects and stores emails and phone numbers so that you have the best possible communication with your customers. Another concern you avoid when using this chatbot is engagement, as it helps you increase the number of followers and reactions to publications through messaging campaigns.

And if you think you’ll have some difficulty getting started with ManyChat, it will give you all the initial support for integrating with your Instagram DM. The tool has excellent customer support and an extensive library of best practices, guides, and tutorials to get you started on your journey. With more than 600 partners and around 80,000 experts, you will undoubtedly be able to help automate your customer service on Instagram!


  • Instant support for your customers;
  • You can transition to live chat;
  • It is an official partner of Facebook and Instagram;
  • It has support for SMS;
  • It offers courses for Instagram and Facebook.

Areas to improve:

  • Does not offer email marketing features;
  • Does not have integration with Zendesk;


  • Pro: $15 a month.

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2. Flow XO

Flow DM chatbots

The second place in our list of the best chatbots for Instagram DM is Flow XO. With this platform, you will be able to create custom workflows on Instagram, choosing triggers, actions, and searches. Plus, you can connect apps like Gmail, Google Sheets, and Telegram to Flow XO and Instagram. With the Make feature, you can visually integrate this chatbot tool into any workflow to save time and resources, even if you don’t understand coding at all.

Flow XO has an easy-to-use AI bot and features an intuitive editor, customizable flows, and proactive support. It also offers pre-filtered leads based on factors such as interest, behavior, and purchase history. This feature can help save you time as you no longer need to contact a large number of random leads that might not bring results in converting customers.

Another interesting feature of Flow XO is that, with it, you can develop flows to control your customer or page visitor’s conversation with the bot as you wish. If you’d rather customize pre-existing flows in your library to get your chatbot up and running, that’s also possible with this tool, all in a matter of seconds.

If you have any questions about the platform, you can ask the Flow XO team, which offers 24/7 support. With this help, added to the artificial intelligence chatbot solution that the platform offers, you will have no excuses to create a great customer service robot, generate qualified leads, and collect important user insights for your sales!


  • It allows you to post Instagram photos to Slack;
  • Helps you upload Instagram media to Telegram;
  • Has integration with Shopify;
  • Offers online training;
  • It has integrations with cloud-based applications.

Areas to improve:

  • It does not offer conversion rate reports.


  • Standard plan with 15 bots and 5,000 interactions: $19
  • Plan with 20 bots and 5,000 interactions: $29
  • Plan with 20 bots and 30,000 interactions: $44

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3. MobileMonkey

Monkey DM chatbots

MobileMonkey can also be classified as one of the best Instagram DM chatbots by having a dedicated feature for Instagram, InstaChamp. This feature is the first approved by the social networking giant for business growth through messaging automation. It has made a name for itself by enabling businesses around the world to experience superior customer service while increasing their following, engagement, and sales on social media.

With  , you’ll be able to add responses in your DM in real time to comments and mentions on Instagram, something that can be essential for your customer’s satisfaction. After all, with InstaChamp, you’ll be online 24/7, supporting and interacting with your audience, without demanding too much from your sales and marketing team.

People who are most interested in your products, such as those who react the most to your posts or send direct messages the most, will receive more content from your online store in their feed as a result of your integrating MobileMonkey into your business. This can make them share more of the merchandise you sell and reach a new audience.

MobileMonkey is also excellent at driving traffic. In that sense, it helps you activate your sales funnel and drive your Instagram followers to your website or online store, which can increase conversions and sales. You will offer the best experience to your customers and build more authentic relationships, something that will set you apart from the competition.


  • Works across multiple channels and platforms;
  • It has an unlimited number of contacts and leads;
  • Provides solutions for marketing teams;
  • Uses artificial intelligence in its chatbots;
  • Offers natural language processing.

Improvement points:

  • A long learning curve in some cases;
  • It can be expensive for small businesses.


  • Starter: US$249
  • Pro: US$499

The mentioned plans are billed annually.

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4. SendPulse

SendPulse is a chatbot for Instagram DMs that’s perfect for growing your business, especially if you are a startup and costs are tight. In addition, it stands out for being a multichannel marketing automation tool and can be integrated with messengers like Telegram and WhatsApp. By using this robot in your direct messages, you will have automatic response options for frequently asked questions and also help customers with purchases or possible problems they may have.

One of the most interesting features of this tool is called ad-to-chat, which can be added to your store’s DMs. It directs your audience to your business’ DMs right after your Instagram audience sees your campaign ads. Undoubtedly something that can help in lead generation. But if you want to drive your audience to follow you on Instagram, just set up a subscription widget on your website.

5. Tidio

Tidio was launched with the intent of allowing you to sell on Instagram. That is, if your ultimate mission is always to sell, you might consider using this platform. After all, it is not only a good customer service tool but also a sales operator. It will certainly please your marketing team, which will have a powerful platform to assist in the journey of goals that need to be achieved in your trade.

As one of the best chatbots for DM, Tidio will help customers with placing orders and can be used not only on Instagram but also on Facebook and WhatsApp. Traditional means of contact, such as SMS and email, are also available on this platform, where your consumers will receive cart reminders so they don’t abandon their purchases.

6. Appy Pie

Appy Pie allows you to create web and mobile applications to easily automate workflows. Through the drag-and-drop functionality of this platform, you can unify all your data in a single source. Appy Pie believes that “non-code” is the future of programming and that it will democratize technology in the business world.

In addition, the platform can help you integrate other web services such as Slack and Twitter, increasing your sales potential and getting people to your store’s shopping cart with just a few clicks. Remember: the easier the buying process, the greater the likelihood of sales.

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7. Chatfuel


Chatfuel is one of the easiest to use and most popular software when it comes to the best Instagram DM chatbots. By using this platform to improve your communication on Instagram, you will be able to increase your conversion rate both in the long and the short term, especially when carrying out sales campaigns. In addition, Chatfuel has a series of resources for online discussions on the social network.

With the help of Chatfuel, you will be able to personalize the messages sent to your customer. Conversations with your followers can also be improved with much more efficient communication, as this platform has artificial intelligence capabilities. Therefore, it improves and adapts the conversations according to the collected data.

8. LivePerson

This platform is one of the oldest on our list of best chatbots for DM and leverages its legacy of trust that the market places in it to deliver safer AI experiences. By integrating LivePerson with Instagram, you will be able to take advantage of the platform’s resources, offering a more efficient and personalized service to your followers.

In addition to fast, automated responses, LivePerson offers intelligent routing capabilities. In this way, it automatically routes users’ messages to the most appropriate agent based on pre-defined criteria during initial support. This will result in people who reached out to your store through Instagram having a reduced response time when talking to the right expert.

9. Hi Platform

Hi Platform is a chatbot tool that allows you to always be available directly to your customers through intelligent automation that offers personalized interactions. With it, it is possible to transform leads into customers through automated registrations, in addition to automatically sending purchase statuses, duplicate billing slips, order tracking, and tracking, and much more.

Using the Hi Platform chatbot, you can send documents, check your balance, and schedule and cancel services, among other configurable functions. It has native integration with the main communication channels on the market, and your client can choose the most convenient platform to initiate contact with your company.

10. Botsify

Botsify is a powerful tool to create chatbots for all the main social media chats, like Instagram DM. This platform is great for those who don’t know much about coding, as it doesn’t require any prior knowledge! You can offer both text and voice communication, and you can also send attachments and emojis to further personalize the conversation. If needed, the service can be transferred to a human agent ant any moment!

The platform offers translation services into over 100 languages, so you can easily work with customers that aren’t fluent in English. It offers conversation forms and it lets you easily collect emails and phone numbers. Finally, its AI even captures phrases and keywords from previous questions and answers to provide quicker assistance.

11. Zendesk

Another of the best Instagram DM chatbots is Zendesk, a cloud-hosted customer support platform. It offers plenty of features to help you take your company’s customer service to another level, including chatbots, automatically responding to frequently asked questions, and helping your customers reach solutions through simple questions.

Zendesk has integrations with over 1000 platforms, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and, of course, Instagram DMs. Further, it works seamlessly both in web interfaces and on mobile devices. The platform offers reports and surveys so you can understand properly what your customers’ needs are and how satisfied they are.

12. Drift


Drift can also be very useful as a chatbot and customer service tool. In addition to advanced automation features, it helps you customize conversations so that your customer support is always different. With this platform’s quick responses, you can respond to many messages even when your support team is unavailable. That is, your customer will never go unanswered.

However, Drift is not only useful in the support area. For example, if you need to schedule meetings or calls directly from your company, the tool can make this easier for you, as it has the option of being integrated into your calendar so that appointments can be scheduled with you, respecting your availability of days and times.

What are Instagram chatbots?

Instagram chatbots are computer software that interacts with users through direct messages on Instagram. In general, they do this in a similar way to humans, with the difference being faster because they already have pre-programmed responses.

What is the best chatbot for Instagram?

The ManyChat tool, due to unique features such as ease of use, low learning curve, and instant customer support with previously created responses, can easily be considered the best Instagram DM chatbot tool.

What are the main types of chatbots?

The best-known chatbots are rule-based chatbots, artificial intelligence-based chatbots, and hybrid chatbots. The latter combines features of rule-based and artificial intelligence-based chatbots, allowing you to switch between different types of responses.

What is the tool to build chatbots?

ManyChat is the most popular tool for building chatbots. This is because it assists in marketing automation for creating robots that interact with people on major social networks and popular messengers. Flow XO and MobileMonkey are also quite popular.