12 Best ManyChat alternatives in 2023

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ManyChat is one of the most popular chatbot tools for Facebook Messenger and other platforms and has become a staple for businesses looking for ways to interact with their customers. However, it is not the only live chat tool on the market, and there are some great ManyChat alternatives that should also be considered.

In this regard, there are some customer service software that offer similar and even better features than ManyChat. Among them are:

In this article, we will talk about the 12 best alternatives to ManyChat, so you can decide which one has the best features for your business.

What is ManyChat?

ManyChat is one of the best support tools for Instagram DMs and other platforms. This tool helps automate service not only on the main social networks but also through other methods, such as text messages and WhatsApp.

However, there are several other support tools that play the same role and are used by thousands of businesses around the world. Solutions such as Jivochat, Livechat, Flow XO, and Mobile Monkey are very professional and compete for first place in companies’ preferences.

They can be a great watershed in the success of an online business, allowing you to serve customers more quickly, capture leads and create unique marketing strategies.

The 12 best ManyChat alternatives

Although ManyChat can provide excellent results for the progress of a company, we believe that it is always necessary to know more options in this segment of chat tools.

After all, businesses work differently and people have different demands and requirements, which means that a single tool may not be ideal for everyone who wants easy-to-use technology that helps save time and money.

1. Jivochat

live chat Alternatives to ManyChat

JivoChat comes up first in our selection of the best ManyChat alternatives, as it has the advantage of combining live chat and messaging services for business, integrating with email, social networks, and other platforms through an API. The tool was developed so that your company can quickly convert visitors to your website or online store into customers.

Store managers and agents have nothing to complain about with this platform. With JivoChat, whenever users receive a notification, all messages are sent to the agent app. This way, sales teams can provide quick and organized service. The key strategic question here is that messages from all locations, text messages, email, and Messenger, are centralized in just one place.

As one of the ManyChat alternatives, JivoChat has instant reply capabilities. To do this, all you need to do is set up ready-made answers to the main questions of your customers and even people who just visit your site. For an even more qualified service, another feature made available by the platform is the possibility of real-time tracking of the location and origin of the person browsing your virtual store.

Speaking of visitor location, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier when using JivoChat. This is because it has artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for translating conversations in real-time. In addition, it offers a widget that’s particularly focused on chat. In this way, it is possible to customize the service in 25 languages, even in the mobile version.

However, if you’ve already tested JivoChat and for some reason, it didn’t meet your expectations, get to know these JivoChat alternatives, as some of them will certainly have all the features your business needs.


  • CRM integration with detailed visitor information;
  • User-friendly back-end environment;
  • Collection of pre-chat or in-chat contact information;
  • Monitoring the performance of operators;
  • Video conferences with good quality.

Points to improve:

  • The free version could have more features;
  • It doesn’t have as many integrations.


  • Professional: $19 per month
  • Enterprise: $38 per month

The prices mentioned are for each agent per month if billed annually.

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2. LiveChat

Livechat online Alternatives to ManyChat

LiveChat is an excellent option for anyone who wants to have a complete live chat and easy-to-use CRM solution in their company. With a simple and intuitive interface, if you only hire a single freelancer for your business, they won’t have a big learning curve to develop it. Plus, the user interface gives customers all the information they need to support their business on a single screen. As a result, distractions are eliminated.

With LiveChat, you can also offer a unique level of service, which can be a great highlight for your store. This is only possible because the tool allows you to interact with specific visitors based on their profile and behavior, which makes it possible to send more targeted messages with more engaged responses. Everyone likes special treatment, and with LiveChat you’ll be able to provide that moment for your customers, who can do excellent word-of-mouth marketing.

LiveChat’s chat tools are also quite interesting. These include AI automation and even file sharing. With automatic responses, you can save your time and the time of your consumers, as these messages really stand out when it comes to repetitive questions.

LiveChat does not leave anything to be desired for those with a more analytical profile. Therefore, it makes it possible to create customized reports so that you can analyze various metrics and identify the improvements that need to be made. Speaking of security, on this platform all connections to servers are encrypted for agents and clients. As such, the chances of data leakage are minimal.


  • Chatbox customization;
  • Easy to use even for beginners;
  • It has many integration options;
  • Allows you to hide credit card numbers in chat;
  • It is compliant with the general data protection regulation.

Points to improve:

  • Limited organizational features.


  • Beginner: $52
  • Team: $142
  • Commercial: $424

The above prices are for monthly plans.

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3. Flow XO

Flow Alternatives to ManyChat

Flow XO can also be very useful for your business and deserves to be featured in our selection of the best ManyChat alternatives. As a result of an intuitive interface, you can easily add a new chatbot flow to your chatbot with a choice of 11 templates. When using this platform, you can choose, when developing your flow, to show the message in all your chatbots or just in some of your choice.

Elements for setting up an attractive chatbot are also featured in Flow XO. They can be audio, lists, images, videos, attachments, and phone number validation. Another feature of the chatbot worth mentioning is that it allows you to add custom fields for specific users. In this way, it is possible, for example, to ask a question and store the answer to that question in a certain location.

Worthy of note among the resources available in Flow XO is the possibility of making transmissions, that is, messages that can be sent to several people at once. To send to just a few consumers, you can choose the filter function and the messages become more targeted. You can also recognize keywords that are submitted by your customers so that you can provide an appropriate response.

As it works with many websites, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and texting, the platform allows you to provide a good experience for your consumers and sales team. Since we’re on the subject of sales, we can’t help but point out that this tool allows you to connect your chatbot with Facebook ads. Undoubtedly, a strong point when it comes to converting viewers to customers.


  • It’s easy to configure the chatbot;
  • It has integration with Dialogflow;
  • It has a live chat integration;
  • It has more than 100 integrations with several high-profile software;
  • Offers Facebook comment auto-reply.

Points to improve:

  • It is not possible to add tags and make user segments;
  • Does not translate the chatbot into another language.


  • Standard plan with 15 bots and 5,000 interactions: $19
  • Plan with 20 bots 5,000 interactions: $29
  • Plan with 20 bots 30,000 interactions: $44

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4. MobileMonkey


In the selection of the best alternatives to ManyChat, one of the main names of chatbots for Messenger, MobileMonkey, could not be missing. While Facebook’s leader in instant messanging services, the platform takes an omnichannel approach. That is, it supports several communication channels. That way, you can centralize your service in just one place and offer excellent quality service to your customers.

But it does not stop there. Internet connection in some places can be quite lacking. That’s why MobileMonkey offers SMS integration so businesses can connect with their customers even when they’re in locations where carrier signals aren’t as strong. In addition, the platform has an artificial intelligence solution that analyzes messages and groups them according to different keywords.

Still talking about artificial intelligence, its integration with the chatbot makes it smarter to be able to answer frequently asked questions and improve its conversation skills as it is used more. Your customers will certainly feel this difference in service, which will become increasingly faster and more efficient.

MobileMonkey developed a technology called OmniChat. It emerged with the aim of allowing the automation of communication between various messaging applications. Best of all, incoming communications will be delivered to a single inbox so they can be responded to neatly. In addition, this ManyChat competitor offers Instachamp which is a growth service and an Instagram DM automation tool.


  • Offers 23 free communication templates;
  • It can be integrated with various applications such as Gmail and WordPress;
  • Allows you to send messages to all your Messenger contacts;
  • Has good customer service;
  • Email automation goes out as soon as a lead is acquired.

Points to improve:

  • Does not support grouping messages by intent;
  • It has one of the highest prices on the market.


  • Starter: US$249
  • Pro: US$499

5. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch not only focuses on improving your customer support but also on helping you increase your sales. In this way, it has resources so that you can acquire leads and convert people who visit your online store into customers in an easy and pleasant way, using automatic chat messages. This tool uses the behavior of people visiting your site to craft timely messages for conversion.

For better organization, HelpCrunch has a shared inbox. Through it, you can manage all types of conversations, coming from any channel, in a centralized way. Undoubtedly, this will facilitate the way your team provides customer service, bringing more positive points to your business.

6. Smartsupp

Next up in our compilation of ManyChat alternatives, we have Smartsupp. The platform offers companies a personalized and intuitive experience. As a result, they can genuinely connect with visitors, which can help increase sales. In addition to being able to centralize your chats in one place, the tool helps you understand your customers’ desires by offering data collection and conversation history.

With Smartsupp, you can put your chatbot at the forefront and leverage human agent capabilities when they really matter. Of course, the platform does not leave artificial intelligence aside and uses this technology in integrations with conventional chatbots. Features such as conversation volume and histories, video recordings, team statistics, and routing are also offered by Smartsupp.

7. Zendesk

Zendesk is a cloud-hosted customer support platform designed to meet the demands of the digital retail industry. The solution offers several features to improve your company’s customer service, including chatbots for websites and social networks, automatically responding to frequently asked questions, and guiding customers with the simplest questions.

This platform enables customer service through various channels, including web interfaces, mobile devices, and real-time messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram. In addition, Zendesk generates reports and surveys that help you better understand your customers and their needs.

8. Intercom

Intercom is a chatbot software with many features, such as product tours, proactive messages, email campaigns, self-service, and much more. In addition to being easily installed on any website, Intercom chats can also be used on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

With it, it is possible to identify, direct and nurture leads with the included tools Clearbit Reveal and Marketo. Intercom also allows you to use applications within bots to automate and customize sales flows. Although it has a free version, the premium plans have more features and start at $74 per month.

9. Landbot

Moving forward with our list of ManyChat alternatives, we introduce Landbot, a popular chat and chatbot solution adopted by major corporations around the world. Considered one of the most complete platforms available on the market, Landbot’s chatbots are focused on marketing and sales strategies. The platform offers optimization features for various communication channels, such as websites, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Landbot lets you have text conversations and use various media formats in them, including videos, images, and GIFs, which serves to enrich the interaction with the user. An interesting feature that Landbot offers is the possibility of human intervention in chats when situations become more complex.

10. Crisp


Crisp is a communications platform that brings together customer support, sales, and marketing in a single interface. Its unified inbox makes it possible to centralize all messages originating from multiple external channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, and many others.

The platform offers a customer engagement tool that allows you to manually or automatically retarget leads or customers. With this tool, it is possible to segment customers to improve future campaigns. Crisp, therefore, not only facilitates customer communication but also contributes to a data-driven business strategy.

11. Purechat

Next up in our list of ManyChat alternatives, we present Purechat, a chat solution aimed at small and medium-sized organizations that want to improve communication with their website visitors through an intuitive and easy-to-use chat software. Through Purechat, companies can share information, establish contact and capture leads effectively.

Currently, Purechat offers a completely free plan that includes unlimited users and chats, available for up to three websites, making it easy to access effective communication features without additional costs, making it an interesting option for companies with limited budgets.

12. SnapEngage

Finishing off our selection of the alternatives to ManyChat, we have SnapEngage, a live chat platform that can be integrated into any type of website, making real-time communication with visitors much easier. Upon accessing the website, a conversation window appears, greeting the visitor and offering assistance.

The system automatically collects visitor data such as geographic location, page visited, and means of arrival at the site, among others, improving service personalization. SnapEngage also supports chatbot technology for immediate responses, helping to proactively capture leads and drive sales.

What is the best chatbot in the world?

JivoChat can be ranked as the best chatbot in the world. This tool is easy to use, which eliminates entry barriers for entrepreneurs who don’t have bot coding experience. JivoChat also has an analysis and tracking tool so that you can understand the performance of your chatbot.

What is the cheapest chatbot?

JivoChat is one of the chatbots with the best cost-benefit on the market. Starting at only $19 per month, you will have access to a series of premium benefits, such as instant reply features and artificial intelligence solutions so that your conversations are translated in real-time.

What are the best chatbots?

ManyChat, JivoChat, LiveChat, Flow XO, and MobileMonkey are the best chatbot tools on the market, as they are the most tested tools in the market and have a good selection of features so that your customer service is very personalized.

What are the disadvantages of a chatbot?

In some less common scenarios, chatbots can be limited in their responses, present communication failures, and, in some cases, offer answers that do not satisfy your customers’ doubts, making them feel frustrated.

How much does a WhatsApp chatbot cost?

On average, a chatbot for WhatsApp costs $120. However, it can vary depending on the number of bots you want to use on your business. If your company is large, it is likely that you will have to invest a much larger amount in order to subscribe to a plan of this type.