Amazon Fire TV Stick: models and functionalities

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If your TV is not Smart but you would like to enjoy the benefits of one, the Amazon Fire TV Stick can be an excellent solution!

If your TV is an older model that doesn’t receive OS updates anymore, or maybe you don’t have access to some of the latest Streaming apps, buying a TV Box like this dongle from Amazon can help you.

So you save on the purchase of a new television without having to lose access to the best and most current, staying on top of the best movies and the biggest and best current series.

Solutions are currently numerous, such as Google’s Chromecast 3, Xiaomi’s Mi TV Stick and Roku Express. And in this article we will introduce you to the three models of the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the differences between them.

This way it will be easier to understand which option best fits your needs.

But pay attention, one of the differentiators of the Amazon dongle, which is worth mentioning from the beginning, is that it communicates with Alexa. Which means you can enjoy more than just a SmarTV with the purchase of the Fire TV Stick.

With it, any TV or projector can become a SmarTV and still have the option to find, launch and control content by voice commands with Alexa.

comandos de tela com a Alexa

Below we detail Amazon Fire TV Stick models. Check it out!

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Converter to turn your TV or projector into SmarTV is available in 3 models: Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K.

All connected to the television through the HDMI input and connected via wi-fi.

The differences between them go through the update, control and power supply that we will detail below.

However, they all have Alexa voice command features. That is, with any of them you will be able to transform the entire environment into a smart home.

Small and compact, with 8GB of internal storage, they can still be easily carried around. This can certainly make life easier for those who like to travel or gather friends and watch their favorite movies and series.

Let’s go to the details of the models.

#FireTV Stick Lite

The simplest version of Amazon’s dongle, Fire Stick TV Lite works on any TV set.

However, it is the only version where the remote only controls the Fire TV Stick functionality. That is, it does not work on TV functions such as increasing and decreasing the volume, for example.

Fire TV Stick Lite features Full HD (1080p) streaming at up to 60 frames per second and audio streaming with Dolby technology, providing an immersive sound experience.

In addition, it also has support for Alexa which works equally on all versions. Just keep the voice button pressed and make your request to the virtual assistant.

It has hundreds of channels and top apps including Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Amazon Prime and Music, Spotify… Of course, in these cases, subscription fees may apply.

With values starting on $29.99, guarantee yours by clicking on this link.

#FireTV Stick

Unlike the Lite version, the standard Fire TV Stick model has the ability to control the TV via the remote. This means that you will be able to use only one control for all the TV’s functionalities.

Additionally, the latest remote has unique buttons to access Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Amazon Music.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 

Like the previous version, the model also offers Full HD (1080p) images, but HDR support should offer better quality and contrasts in image displays compared to the Lite model.

Audio reproduction uses Dolby Atmos technology.

Get your Amazon Fire TV Stick starting at $39.99 by clicking here.

#FireTV Stick 4K

As the name implies, the Fire TV Stick 4K brings all the features of the standard model added to the 4K display, which is its biggest differential. However, it is necessary to have a TV compatible with the resolution for the image to reach this quality.

Another difference from previous models concerns the Dolby Vision technology, which promises to help with image quality.

The 8GB storage and the 1.7GHz quad-core processor also remain in the technical description of this 4K device.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

You can purchase this version of $49.99 by clicking on this link.

Before concluding, it is worth raising some important points.

The three Amazon Fire TV Stick models do not have the HBO Go app available in their store, alongside some other apps that are very popular in some parts of the world.

So if you really like these streams, it’s worth thinking about it and considering the information.

Despite this, you still have gaming options and can integrate Fire TV into the entire smart home system through Echo Dot devices, smart lamps, among others.

With a fluid and efficient system, the Amazon device is the ideal solution for you to enjoy the benefits of a smart TV.

How’d you like knowing more about the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

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