10 alternatives to Tinder in 2023 to use today!

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When we talk about free dating apps, Tinder tends to be most people’s first choice, and it’s not by chance. The platform has already registered more than 75 million active users and more than 65 million Matches worldwide, establishing itself as one of the biggest dating apps today. But, even though it is super complete and gathers a large user base, it is still possible to find other possibilities to live new experiences. In this article, we are going to show you 10 alternatives to Tinder.

10 Alternatives to Tinder

If you’re a little tired of Tinder and have the impression that you only meet people who don’t match your profile, maybe it’s time to change your perspective. That’s why it’s always good to have more than one alternative to help you meet new people and, who knows, find that ideal match.

To help you with this mission, we have selected 10 alternatives to Tinder including the most varied profiles, ages, and goals. Check the article until the end, because, for sure, one of these options will match you.

1- Bumble


Bumble is an app that’s very similar to Tinder. You swipe the screen left or right to give a “like” or show that you are not interested in that user’s profile. The platform also uses geolocation mechanisms to find people closest to you, and also offers search filters so you can include your likes and hobbies.

The big difference between the Apps is in sending messages. On Tinder, any of the matched users can start a conversation. On Bumble, in cases of straight couples, only the woman can send the first message. Also, you need to pay attention because the conversation can only be started within 24 hours after the Match. Otherwise, the platform deletes the interaction.

The purpose of this behavior is to generate a more respectful culture and create a safer environment. That’s why Bumble can be a great alternative to Tinder, especially if you’re a woman and you’re just starting out in the world of dating apps. Oh, and if you happen to start talking with a foreigner on this app, check out our article on apps to chat with foreigners.

2- Inner Circle

This is one of the most commented Apps of recent times. Inner Circle has achieved increasing popularity among users due to a great advantage, which is the super-specific filters. Through them, it is possible to define the profession; the level of education; the nationality, and even the name of the person. You can also enable filters to view users who have children, set height, and set other preferences.

Inner Circle Alternatives to Tinder

All these features greatly increase the chances of meeting someone very close to your ideal profile. The only downside is that many filters are only available to subscribers.

Another great benefit of the platform is messaging. Inner Circle has created several features to streamline your conversations and improve your experience. You can pin your favorite conversations or let the App know if you are no longer interested in a Match. Thus, the platform itself takes care of terminating the connection without causing any embarrassment for users.

3- Happn

Happn Alternatives to Tinder

Happn’s premise is to find people who have crossed paths at some point. For this, the App uses georeferencing features to track places you go to and select people with whom you may have characteristics in common.

This idea can be quite interesting for those who are still a little apprehensive about meeting someone 100% online since you are more likely to match someone you already know. In addition, the chance to meet someone you’ve already met in person increases your curiosity, which can encourage you to use the app more.

4- Facebook Dating

For those who enjoy social networks like Facebook and don’t want to download a new app, Facebook Dating can be a good option. It brings together platform users who are looking to meet new people and suggests a list based on preference filter settings.

A positive point is that Facebook does not disclose your Dating tab profile to your friends and followers, which keeps your browsing privacy. We can also highlight as a stand-out feature of the network the possibility of including the user’s religion in the settings. This option can be useful if the information is important to your relationships.

The negative point is that the platform does not provide many filters, which makes it difficult to find really compatible people.

5- Badoo

Badoo is another App that stands out for sending messages. It lets you start conversations with any user, regardless of Match. In addition, the platform has other possibilities such as browsing anonymously and accessing an exclusive tab with people who are very close to you.

If your strong point is a conversation, it’s worth checking out our article on Badoo.

6- SALT: Christian Dating App


For users who have not adapted to Tinder because they cannot find people who share their religious ideals, SALT can be a good alternative. It is an award-winning App developed by Christians for those who are looking for a relationship with a religious profile.

7- OkCupid

This is an app that promises to generate a connection beyond the physical appearance of users. For this, OkCupid provides a complete questionnaire with many personal questions that you can choose whether to answer or not. But, it is important to point out that the more complete the configuration, the greater the chances of finding someone who really matches you.

In addition, the platform also has paid versions with more features such as viewing who liked your profile.

8- Match.com

Match.com is one of the best alternatives to Tinder that works in a freemium model. Through the platform, users can create their profiles, upload pictures, and start chatting with others. However, most of its features are locked behind a relatively expensive subscription.

Further, the platform tends to be best for seniors, as this age group makes up most of the users. It’s one of the best platforms for those who want a serious, long-term relationship.

9- Grindr

This is a relationship App totally aimed at the LGBTQIA+ audience. Grindr was developed both for those who want to meet new people, set up casual dates, or start a new relationship.

The platform is based on your location to suggest profiles and has some advantages such as the inclusion of tags for sharing interests and the creation of private albums to share multiple photos simultaneously with whoever you want.

10- Our Time

Our Time Alternatives to Tinder

If you’re more mature and you simply can’t get used to Tinder, then Our Time might be a good option. This is an app developed for those older than 50 years old, who are looking for a new love or even a friendship.

Se você é mais maduro e não consegue se adaptar ao Tinder, o Our Time pode ser a sua pedida. Ele é um App desenvolvido para pessoas com mais de 50 anos que estão em busca de um novo amor ou até mesmo de uma amizade.

Did you like the 8 alternatives to Tinder?

Now all you have to do is download the Apps with which you most identify and share the article with friends who are also looking for new relationships. Please also check out:

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