Tinder Symbols: what the heart, star and lightning symbols mean

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If you’re single or want to meet new people, you’ve certainly used a dating app. They work both for those looking for new love and for those who want some company to chat and have fun. One of the most popular dating sites is Tinder, and in this article, we are going to show you what the heart, star, and lightning symbols mean to increase your reach and help you get the best Matches there.

What are the Tinder buttons and symbols for?

The icons are the main form of interaction on the platform. Through them, you can perform actions such as liking a profile; showing that that person doesn’t suit you, or even finding ways to get the attention of someone who may not have noticed you yet.

There are many possibilities to increase your chances of getting the much-desired “Match”. So, check out our complete list of all the Tinder symbols, and to discover all the tips to get along on the platform, check out this article.

List of Tinder icons

Next, we’ll show you all the interaction tools on the platform and how they can improve your performance in the App.

most important tinder symbols

Yellow arrow

The yellow circular arrow lets you go back to the previous profile. Due to the speed of interactions, we often end up discarding or even giving a like without evaluating the user’s profile well.

To help you with this mission, in addition to taking you back to the last profile you interacted with, the arrow undoes the last action so you can reassess your like. Despite this, it is important to emphasize that this button cannot undo a Match.

Red “X”

This tool is the opposite of like and shows that you are not interested in that profile. With this, Tinder will automatically move on to the next suggestion and that user will not appear in your feed again. You can also perform this step by swiping the screen to the left.

Blue star

This icon is known as Super Like and can be activated by clicking on the blue star or by swiping up. It signals to the person that their profile stands out among the rest, showing that you are very interested. Also, when you Super Like someone, your profile is visible to the other user. This greatly increases the chances of reciprocating the like.

According to Tinder, users who use Super Like are 3 times more likely to get a Match and start lasting conversations. It’s a great feature, but it needs to be used sparingly, as the free version only provides one Super Like per day.

Green heart

The green heart is the famous “like” of the platform and you can also activate it by swiping the screen to the right. This like signals to Tinder that you are interested in that person and the information is registered in the system, but it does not appear for the person. If the other user also likes you, the profiles will match, generating the Match.

Purple lightning

Also known as Boost, the purple lightning icon increases your visibility in the feed of other users in the region for a period of 30 minutes. With this, your profile is displayed more frequently during this period, increasing the chances of you receiving likes and possible Matches.


The Diamond tool makes a selection of online profiles in the last 24 hours and shows which are the best for you. This choice is made based on your preferences and hobbies, so it is very important to be very faithful in the profile settings. That way, the algorithm can find people who are more likely to match.

Golden heart

The golden heart will take you to a tab with all the people who have liked your profile. The feature helps a lot because with this visibility you can match anyone you want.

Blue shield

This icon directs you to a super important tab which is the Security Center. Through it, you can report any type of abuse or irregularity that you have observed on the platform. The Central also has several informative contents so that you have more security on the platform and in your meetings.

blue shield tinder symbols

Verified icon

Unlike social networks like Instagram, for example, on Tinder, the verified icon is available to all users. This icon is what will show that you are the same person as in the photos in the gallery. To get the blue badge with the verification “check”, go to your profile and tap on the verified icon which will be gray next to your name. After that, just do your facial recognition and the platform will verify your account.

get verified

What are paid icons?

Although the platform has many advantageous functions, not all of them are available in the free version. In this mode, you can freely use the green heart and the red “x”. It is also possible to use Super Like, but only once a day.

For those who want to use paid features, Tinder offers three subscription models. Check out which tools are released in each of them:

  • Tinder Plus: in this version, the only button you can use is the yellow arrow to undo actions and return to the previous profile.
  • Tinder Gold: gives you access to Tinder Plus features, in addition to the Golden Heart to see who liked your profile; 5 Super Likes per week and 1 Booster per month.
  • Tinder Platinum: in this category, you have access to all the benefits of previous versions, and it is also possible to send a message before the Match and prioritize your likes.

You can check out all the benefits of paid subscriptions by clicking here.

Did you find out how Tinder symbols and buttons work?

So now it’s just a matter of making good use of the icons to get great results in the App. Please also check out: