Tinder: How to use and do well on the platform

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Whether looking for the ideal partner or finding some company with whom to chat and have fun, dating apps are always a good choice as long as you know how to exploit them in the best way. To help you with this mission, we’ll show you how to use Tinder and find your perfect Match. Keep reading the article until the end and discover all the secrets to doing very well on the platform!

A little about the history of the App

Created in 2012 by Sean Rad and Joe Munoz, Tinder emerged as an online relationship and dating app. The platform was born during a Hackathon, which is a major event in which programmers, software developers, designers, and other professionals in the field come together in order to create innovative solutions to specific problems.

In this Hackathon, which was organized by the startup incubator Hatch Labs, Rad presented the idea of a dating application that, initially, had the name Matchbox. The idea was well received, and with the help of software engineer Joe Munoz, it was possible to bring the project to life.

Because it had a name very similar to a dating app already consolidated in the market (Match.com), the founders changed the name of the platform to Tinder and, since then, strong movements to expand the network began.

In 2017, the company merged with Match Group, which enabled its global growth and the introduction of some tools such as “Super Like”, which were not yet available in all countries.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a geosocial network. This means that it uses georeferencing resources to retain information and generate interactions from the place where users are at the time they are using the app.

Basically, the platform uses your location data to generate a list of people who are within that same radius. To do this, Tinder takes into account your preferences for age, and gender, among other information that can help the algorithm select users who may match you.

How to use Tinder?

The operation of the platform is very simple. Basically, you need to create your account, edit your profile, and then the platform will show you other users with whom you can match. To interact with the profiles that appear, it is necessary to swipe the page to the right or to the left.

Although the app is very intuitive and easy to interact with, there are some details that you should take into account to meet people who really match your style. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to use Tinder below. If you are looking for the most used dating around the globe, read our article.

Sign up

To start using the platform, download the app on your Android or IOS. You can also log in with your Google account, Facebook, or phone number. If you want to use the browser version in the future, click on this link.

Sign up Tinder on pc

When accessing the App, you will be directed to start the settings. In this step, enter your name, date of birth, and gender and upload your photos in the “Profile Photo” field.

create Tinder account

After filling in the info, Tinder will direct you to choose your preferences. The list is really vast and you can include up to 5 hobbies. Try to be faithful to the activities that you like the most, as this list helps the algorithm to find more people with your profile.

add your interests

Choose your photos

Tinder’s gallery is a key element to your success on the platform. It is your business card for the much-desired “likes”. Therefore, when choosing your photos, look for images that also reflect your tastes and hobbies. For example, if you’re into sports, insert photos where you’re playing your favorite sports; if you have pets, post pictures with your pets, and so on.

Another important tip is to add more natural photos with minimal filters or edits. It’s also essential to add current pictures to avoid that shock of recognition in the live encounter. The idea is that people can know a little more about their reality.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to be successful on the app, check out our article with 18 Tinder tips to get more matches.

Fill in your Bio

Even after adding your interests when completing the registration, it is essential to have a biography in your profile to show more of you.

The tip here is to insert a lighthearted bio, with short sentences, but that reflect your personality well. It is worth including profession, musical tastes, political orientation, soccer team, and everything that is important in your life. Remember: it’s better to find someone who truly matches you than to please them right away, receive many likes, but end up being disappointed later.

To add your bio, go to your profile and click on the pencil icon to edit it. Scroll down the page until you reach the “About Me” section. Finally, tap the typing space and write your text.

write your about me Tinder

Edit your profile

In addition to including your hobbies, adding your photos, and filling in the bio with your description, the platform offers other editing options that are not mandatory, but which we recommend you fill out so that the algorithm can be more and more assertive. It is also possible to connect your account to your Instagram, but if you prioritize your privacy and do not want other users to visit your profile, it might be better to skip this step.

add more info Tinder

How to Interact on Tinder

To start interactions, go to the feed by clicking on the flame (Tinder logo). This icon will direct you to the page that will show the users selected for you according to the criteria of age, and distance, among other preferences.

By swiping the page to the right or clicking on the heart icon, you will “like” the person, and by swiping to the left or clicking on the “x”, you will indicate that you did not like the profile. Don’t worry, as the other user is unaware of these actions. However, if they’re Tinder Gold subscribers, they will receive notifications about people who liked them.

how to interact Tinder

More interaction options

In addition to liking profiles, Tinder also provides Super Like options; Back or Boost your page.

In Super Like (star icon), your like is visible to the user even if he didn’t like you back. This way you can give more visibility about your interest.

In the Back option (circular arrow icon), you return to the profile you liked or passed and undo the last action. This is a great tool for those who ended up interacting in a hurry and ended up regretting it later. However, it is important to note that the free version of Tinder does not have the feature.

Finally, Boost (lightning bolt icon) allows you to increase your profile visibility by up to 10x. But, this is also a paid tool in the App.

What is a Match?

Match” is Tinder’s most famous expression. This match happens when users like each other and are able to start a conversation. In this case, the platform notifies the last person to like and makes the chat tab available.

How to start a conversation on Tinder?

After the long-awaited “Match“, comes the stage of getting to know the chosen person better. You can start the conversation at the same time that the platform informs you that the profiles matched, but it is also possible to leave the chat for another time.

All your “Matches” and chats already started are in the messages tab. To access it, click on the dialog balloons icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

see chats Tinder

More useful settings in the App

Tinder is a super complete platform that is constantly updated to deliver the best experience for its users. In addition to all the steps we’ve shown, there are many other settings that can be explored. Check out the main ones below.

Block Contacts

In the past, a major concern for users was seeing people they know on Tinder and ending up having some kind of discomfort with it. Fortunately, the platform introduced an update in which it is possible to block contacts from your list that you do not want to find in the App.

To choose the people you want to block, click on the settings gear and scroll down until you find the “Connections” tab. Then click “Block Contacts” and enter the person’s name or number. Another possibility is to import all contacts from your list and define those who will be blocked.

block contacts Tinder

Set Preferences

This is an interesting configuration, as it allows you to limit the range of profiles that will appear to you. In addition, it is possible to choose the age range of the users you want to meet. To make these changes, click on the settings gear and scroll down the page until you find the “Discovery” tab.

Set Preferences Tinder

Explore tab

The “Explore” tab makes recommendations based on your tastes and preferences. There are many categories that can help you choose the ideal pair.

Explore tab

Safety Center

To ensure reliable browsing, the platform has a Safety Center where you can report any type of abuse. Informational content is also shared there to combat prejudice and help you interact safely on the App. It’s worth checking out the tab by clicking the shield icon to the left of the settings gear.

Safety Center

Tinder Subscriptions

Like other Apps, Tinder also has exclusive versions for subscribers. There are 3 possibilities: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.

In the Plus version, the subscriber can go back to the previous profile as many times as they want. In addition, there are other benefits like unlimited likes and the ability to hide ads.

Tinder Gold has the same benefits as the Plus version and allows you to see who has liked your profile, in addition to offering 5 Super Likes per week and 1 free Boost per month.

The Platinum version, on the other hand, combines all the advantages of the previous packages and allows you to send messages before the Match, in addition to prioritized likes and visibility of the likes sent to you in the last 7 days.

How to get along on Tinder?

Even though it’s a super intuitive and easy-to-use platform, there are some tips that can help you do better on the App and find people who match your profile more.

1- Be you

Don’t be afraid to show your personality, likes, and your hobbies. Creating a profile that’s more generic may even yield more likes, but it certainly won’t help you build good conversations and connections with the person.

2- Pay attention to user information

In addition to the photos, it is essential to look at the profile and read the bio well before starting the conversation. This way you enrich the conversation and have more chances of getting a good date.

3- Be creative

First interactions are crucial to the fate of your Match. So, try to avoid those already-known messages like “Hi, do you come here often?”. The idea is to look for characteristics in common so that the conversation is more productive and can yield a good meeting in the future. Humorous messages can also be a great request to break the ice.

4- Vary the photos

Insert different photos that better reflect your day-to-day life. Avoid just posting selfies or photos in the same style, as this ends up reducing interest, and making you lose some likes.

5- Take your time

When receiving the message that the profiles match, it is common to have a certain anxiety to get to know the person and set up a date soon. But, don’t forget that the conversation is a fundamental step, so don’t be in a hurry. Find out more about the person’s practices and personality and understand if it’s really worth making an appointment.

Frequently asked questions

Below, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions to answer all your questions about Tinder.

Can I have a couple profile on Tinder?

The platform does not allow more than one owner on an account. Therefore, do not create profiles with friends or partners, and also do not create more than one account to avoid the risk of being banned from the App. However, you will certainly see couple profiles every now and then

Who uses Tinder?

Most users are young people between 25 and 34 years old, but you can find people of all ages. It is worth remembering that the App cannot be used by persons under 18 years of age.

How to know if the person is using Tinder?

If you have an account on the App, a strategy that might work is to search for the username. We also have other tips that will help you in this mission. Check out our 5-step tutorial to find out if someone is using Tinder.

Is Tinder a sin?

Tinder is concerned with respecting diversity as much as possible in all aspects and beliefs, so it is possible to find a person who really matches you and shares your ideals.

But if you don’t feel comfortable using the App, there are other platforms that may fit your goals.

Did you like our tips on how to use Tinder?

So now all you have to do is download the App and go looking for the perfect match! Take the opportunity to share the article with friends who are also in this saga.

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