The 10 best dating sites you can find in 2021!

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For a long time, dating websites were viewed with a look of distrust and with even certain disdain. When tinder arrived and got popular, and then popularized other dating apps, it has become the norm to use this technology to find a match with which you can spend some time with (and hopefully even date)!

If you want to learn which ones are the most used and the best dating sites available to find new people and, who knows, find a good match for after the end of the lockdown, just stay with us and keep reading this article!

1. Tinder

It’s impossible to make a list of the best dating sites around without the need to mention Tinder, the main responsible for popularizing this type of app and website. Tinder stands out due to how simple it is and always was to use.

In fact, most of the other dating websites have implemented their interfaces, or at least certain aspects of it, even though they offer different ways to meet other people. Start using Tinder by following this link.


2. Badoo

A pretty traditional option among the best dating sites, Badoo is much older than even Tinder. This means that it has also changed a lot through the years, and as such its current version is completely different to some of the older ones.

Here, you can look for partners and friendships alike by using the algorithm to your advantage, sliding left and right. You can also search refining by tastes and interests which you can set on the website. To learn more about Badoo, follow this link.

3. Eharmony

One of the pioneers when it comes to online dating sites, eHarmony is certainly one of the best around. One of its biggest downsides here is concerning the LGBT community, since when you sign up you’re restricted to few genders.

Other than that, it’s almost mandatory that you pay to use it, but it does come with a nice promise attached to it: if after three months on your paid membership, talking with at least 5 people you’re not happy, you get a full refund! To learn more, follow this link.

4. Happn

Another widely used app that’s also available to use in any of the best web browsers, Happn uses your location to find options among the users for you to meet. You can also set the radius in kilometers or miles for the people to appear for you to match.

From there, you can give likes and super links to other users. You can only chat with them if they reciprocate your like, but if you give out a super like, the person will receive a notification. Follow this link to see more!

Happn best dating sites

5. POF

An acronym for Plenty of Fish, this is one of the most indicated options among the best dating sites for those who want to find a lifelong partner. Quick and easy to use, its interface is very simple and it doesn’t require that you log in using Facebook, which protects the data on your social media account.

All you need to do is a compatibility test which will take into account your likes, dislikes, and interests when looking for someone with whom you might have a pleasant date. Follow this link to learn more about POF.

6. Bumble

Bumble is a very interesting alternative for most people, but particularly for women, since it mandates that women will make the first move. As such, it’s easier to weed out potential creepy messages and members. It is connected to many social media platforms so you can show many facets of who you are!

It’s great for casual hookups, but not that good for more long-term relationships, since the app will delete the match if you take longer than 24 hours to start contact, and the messages are deleted after 24 hours if there’s no reply. Check it out here!

7. OkCupid

Certainly one of the best dating sites, OkCupid is free to use with extremely detailed and thorough profiles so you can get the best possible matches on the first try. It is also potentially the best option for LGBT people, with over 22 genders and 13 orientations.

It’s available as an app for Android and for iOS, as well as a desktop website. It offers thousands of questions for you to answer on your profile and compares the answers to improve matches. Learn more on the official website.

OkCupid best dating sites

8. Hinge

Another great option among the best dating apps and sites is Hinge. It was originally focused on common connections and on mutual friends that both you and your potential matches shared on Facebook. However, it has now moved away from it.

Now, the profile is extremely engaging and helpful than on apps such as Tinder. You can display a lot of good information, including political orientation, religion, alcohol use, and more. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, check it out!

9. Grindr

Some of the best dating sites we’ve mentioned so far are focused exclusively on straight relationships, or give out the option to identify as a non-straight sexuality. However, ill intentioned users can sign up as one of these sexuality simply to dish out homophobia.

Grindr is one of the dating sites geared towards gay men looking for a casual partner, that’s also widely used by trans women. It works very similarly to Tinder and Happn, using your GPS to find nearby people and using the matching system to start a chat. Follow this link to create your profile on Grindr!

10. Coffee Meets Bagel

To finish off our list, we have Coffee Meets Bagel, a website that promises to provide better matches by sending daily curated matches at noon. You’ll find suggestions on how to start conversations, and the profiles are quite thorough.

However, it can get complicated to use, and it sends way too many notifications. Even so, it can be amazing, and it has generated a lot of great relationships. See more on the official website.

Coffee Meets Bagel best dating sites

Which of the best dating sites are your favorites?

Did you like the websites we mentioned? Let us know in the comments if you plan on using any of them, and don’t forget to also check out our guides on how to take great smartphone pictures and how to take a good selfie to up your game in these websites!