The 10 best link in bio tools for Instagram in 2023!

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There is a huge variety of tools that let you create a good link in bio for Instagram, TikTok, and many other social networks. With them, it becomes very easy to create a landing page where you can include links to all your networks, ways to contact you, sales websites, and much more.

And of course, even though it has a really wide variety of platforms, there’s always one that stands out. In the case of link in bio tools, the best platform is:

In this article, we’ll talk a little more about which are the best websites to create your own landing page, why it’s a good idea to use one, and much more. So read on and find out!

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1. Taplink

taplink link in bio tools

Taplink is an amazing option among the link in bio tools, allowing its users to create a small website to place as many links as they want in order to drastically increase the reach of posts on Instagram. Along with Taplink, you can use the fonts for Instagram on iPhone to spice up your bio.

With Taplink, you’ll be able to tell more about yourself and your products very easily, create special promotions directly on the Taplink landing page, create buttons for your customers to contact you, and even receive payments online.

Of course, you will be able to add links to any social media, ways to contact you, online store, and much more. The platform offers statistics on how many clicks each button receives so you know how your site is performing.

Finally, you can also customize the page however you like and choose from several templates to make creating it much easier. All this makes it one of the best Linktree alternatives!


  • Offers plenty of customization options;
  • You can add links, FAQs, pages, and more;
  • You can create buttons for easy contact;
  • You can add forms and accept payments online.


  • Limited free plan;
  • It is necessary to purchase the most advanced plan for most tools.


  • Pro Plan: $3 per month in the annual plan;
  • Business plan: $6 for the annual plan.

2. Linktree

Linktree is the most popular option among the link in bio tools for Instagram, through which its users can create a highly customized mini-site with as many links as they want. In it, you can add links to your social media, other websites, ways to contact you, and much more, all through a single link.

It’s very simple to use and has a friendly interface, but unfortunately, it’s only available in English, being quite limiting as to who can use it. Find out here our comparison between Linktree and Instabio!

3. Feedlink

Feedlink is another platform to create a landing page full of links that offers a wide range of features. You can even add images, videos, links to Spotify, Apple Music, and similar platforms, and much more.

Thanks to all this, with Feedlink it is very easy to promote any other site of yours that you want and it increases engagement a lot! 

4. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio offers a very complete free version, in addition to surprisingly affordable plans. Through the platform, you can create a page optimized for smartphones, including links wherever you want.

Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, you’ll be able to organize your links very easily, customizing your page according to the desired aesthetic. It offers many themes and customization options, making it ideal for those looking for something that will reflect their personality. link in bio tools

5. is one of the link in bio tools that was specifically designed for Instagram and TikTok. It seamlessly integrates with your Instagram account, allowing you to add links to your posts and stories. It will essentially create a “copy” of your profile on the social network to which you will link whatever you want.

Of course, the platform offers analytics and data on clicks received, which allows you to always track engagement and optimize your content strategy.

6. Shorby

Another amazing platform with which you can create a good link for your bio is Shorby. The tool is really complete and allows you to create your page in just a few minutes. Through it, you can easily add as many links you want, add the Facebook pixel, and more.


Very simple to use, and with really toned-down looks, has an extremely intuitive interface. Through it, you can add videos, images, text, and, of course, as many links as you want, wherever you want.

In addition, it will offer you analysis and statistics on clicks so that you can better understand your audience’s behavior and preferences.

8. Campsite

Campsite is another of the best link in bio tools for Instagram and TikTok that focuses on simplicity and functionality. With it, you can create a landing page with as many links as you want that’s completely customized to your liking.

As it features a clean and minimalist design, your links invariably end up being the main focus. This is good for making it easier to redirect your audience where you want them to go.


Another excellent option, brings a wide range of features to create a quality mini-site. You can include, in addition to as many links as you want, forms, GIFs, other social media, videos, music, and much more.

With this, it is very simple to create a complete page, perfect for increasing engagement, sales, and more.

10. ContactInBio

To complete our list, we have ContactInBio, which is one of the most complete options on the list. With it, you can include links, messengers, social media, payment links, forms, text, music, scheduling appointments, and even selling!

Precisely because of the enormous amount of features, ContactInBio is one of the best options for professionals who want to take advantage of their online presence to increase sales.

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How do I make my IG bio link?

You can add a link to your IG bio by tapping the Edit Profile button and pasting the URL in the Website section. To create a good link, it is ideal to use Taplink, a complete platform.

Can I use Linkinbio free?

Yes! Linkinbio offers a completely free version, but one that’s quite limited when compared to the Pro plan.

What is the best Instagram link in bio?

The best Instagram link in bio is the one created by Taplink. The platform lets you create a complete landing page that looks just like what you want, for really cheap.