Linktree or Instabio: Which one to choose?

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Using good links in your Instagram bio is of great importance because, with them, you can redirect visitors from your profile to your other social media platforms and to your online store. There are many tools with whsich you can do this, and in this article we are going to make a comparison between Linktree or Instabio, one of their biggest alternatives, to find out which one is better!

Now, if you’re not sure you necessarily want one of these platforms, it might be a good idea to check out which platform we think is the best:

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With all that said, let’s find out a bit more about the platforms, and let’s do the Linktree vs Instabio comparison. Check out!

What is Linktree?

Linktree is easily the most popular platform for putting links in anyone’s Instagram bio. With it, you can place as many links as you want in the format of a mini-site.

On this mini-site, you can add a wide variety of things, with a plethora of templates to customize the site and make it look the way you want. As it is such a well-known and established platform, you can trust what it promises!

linktree page Linktree or Instabio

What is Instabio?

Instabio has a very similar premise to Linktree, even though it is a little less known. The platform is also called Link in Bio, and offers apps for Android and iOS that allow you to put a link in your bio very easily.

With it, you can redirect everyone who visits your profile to wherever you want without difficulty! It is certainly a very useful tool to grow your business and get more sales.

Instabio page Linktree or Instabio

Linktree or Instabio: Sign up

Firstly, signing up on both platforms is extremely easy to do and on Instabio is a little simpler than on Linktree, but the difference is small:

  • On Instabio, you click the Get started button and then sign up with your Google or Facebook account;
  • On Linktree, you click on the Sign up free button in the upper right corner, create your link, enter your e-mail, create a password, write your name, and verify the account.

Creating your page

Linktree is a little more intuitive. As soon as you log in to the platform, you are directly on the editing tab of your mini-site, where you can add links and Headers, which are texts of up to 35 characters.

Under add the link, you can add the URL of the website you want to link to or add one of the many buttons offered, which include music, video, YouTube, Spotify, show your products, accept donations, add payment link, link to other social media, and much more.

When adding a link, you’ll be able to edit the accompanying text, edit the icon next to that link, schedule when that link appears on your site, and more.

Once you’ve edited your page to your liking, you can click the Share button in the top right corner and click Copy next to your link. Now just insert it wherever you want, like in the Instagram bio!

Instabio is a little more confusing. When you log in to the platform, you will need to click on the blue Create link button near the top right of the screen to be redirected to the Template menu.

Next, you need to choose the desired template for your website. On the free plan, you will only be able to choose themes that have Free written in the top right corner. When you find one you like, click the orange button that says Create.

Now, you will finally see the creation screen for your link. To proceed, edit the Basic Info menu and click Add New Block to create new blocks with links, images, and more.

When everything is ready, click on the pencil next to the link in the upper right corner to edit your link, choose your link from those available and click Copy to copy your link. Then just insert it wherever you want!


When comparing Linktree and Instabio, the amount of tools each platform offers is very important. And in this area, it’s easy to say that Linktree is way ahead.

Not only is the amount of options of what to include on your mini-site much greater, but Linktree offers much more customization options for free users, whereas on Instabio these options are very limited.

Which is better Linktree or Instabio?

Overall, Linktree is way better than Instabio. It offers more features, tools, options of what to do, more customization, and so on.

What is the best bio link tool?

The best bio link tool is Taplink, which has many features in its free version. Its premium plan is very affordable and gives its users a lot of editing freedom.

What replaces Linktree?

Taplink is the best platform to replace Linktree, as it offers a myriad of options when it comes to editing and customization, all for very cheap.

What is the best link aggregator?

The best link aggregator currently available is Taplink, which brings a wide range of customization tools and capabilities at a great price, in addition to a free version.