Top 10 tips of what to do when your iPhone won’t charge
Top 10 tips of what to do when your iPhone won’t charge
Top 10 tips of what to do when your iPhone won’t charge

Top 10 tips of what to do when your iPhone won’t charge

Apple’s smartphones are well-known for how good they are, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe from having some issues every once in a while. In fact, one of the most common situations is when your iPhone simply won’t charge, no matter what you do!

There are a lot of reasons for that to happen and, luckily, there are even more ways to solve this problem. For that reason, we have selected some of the best tips for you to try when your device isn’t charging. Check them out down below!

1. Use a wired charger

Starting off, we suggest you try using a wired charger instead of the newer wireless chargers. In a lot of scenarios, the wireless signal sent to the iPhone can have some issues or simply suffer from interference.

Of course, this situation is only valid on more recent iPhone models, but it certainly is a valuable tip for those who are unable to charge their device this way.

Use a wired charger if iphone won't charge

2. Try out different power outlets

Another thing you should do is to try out different power outlets and power sources with your charger. This means you should plug your wall charger to different outlets to see if the issue is not arising from your outlet.

It is also worthwhile plugging your iPhone to your PC or Mac to see if it won’t charge this way. This will also let you know if it is the actual wall charger that’s giving out. Of course, if you can, try using a different Lightning or USB-C cable to eliminate this possible culprit as well.

3. Check if the device is hot

A lot of people notice that their iPhone stops charging after a few hours plugged into the outlet, and there’s a really specific reason for that: the temperature. The device can simply stop charging if it is too hot, which is actually a feature to prevent serious damage from occurring.

In this case, there are a few things you can try: First, remove your iPhone from sunny environments. Other than that, you can simply take it to a cooler room, or just stop charging it until it cools down. This is mentioned in our guide about the most common iPhone charging mistakes.

4. Turn it off and then charge it

In some situations, all you need to do is to turn off your iPhone and leave it plugged in to the outlet for a while. Of course, in this case it is best to not even try using your iPhone until it reaches a good charge amount.

5. Reset your iPhone

Frequently, the simple act of resetting your iPhone can fix most of your issues, and it does include the situation where your device simply won’t charge for no apparent reason.There are two ways you can do so, depending on your iPhone model.

For iPhone 6S and previous models, press the Power button and the Home button for 15 seconds. From the iPhone 7 onward, you just have to press the Power button and the Volume Down button for about 15 seconds. After that, you can try charging your phone again.

Reset your iPhone if iphone won't charge

6. Check if the cable is actually working

Another thing you should check is if the cable you’re using to charge your phone is working. You can do that by plugging the device to your PC with the cable, for instance.

If you’re having issues connecting, it can mean a few different things. Our suggestion is that you try using other USB cables to learn if the problem is really in the cable or on your iPhone.

7. Clean the port on your iPhone

Since we mentioned in the previous topic that your iPhone can be the real issue, there’s something very simple you can do. In most of these cases, the device is likely just a bit dirty or dusty on the charging port.

You can clean it up on your iPhone that won’t charge with a toothbrush or a paint brush. It might not seem like it, but this port accumulates a lot of dirt as you use the phone, and it can cause a lot of issues.

8. Let your iPhone charge without using it

Leaving your iPhone charging without using it is a another really important tip that almost no one follows. Your device might actually be charging, but using it heavily while it charges, can result in the battery draining too quickly to charge up.

Other than that, this also results in your iPhone warming up. As we have already mentioned, this is something that can really interrupt the charging.

9. Restore your iPhone on iTunes

If nothing we’ve mentioned so far has worked for you, we suggest you try restoring your iPhone to its factory settings on the iTunes to see if it won’t charge. This is a more drastic measure since all your data will be deleted, so make sure you’ve tried everything else first.

To do so, check out our third tip in the guide about what to do when your iPhone won’t turn on!

10. Use original chargers

Our last tip can be kind of obvious, but it can also be the exact issue for an iPhone that won’t charge as well as it once did. Using low quality chargers can damage your device and result in it working unexpectedly, and not really well.

For that reason, if your iPhone is not charging properly, try using an original charger, or at least a high-quality one. This will help you in figuring if this is the issue or not.

Use original chargers iphone won't charge

Did you manage to fix your iPhone that won’t charge?

Let us know in the comments if we helped you out and if it is now charging properly! Don’t forget to also check out the best free iPhone apps, learn how to extend iPhone battery lifespan and check out the best movie streaming apps on iPhone!

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