How to charge iPhone properly and keep battery health

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If you have an iPhone or are considering buying one, you’ve certainly heard criticism about its battery (at least on older models, and even on the 2020 SE model). But, is the problem really in the quality, or can the way we charge the cell phone influence the battery life? In this article, we will show you how to charge your iPhone properly.

In an attempt to increase battery life, it is very common to look for tips and information that help us to reduce consumption, making the most of the phone’s performance. Despite this, it is important to be careful with some myths that can lead you astray and even promote an unwanted effect.

What is the iPhone battery made of?

iPhone batteries are made of lithium ions. Lithium is considered a highly reactive element, which means that it stores a large amount of energy in a small, lightweight material. Another feature of this material is that its long-term use does not generate the dreaded “bad battery”. With this, it is possible to charge the phone only partially, demystifying the idea that it would be necessary to wait for the battery to be at 100% to use it.

Despite this, it is important to remember that this type of battery has two stages of charging: the first stage is the fast charge, which comprises the initial stage (about 70% to 80% of the total charge of the device). The second phase is when the battery charges more than 80%. This is the slowest period, however, the battery has an increase in its autonomy, since there is a greater difficulty for the ions to detach from the lithium.

How to charge iPhone properly?

Even knowing that devices that have lithium-ion batteries have two charging phases and that the battery above 80% has greater autonomy, there is no specific rule for charging your iPhone. Just plug in the power cord and charge it for as long as you can and the device will run without causing any damage to the battery.

However, it is important to keep in mind that every battery has a set lifespan, which is its total duration. This lifespan is reduced during the entire period of use of the iPhone and depends on some elements such as, for example, the number of charge cycles of the device. Therefore, there is no exact way to charge your iPhone correctly but to help you preserve your battery’s health and optimize your device’s performance, we’ve selected 5 valuable tips.

1. Use Genuine Cables and Adapters to Charge iPhone Properly

Depending on how we handle the charger, the cable may end up being damaged and lose its function. At these times, the first impulse is to save money by buying a less expensive cable, but one that is not original.

This attempt at savings can promote the opposite effect since these devices are not manufactured or approved by Apple and do not follow their quality standards. Therefore, many times, these cables are not compatible with the device and may damage it, in addition to compromising the health of the battery.

It is also worth checking if the power adapter is compatible, especially when it comes from a third party. Each adapter has the exact power match for the device model it was designed for. Plugging your cable into another charging brick can damage your charger, so the best way to charge your iPhone properly is to use an original charger.

Use Genuine Cables and Adapters to Charge iPhone Properly

2. Enable Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode helps you optimize battery performance at times when you are unable to charge your iPhone properly. In this mode, the device reduces consumption in essential tasks such as calls, sending, and receiving emails, among others.

To activate it, just go to “Settings“, select the “Battery” option and enable the “Low Power Mode“.

It is worth remembering that the iPhone deactivates this mode automatically when the cell phone has a battery above 80%.

Enable Low Power Mode

3. Check battery health

Still in the “Battery” tab of iPhone Settings, you can access information about your battery health, in addition to checking cell phone activity in the last 24 hours or the last 10 days.

Checking this cell phone activity is important because it allows you to have some control over its use, since you can see the device’s charging level the last time and the apps that consume the most battery, for example.

check battery health How to Charge iPhone Properly

And by clicking on “Battery Health & Charging“, you get information about your battery’s lifespan, as well as directions for replacing it with an Apple Authorized Service Provider should you need it.

health How to Charge iPhone Properly

Another recommended option is to enable “Optimized Battery Charging“. With it, you can delay battery aging and charge your iPhone less often.

optimized battery charging

4. Avoid exposing iPhone to very hot places

Even when iPhone is charging properly, the device may experience a slight temperature rise when connected to the power cord. This is not worrying because the device is tested to respect the heat limits in accordance with safety regulations. Despite this, it is important to avoid exposing the cell phone to the sun or high-temperature places, especially when charging. Doing so can damage the device and shorten the battery life.

Choose well-ventilated and shady places to charge your iPhone properly. It is also important to avoid use while the phone is connected to the cable.

5. Optimize iPhone Settings

Some tweaks seem basic, but can be very useful for increasing battery performance.

The first tweak suggestion is to decrease the screen brightness. To do this, go to “Settings“, select the “Screen and Brightness” option and adjust the brightness of your device. You can also activate the “Automatic” option so that the iPhone itself adjusts the brightness.

Optimize iPhone Settings How to Charge iPhone Properly

Finally, try enabling location sharing for your favorite apps only during use to avoid unnecessary battery drain.

Did you like to know how to charge your iPhone properly?

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