Online shopping hacks to save money

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Knowing some online shopping hacks is a good way to save money for those who shop online.

After all, with the advancement of consumer migration to the digital environment, knowing how to save a little on each purchase can yield nice savings at the end of the month!

online shopping hacks

And to help you with that, today we bring you a list with some very efficient hacks when buying on platforms, websites and e-commerce, and any type of virtual store so you can save your hard-earned money.

Just watch until the end and check it out!

Online shopping hacks

As we said, a lot of people have started to buy online. In fact, many consumers claim to buy more in virtual environments than in physical environments today.

After all, with increasingly sophisticated shopping sites, increasingly powerful browsers, and extensions that add comfort and speed, such as Mozilla Firefox VPN, for example, it is normal for people to like browsing the internet to buy.

And these purchases are not just for big things or non-consumables, but also grocery items, toiletries, medicines, etc.

So, knowing how to use the right online shopping hacks can bring significant savings to your budget.

And if you think that these lifehacks are complicated and require a lot of effort, you are wrong! They are quite simple, as we will see below.

1. Don’t buy when you first find the product

The golden rule of thumb for anyone looking to save money on any type of purchase is to do a lot of research and never buy at the first opportunity.

After all, comparing prices from one store to another can bring about absurd differences in the same product. And that goes for both physical and virtual stores.

When it comes to digital shopping environments, one thing that few people know is the so-called “Cart Recovery”, which is a strategy used by most internet shopping platforms to make the consumer purchase the items added to the shopping cart. cart.

So, if you sign up on these platforms, add your email, put the products you want in your cart, and then leave the page, after a day or two, you will likely receive a cart recovery email.

And the tactic used by the vast majority of these stores to encourage purchases is to give discounts. So, be patient! Enter different platforms, register, add the products to the cart and wait.

With this, you can even choose the store that will give the biggest discount!

2. Ask for discount

One of the online shopping hacks that few people use is discount orders. This happens a lot in physical stores, but in virtual stores, very few people “haggle”.

And this is a mistake, as you can get good discounts if you know how to order.

In virtually any online shopping environment like Amazon, Shopee, etc, you will find an online chat to chat with a seller. So, before making the purchase, enter this chat and ask for discount vouchers.

After all, these employees are instructed to do everything they can to close the deal and if you say that you have a short time to make the purchase, maybe 15%, for example, the chance of getting it is very high!

3. Avoid buying from iOS devices

online shopping hacks

This is one of the most controversial online shopping hacks, so to speak.

That’s because there are people who claim to be a myth, but many people who work with online sales attest that stores have a way of knowing what type of device you are browsing.

In this way, those who have an iPhone or macOS, as they appear to have greater purchasing power, are directed towards the more expensive products and have more difficulty in obtaining discounts.

So, try to access Android phone and Windows device shopping sites to increase your chances of buying cheaper.

4. Use social media to your advantage

In addition to Cart Recovery, another technique widely used by online stores to “hook” customers is Remarketing.

In practice, this means that companies “follow” you on other pages you visit, including your social networks.

By the way, you may have already noticed that, after leaving a shopping platform, there are many ads for the products you searched for on other pages you enter.

And to entice you to come back and buy, the sites offer very expressive discounts. So, one of the online shopping hacks that you can use to save money is to go to the website, do the research and then go to social media.

So, if any discount ads appear, just go back and complete the purchase, following other of our tips, of course.

5. Know the right days to buy

right days to buy

The last piece of our list of online shopping hacks is one of the most significant and proven to be effective. This is because it is known that there are some days of the week when the movement of consumers browsing shopping sites is much smaller than on others.

And on these days, employees who work with customer service are instructed to make a greater effort to increase sales in the period.

The days on which this happens are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On other days, demand is higher and discounts are usually inversely proportional.

On these specific days, sellers work hard to hit the sales target and offer discounts, free shipping coupons, vouchers, and all kinds of incentives for you to make the purchase.

What’s more, with less traffic, the employees assigned to you in the online chat can give you their full attention, which increases your chances of getting a great bargain on the product you’re looking to buy.

So wait a little while to buy and never checkout on weekends, for example, when most consumers are also online and you will be just one of the crowd.


So now you know:

  • Prefer to enter the shopping site through an Android or Windows device;
  • Put things in the cart and leave for at least 24 hours;
  • As soon as you leave the store, enter your social networks;
  • Be sure to ask for discounts via chat;
  • Wait to make the purchase between Tuesday and Thursday.

If you use these online shopping hacks, you will save a lot of money and enjoy shopping!

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