12 best movie streaming apps on iPhone and iPad

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No matter how large Netflix’s catalog and services are, it has been quite a while since this hasn’t been the only of the websites to watch movies to offer apps. There are a whole lot of different options you can choose from among the best movie streaming apps to use on iPhone and iOS devices, many of which with similar premises to Netflix.

However, there are some others that are particularly focused on other things, such as anime or Korean dramas and movies. For those reasons, we’ve decided to select the ones we consider to be the best alternatives to Netflix you can use! Check them out down below.

1. Amazon Prime Video

The largest e-commerce website around is one that also has stakes in the movie and TV show streaming market. Amazon Prime Video has an excellent app for its users, with a vast catalog and one of the best prices you can find, since it comes with an Amazon Prime subscription!

You can easily find some incredible movies to watch in this platform, such as the classic The Godfather, as well as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the horror movie Hereditary, among others. In the TV show category, you’ll be able to watch The Boys, an Amazon Original. Follow this link to see everything about what is one of the best movie download apps!

Amazon Prime Video movie streaming apps on iPhone

2. Netflix

Even though we’re mostly talking about alternatives to Netflix, we can’t not include what is the largest among the best movie streaming apps on iPhone. Netflix first came up as a pioneer on streaming online legally.

As we know, nowadays it has become a giant in the area, with a lot of original TV shows and movies in its catalog, including Stranger Things, one of the greatest hits in the past few years. Follow this link and download the app to one of the best websites to watch movies!

3. Crunchyroll

More geared towards people who enjoy watching Japanese cartoons and shows, Crunchyroll has a myriad of iconic animations that originate from the country. Some of them can even be simulcasted across the entire world, meaning you’ll be as up to date as the Japanese audience.

More unknow animes can also be found on the service, as well as some very famous ones, including One Piece, Dragon Ball Super (a direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z), and more. Learn more about Crunchyroll and enjoy the 14-day free trial of one of the best apps to watch anime!

4. iTunes

iTunes itself is yet another of the best movie streaming apps on iPhone. By synchronizing your device with an account on Apple’s service, you can enjoy all the TV shows and movies you rent or buy. Even better, everything directly on your device that runs on iOS!

5. YouTube

Even though it is not a dedicated service for the streaming of movies and TV shows on your devices, YouTube is still the place where a lot of productions are posted for the fans, frequently as free web series for the fans. TV shows such as Video Game High School, which is also available on Netflix, came from this platform and can be watched here.

Even some of the largest companies, such as The Pokémon Company, has released some shorts on YouTube, including the animated shorts Pokémon Origins and Pokémon Generations. Download YouTube’s app on the App Store!

Tip: Check out which ones are the best video websites like YouTube!

YouTube movie streaming apps on iPhone

6. Crackle

Owned by Sony Pictures, Crackle is one of the oldest among the best movie streaming apps on iPhone. Unlike its rival, Netflix, It offers all its content for free, but with ads.

As expected, what you can find on Crackle is limited to the TV shows and movies made by Sony itself. To start watching it, download the app on the App Store.

7. HBO Max

Another exclusive service by a movie producer, unlike on Crackle, the content you find on HBO Max is not for free, and you need to be a subscriber of either HBO Max or HBO’s main cable channel.

On the other hand, you will be able to watch episodes of TV shows on your device that you normally could only watch on TV, on a scheduled time. If you’re a subscriber, just follow this link to download the app!

8. Google Play Movies

For anyone who’s looking for a good platform where they can buy and rent movies, a great choice is Google Play Movies, one that comes preinstalled on all Android devices. However, it does have a version for iOS devices, allowing you to stream its content on any iPhone!

You can choose to even watch anything you rent or buy on your web browser, for the higher resolution and larger screen. Among the movies you can find in this service are Avengers Infinity Ware, The Greatest Showman, and The Incredibles 2. Learn more about it on the App Store.

9. Viki

Just like Crunchyroll, Viki is another platform that’s geared towards a specific niche. In this case, that is soap operas, movies, and TV shows of Korean origin, as well as doramas, and others.

The model it uses is similar to Netflix’s, with a monthly or yearly paid subscription. Viki offers a free trial that lasts for a week, and it can be downloaded on the App Store.

10. Hulu

A direct competitor to Netflix is Hulu, an amazing option among the best movie streaming apps on iPhone that works in just a few countries. In this platform, you can watch movies, TV shows, and reality shows, with a lot of great original productions in the mix.

Owned by Walt Disney, on Hulu you can find the entire movie catalog and the productions of over 200 studios that are also owned by Disney. You can subscribe to Hulu for 5,99 USD per month. Follow this link and start using it!

Hulu movie streaming apps on iPhone

11. Vimeo

YouTube’s main competitor (and one of the video websites like YouTube), Vimeo works very similarly to the rival. The platform even invests in some incredible exclusive productions!

While you won’t find blockbusters and most movies and TV shows here, you can with ease find some amazing alternative and independent shorts, and even some full-feature movies. To start using it, just go to the App Store!

12. PopcornFlix

Finishing off our list, we have PopcornFlix, another excellent alternative. This platform is one that doesn’t host new large-scale movies, but you can find classic films that aren’t available on the other websites.

Among the movies, you can see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Witness, and Slender. Follow this link to learn more about PopcornFlix!

Which ones of the best movie streaming apps on iPhone do you use?

Let us know in the comments if you already knew any of these platforms and which ones you use! Don’t forget to also check out the best IPTV options and the free music download websites!